My Headcoverings (a glimpse into my heart)

The other day, we took a look at my closet. Today, I’d like to show you my headcoverings.


January 2015 040

The triangular scarf. These are my favorite, and my preferred style. The ends are tied underneath my hair in the back, and I secure it with clips on the sides. This style reminds me of the veil the early Christians wore.

  January 2015 033

The triangular scarf with snaps. I like this one a lot, too. The snaps function in place of a knot, but my hair sometimes gets caught in the snaps. To create this covering, simply cut the triangle in half, snipping off the corners to make it fit the width of your head. Then, iron and hem the edges, and attach the snaps. Easy, and sleek. Here’s a closer look:

January 2015 034

January 2015 041

The triangular lacy mantilla. I wear this one the same way as the others I just showed you, tying the ends underneath my hair next to my neck. However, this veil is made to be worn hanging down in front near the face. I don’t like it that way, because it slips off easily, and gets in my way. Pretty, though.

January 2015 039

The tube stretch band. I don’t wear this often, because it flattens my hair so much that when I take it off, my hair is plastered to my head. But, it’s easy to slip on, and provides a snug fit, with no knots or snaps. The bottom one is closed on one side; I gathered and sewed the end together to make a snood. This way of wearing it works best with a bun underneath, putting the gather right above the bun.

January 2015 036

The infinity scarf. I kind of feel like a Muslim when I wear this one, but it’s pretty, and is good for cold days, because it covers my neck. I wrap the scarf around my neck two or three times, and then pull up one end over my head. When I no longer want to have my head covered, I pull the end down again, and it becomes a simple scarf.

January 2015 037

Hats. If it’s really cold, I might put on a regular hat. It doesn’t look like a “headcovering,” so if you’re new to this practice, you might want to try this first, since you probably won’t feel so embarrassed. Then you can transition into something more veil-like.

January 2015 035

The wide headband. Here’s another covering that is more “normal.” I actually really like this style, and wear it with my hair hanging down, or up in a bun. The sides can be adjusted to their full width, or thinner, depending on how much of the top of your head you want to cover. Another very good covering for making the transition.

January 2015 043

The Pashmina wrap. Very easy to use, and stays put fairly well, since it’s not made of silky material. I only use this one at home. I lay the wrap over the top of a chair in my dining room, ready for me to put on when we say the meal-time prayers, or any time I need a scarf readily available.

January 2015 028

Seeing most of my headcoverings spread out over my bed like this, makes me realize that I have a tendency to choose floral, colorful patterns. How well am I synchronizing with the simplicity and modesty we should be striving for? That is something I’m seriously pondering right now. Should the headcoverning be a single, muted color? Would that better help me to exemplify the virtue of humility as opposed to vanity? I am praying for God to give me wisdom in this. Now, let me describe to you the process of how I picked out these coverings.

After sharing my desire to headcover with my husband, and explaining the reasons why I thought I should do so, from the Bible, my husband agreed that it was the right thing for me to do. However, he placed upon me this condition:

“I want you to look pretty, and elegant.”

 It was important to him that his wife look nice beside him. I think that must be a concern for many husbands. They are afraid that if their wives start to cover, they will look Amish, Mennonite, Jewish, or Muslim (no offense to anybody). My husband wanted me to appear distinctly Christian (we are non-denominational), but in a becoming fashion. So, when we went to the store to pick out coverings, I asked him what he thought. If he didn’t like it, I didn’t buy it.

Another consideration is the money. I have purchased almost all my coverings from Wal-Mart, for under $5.00. Not that my husband isn’t willing to spend more on something really pretty. We’ve looked at websites like Garlands of Grace, and Liturgical Time, and he’s expressed admiration for several of the coverings. When we have a little more money to spend, I might buy some from one of those online stores, but in the meanwhile, I need to do what works with our budget.

January 2015 042

I saved these for last. This is the lacy doily style. My husband and I used to attend a church that practiced headcovering. This was the style which that particular congregation used. Nobody ever explained the meaning of it to me, and I never asked. I just thought it was the peculiar tradition of that denomination, and I used a veil to show that I was willing to go along with the “rules.” These doilies were given to me by some of the ladies at that church. I made many good friends there, and the people were very kind and accepting of us, but we later left because of strong doctrinal differences. We still run into some of those friends from time to time, and we always greet them warmly, because we have Jesus Christ in common. But not some other things, sadly. (Please note that I make a distinction between teachers of false doctrine [“pastors”] and followers of false doctrine [sheep being led astray].)

After we stopped going to that church, I also discontinued headcovering, since the Bible study group we started attending for awhile didn’t require it. It wasn’t until we began visiting a very large congregation of about 3,000 people, that God started to reveal to me His will in this through His Word, and through a very special lady’s blog.  I made the choice to obey God, even though it made me a loner in the process. I have no regrets, though, but am growing stronger in my commitment to the headcovering ordinance as God brings me into close contact with other like-minded ladies.

Having said that, there was a woman from the church which used the veils who described to me one interesting reason why she used a covering. She confided in me that she didn’t agree with using a covering all the time; however, there was one important situation that she felt called for it. Her story is as follows:

At one point, several ladies were praying over another woman who was very distressed. As they were praying, the woman became violent, and with inhuman strength, literally threw some of the other ladies across the room. After reinforcements came, and more prayer was lifted up in Jesus’ name, the evil spirit that had been tormenting her was finally forced to flee. After this incident, those involved were discussing their experience, and they came to realize that only the women not wearing a veil were assaulted by the malignant spirit. The veiled ladies were untouched.

And that, my friend pointed out to me, was the reason she always kept a covering in her purse, so that she could be prepared at any moment for just such a spiritual battle.

I wasn’t sure whether I believed my friend regarding every particular of this incident, but I didn’t think she would lie to me either. Maybe exaggerate? Yet, I have heard and read of cases of demon possession, and it’s chilling. According to the Bible, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against “principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:10-18). Perhaps that is what is meant when God tells us, “For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels” (1 Corinthians 11:10). There are the holy angels of God, and then there are the fallen angels who rebelled with the devil. When a woman wears a headcovering, she shows that she willingly submits to God’s order, in contrast to the evil angels, and reminds the heavenly powers of God’s sure judgement awaiting all those who rebel against Him.

Ladies, this is what I want all of us to understand:

Our actions in the physical realm have far-reaching consequences in the spiritual realm. 


Why don’t you study 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 now? Please read this important biblical passage, and consider what God is saying to you by it. Are you ready to be radical for Jesus? How weird are you willing to be, for Him? Jesus vomits lukewarm people out of His mouth! “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would [wish] thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue [spit or vomit] thee out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:15-16). So-so Christians are disgusting to Him! Yet He longs to rekindle the smoldering embers within our souls, and ignite us into a blaze of passion that will set the whole world on fire!

Dear Christian sisters, let us stir up the love for Jesus that lies sleeping in our hearts, and rally together to meet the challenge that Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, sets before us today:

To solidify our commitment to the Savior of the world by consecrating ourselves to His holy service

To allow His truth to saturate our entire essence, keeping nothing back from Him

To fuse ourselves to His Word, and solder His divine purpose to our human volition

To permit Him to smelt the pure silver out of our rocky, cold hearts

To burn with passion for the God without Whom we wouldn’t even be breathing

Oh, God–embolden us by your power to live wholly for You! Fill us with your love, and cause it to splash out onto others in pure, fresh droplets of life!

My friends, please take time today to listen to this beautiful, passionate song:


Worship Together site: lyrics, song info, chords.

(Go to the site above to see the video if you are not able to see it on my site for some reason. I got the lyrics displayed below from this site.)

“I Surrender” –Hillsong Live

English version

Verse 1
Dm                                   F
Here I am down on my knees again
Surrendering all
Surrendering all

Verse 2
Find me here
Lord as You draw me near
Desperate for You
Desperate for You
I surrender

Verse 3
Drench my soul as mercy and grace unfold
I hunger and thirst
I hunger and thirst

Verse 4
With arms stretched wide
I know You hear my cry
Speak to me now
Speak to me now

I surrender
I surrender
I want to know You more
I want to know You more

B   F    C        Gm    Dm    C

              B           F                 C
Like a rushing wind Jesus breathe within
Lord have Your way
Dm          C
Lord have Your way in me
Bb            F                 C
Like a mighty storm stir within my soul
Lord have Your way
Dm      C
Lord have Your way in me


Spanish version

Ante ti
Postrado estoy aquí
Te rindo mi ser
Te rindo mi ser

Con tu amor
Atráeme Señor
Vengo a tus pies
Vengo a tus pies

A ti me rindo

De gracia inúndame
Sacia mi sed
Sacia mi sed

Mi corazón
Levanta un clamor
Háblame Dios
Háblame Dios

A ti me rindo
A ti me rindo
Te quiero conocer
Más de ti conocer

Con tu aliento Dios
Sopla en mi interior
Cumple Señor
Tu voluntad en mí

Con tu gran poder
Muévete en mi ser
Cumple Señor
Tu voluntad en mí


PSALM 40:8



Today, we offer prayer for all headcovering Christian sisters. God, fill us with conviction and give us the courage to live that conviction out in our lives! Lift up our cowardly hearts, and transform us into soldiers for Your kingdom! Unite us in love for You and for each other. May Your love spill out of our lives onto all those around us. Our focus today is the nation of China: please guide Chinese Christians to understand and obey Your word in this. Please bring us into contact with a headcovering sister from China, who needs encouragement, and who in turn, can be an encouragement to us! Comfort those who are struggling with other people’s criticism. Give us abundant grace and patience. Keep our eyes steadfast on You. Amen.


34 thoughts on “My Headcoverings (a glimpse into my heart)

  1. Dear Jessica,
    While I was reading this post, God kindled holy fire in me. And then, I wrote down many of your sayings and prayers on my journal. (such as “yet He longs to rekindle the smoldering embers within our souls, and ignite us into a blaze of passion that will set the whole world on fire!” and so on.)
    Today, with fasting and praying, I am earnestly seeking Him and His Kingdom. I needed this message today, Jessica! I needed to hear this fiery prayer. Thank you so much. Kinuko


    1. Dear Kinuko,
      I’m so honored that you found my words an inspiration, and wrote them in your journal! In part, when I wrote this article I was influenced by what you said in one of the comments you made on your blog:

      “The Spirit of Christ is like an everlasting river. It has flown from the beginning without any discontinuity. So are the Words which He spoke.”

      That same river rushes through the hearts of all believers, carrying them along to do His will, as they allow themselves to become drenched in His Word.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment today; I also, have been praying, and am confident that God hears us, and will answer our petitions according to His perfect will.


  2. Dear Sanae,
    Thank you for your kind and honest comments on my blog! Instead of replying to your latest comment via the comments section, I wanted to write this article to show you and other headcovering ladies the kinds of coverings I use. Notice that I too, use headbands sometimes! You may think that I’m brave, and I thank you for that sweet compliment, but really I’m no braver than you: you, Sanae, are a valiant woman! May God bless you as you continue to obey Him in this.
    Your friend,
    P.S. The photos you sent by Kinuko are lovely–thank you!


    1. Dear Jessica, thank you for your comment and I feel so glad that you are telling that you wrote this article for me! Big surprise and joy!! Thank you for showing your headcovering and sharing. I also use triangle scarf in my house sometimes. I was surprised to watch the advertisement on headcovering movement site for the first time. In America many types of christian’s covering are sold. So pretty!
      Thank you for praying, it is very happy to know we can stay in same God even though we live in different country. God bless you and your activity! I keep on reading your blog.


    1. P.S. My headcoverings are (1) thrift-store kerchiefs, folded in half, and (2) two purchased for me from Garlands of Grace by my husband (my profile picture covering is one of those). I look forward to expanding my collection over time!! 🙂


      1. The headcovering you’re wearing in your profile picture is very pretty! I had wondered where you got it! I also, would like to expand my collection, even though I guess I already have quite a few…


  3. Dear Jessica, the words which you wrote such as “To allow His Truth to saturate our entire essence, keeping nothing back from Him” have inspired me. Please continue to share these words with us!


  4. Dear Jessica,
    I really enjoyed reading this article of yours. Your headcoverings are beautiful.

    I used to read the referenced blog when it was called ‘joyful Christian homemaking’. I always loved Candy’s blog. For about a year, hers was the only blog I read.

    I remember her saying that she places her hand on her head if she chooses to pray when she doesn’t have access to a covering i.e. the shower.

    I deeply, deeply admire you. From your writings, I imagine you keep such a peaceful home, in fact, you seem as if peace resonates from you continually.

    With warm regards, Crystal

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    1. Thank you, Crystal, for your heart warming comment! I feel honored and blessed that you would admire me–wow!

      You know, my home is a work in progress: Would I like it to be a place of peace? Yes. Is it always a place of peace? Well, no, not always (where’s the magic switch for turning off siblings’ bickering?) Is it harmonious most of the time? Yes, it is! Thankfully, as my family and I apply the principles outlined in the Bible, God is working in us and helping us to form deep and lasting bonds with each other. Your compliment is deeply appreciated, and makes me want all the more to keep on working toward maintaining a peaceful home!

      Also, I first found Candy’s blog in 2012, and have read many of her articles. I was dismayed when I couldn’t find her site anymore, but then I discovered she had changed it to a different web address, and I was so relieved! She was the first one to inspire me to headcover; since then, I’ve benefited a lot from the Headcovering Movement site.

      Good to hear from you!


  5. Thanks for sharing your stories and tho’ts on headcovering. I am curious and wondering what doctrinal differences led you to depart from the church that practiced headcovering. You can email me privately if you’d rather not post. Thanks for your time! It’s always a blessing to hear of another headcovering sister.


    1. Dear Joyce,
      Thank you very much for your question and comment! So good to meet you!

      My husband and I used to attend a church called “La Iglesia Apostolica de la fe en Cristo Jesus” (The Apostolic Church of the Faith in Christ Jesus). This was the first church we attended together as a couple. It was in this church that we were married. I was a Christian returning to the (evangelical) faith that I had temporarily detoured from, and he was a new Christian. All the services were in Spanish, so it took me awhile to be fluent enough to understand everything, which eventually did happen, but slowly. My husband had been a Roman Catholic all his life, having been born into that religion; however, he was not a practicing Catholic (he didn’t go to Mass every Sunday, etc.). He left Roman Catholicism after God began to open his eyes regarding the useless man-made traditions taught by that religious establishment. The greatest lie taught by Roman Catholicism is that the pope has the final authority on how Scripture should be interpreted (papal infallibility, I believe it’s called). But, NO man has the right to put his own opinion above the clear teaching of the Word of God (if anyone reading would like to know more, I suggest the online Roman Catholic catechism, the 800 +/- page one). We know many Catholics, and most of my husband’s family are all Catholic. We pray for them, and earnestly desire for God to open their eyes to His truth as they read His Word. I know of many sincere Catholic men and women who have much integrity and display a deep devotion to God. However, their zeal is not according to knowledge.

      Now, my husband and I realized that the Word of God is our ONLY standard — not the pope, not a pastor, not anyone else. The Apostolic church we were attending taught several doctrines that we could NOT accept, because they didn’t align with the Bible. Here are the erroneous doctrines:
      1) In order to confirm salvation, one must speak in “tongues.”
      Though some people are recorded in the Bible to have spoken in REAL, VERIFIABLE LANGUAGES, nowhere does the Bible teach that we must ALL speak in tongues in order to verify our salvation. Furthermore, the “tongues” that most people speak today are no more than gibberish.
      2) One can lose his/her salvation.
      If we couldn’t earn our salvation through our good works, how is it that we think we can maintain it through our good works? Jesus’ work is the only work that counts. I can’t add anything to God’s unmerited grace. Having said that, we do recognize that there are those who merely proclaim a belief in Jesus outwardly, while their hearts are far from Him, never having had a genuine conversion of the heart. The Lord knows who are His.
      3) Modalism, or the belief that God puts on different “masks” for our benefit, but does not exist in three eternally distinct persons.
      This is not taught in the Bible, but is a heresy that has erected its ugly head at various times in history. At this church, Jesus Christ was taught to be the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son. This is wrong. Jesus Christ is NOT the Father or the Holy Spirit, as seen, for example, at Christ’s baptism, where the Father speaks from heaven, the Spirit descends like a dove, and the Son is baptized. Three distinct persons, but taught by Scripture to be ONE GOD. A mystery, yes. But God never promised that we would be able to understand everything.

      We had many friends at this church, and we were very sorry to have to leave, but we did have to leave. If we had stayed, we would have been approving their errors and heresies. Our children would have grown up being taught false doctrines, and we would have been constantly correcting the things taught at church upon arriving at home with our children. Besides, the Bible warns us to not receive those who do not teach the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, and to withdraw ourselves from them (1 Tim. 6:3-5; 2 Tim. 3:5; 2 John 9-11). We pray for our friends, and I even had one dear lady call me a few months ago from Mexico, saying that she had left the Apostolic church, too, after having been involved in it her whole life. Her reasons? They were uplifting personal experience above the truth of God’s Word, and gifts of the Spirit over being authentically born again. True holiness and purity were de-emphasized in favor of just following the rules. The wonderful thing is, that I had been praying for her for several years that God would help her and her husband to see the truth, and to become involved with a church that taught the pure doctrine of the Bible. Her words to me, were that they had been going to a wonderful new church, and had been learning so much there, that had been overlooked at the Apostolic church. I was SO pleased to hear this! This motivates me to pray all the more for those that are still part of the Apostolic movement (a branch of Oneness Pentecostalism).

      Several things that this church taught which I didn’t fully understand at the time, but now agree with are: modesty, simplicity, and headcovering. All the women were supposed to have the same “uniform”: long skirts or dresses; veiled heads during church, Bible study, and prayer; no cosmetics; and no jewelry. While I do wear a small amount of makeup from time to time, and sometimes wear a necklace on special occasions, for the most part, I still adhere to these guidelines. I’m thankful that we went to that church, because though we ended up leaving because of erroneous doctrines, we also learned many other things, which are still a benefit to us today. When we left that church, I stopped headcovering. But later on, I looked into it more deeply, and became convicted that it was the right thing to do — not because someone told me to, but because God teaches it in His Word. The headcovering practice is non-denominational, and applicable to everybody within the Church.

      Thank you, again, Joyce, for your question. I truly enjoyed answering it, though I’ve been rather long-winded! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      By the way, I checked out your personal blog, and would like to come back again later to read more!


  6. Thanks Jessica. I struggle when i don’t agree doctrinally w/ a church too! and would also have struggled w/ anyone teaching #1 and #3. I Also struggle when a church’s practices are especially worldly (immodesty really bothers me and a dismisal and actual teaching/scoffing that headcovering is for today really bothers me!) I would unfortunately (as I agree w/ you everywhere else) agree at least to some degree w/ that apostolic church on #2. I believe there are many, many scriptures that talk about something that we ‘do’ (lack of obedience, etc., etc.) or don’t ‘do’ that can affect our eternal standing. Quickie examples – Matt. 7:21. Also all the Rev. verses where Jesus is talking to the various churches. Just take note as you read and ask Jesus to guide… I keep asking! But I would agree wholeheartedly – that there’s nothing we can do to earn salvation. I could obey scriptures till the ‘cows come home’ for example – and that wouldn’t ‘save’ me. I believe we simply come, accept, believe, repent… but then we need to obey. It’s an abiding relationship – what a true believer looks like. I can’t tell someone that once they’ve been saved that no matter what they did God will ‘overlook’ it or ‘keep’ them – because of the verses that speak otherwise and need to be considered. But God is the final judge – not me! Do I have all the answers and get it all? Nope! Do I have assurance of salvation? Yep! But I want to stay true to the Word as best I understand it too 🙂 Love to you… Your blog is a blessing to many for sure! Keep living for Jesus and being a light. So needed in this dark world!


    1. Thank you, Joyce, for your reply!
      I also, agree wholeheartedly with Matthew 7:21:

      “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

      It looks to me that this is a comparison of fake Christians versus true Christians. A true Christian DOES God’s will, and obeys God, because he has experienced a true conversion of the heart, as opposed to merely having an emotional experience, which results in a SUPERFICIAL “commitment” to Jesus.

      “…Christ. In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were SEALED with that holy Spirit of promise, Which is the EARNEST [guarantee] of our inheritance until the redemption of the PURCHASED POSSESSION, unto the praise of his glory.” Ephesians 1:12b, 13-14

      According to these verses from Ephesians, first we BELIEVE, then we are SEALED (how can we break God’s seal?), then we will be REDEEMED (speaking here of our future physical resurrection, I believe). This shows an unbroken chain which starts at belief, and concludes in our physical redemption. Also of note, is Romans 8:29-30, which shows, again, an uninterrupted progression of complete redemption, with no breaks in between.

      “For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.” Romans 8:29-30

      God: FOREKNEW –> PREDESTINED –> CALLED –> JUSTIFIED –> GLORIFIED believers in Christ.
      Of interest, is that the word “glorified” is in the past tense, which seems to show that in God’s mind, our complete salvation is already a finished work, from start to finish. Our glorification is secure with Him, and there is no mention of there ever being a chance of our losing what He has already established.

      I believe that God’s grace covers the Christian even during times of temporary distancing and sinning. This knowledge takes away all fear that maybe I have lost my salvation because I have (wrongly) indulged in thinking ugly thoughts or something like that (and I’m not minimizing the sin of angry thoughts, but actually validating the sinfulness of it: Matt. 5:21-22). We are all imperfect and experience times of weakness. I DO NOT sin that grace may abound. No, I obey God because I love Him, while resting in the complete assurance of my salvation.

      Dear friend: Thank you so, so much for taking the time to comment, and for responding to my reply! I will definitely continue to consider very seriously and prayerfully this issue, seeking wisdom from God as I read the Scriptures!

      Your sister in Christ,


      1. Jessica,
        I am replying to this post because this is the specific point of doctrine I would also disagree with (though only ‘mildly’). I agree with almost all of the explanations you offer above. However, a couple of notes…
        The EARNEST of our inheritance is given to us by God. This is a powerful picture, and of course we could not ‘break His seal’. HE, however, is perfectly capable of rendering the covenant broken. I agree that times of sin ARE covered by God, even ‘deep’ times like the one you describe in your testimony (I had two such times before God woke me up to deeper truths). However, that there is a point we cannot cross (God’s point, and involving a reversal of faith, not directly an act of sin – though possibly resulting from a path of sin) without endangering our mortal souls. See Romans 7:15,16; 1 Peter 1:17-21 with Heb 6:4-6 and 2 Peter 1:5-11. There IS a falling away that can endanger our souls.
        I am especially glad you used Rom 8:29-30 in your response, because this is a great and clear example of God’s choosing encountering our free will. You are perfectly correct in your pattern of these things from the foreknowledge of God to our (Praise God, already complete) glorification. However, while there may be no BREAK, there is something you are missing. There are circular gaps. Think of this like a Venn diagram. You are only looking at those who are glorified, therefore there are no breaks. But there is an OBVIOUS discrepancy between the ‘called’ and the ‘glorified’ (chosen) (Matt 22:14). Not all who are called are chosen. Therefore we can also use this verse to understand that, although all who are FOREKNEW are glorified, not necessarily are all that are JUSTIFIED glorified. Though we have good hope and faith that we shall indeed be glorified, there is an ‘enduring’ that is no more a ‘work’ than is our accepting His free Gift (a point that Calvin misinterpreted, leading him down the wrong road in doctrine) (Matt 10:22).
        Jessica, I can tell that Biblical Truth is extremely important to you, and if you see something in scripture, you will conform to that. This openness to the Word of God gives me boldness in this post. Please understand that I consider this a fairly minor variance (because of the details of how we both believe our respective doctrines), and I appreciate the level of time and care that you put into your blog.
        Thank you once again for your wonderfully refreshing spirit.
        Repectfully in Christ,
        Christopher Cook


      2. Dear Mr. Cook,
        In reply to your comment, I posted a new article just today called, “Can You Lose Your Salvation?” To know more about what I believe, please read this article. Feel free to comment, if you want. It’s okay if we don’t see eye-to-eye! I published this post just to clarify my position on this issue.
        Thank you,


      3. Dear Brother Christopher,
        Hello. I am Kinuko, a friend of Jessica. I read your comment and found it interesting.

        “Though we have good hope and faith that we shall indeed be glorified, there is an ‘enduring’ that is no more a ‘work’ than is our accepting His free Gift (a point that Calvin misinterpreted, leading him down the wrong road in doctrine) (Matt 10:22).”

        Could you please explain to me more about the above point? In what sense do you think Calvin misinterpreted? Also, what do you think of double-predestination? I have been struggling with these issues many years. If God had predestined one person to hell from the beginning (regardless of his wish to be saved), I wonder where His fairness lies. I believe in His sovereignty but I also think He gives us free will to “choose” or reject the salvation gift which He graciously offers through His Son.

        May God bless you.


  7. Dear Jessica,yesterday I send 4 photos of my various coverings to Kinuko.And today she added the photos on the article of 12th february of her Japanese blog.If you are interested in,please check it! Inspired by this article,I did it. First time I decided to cover my head,
    I checked many sites including yours to find covering which I can get in Japan.The photo of you reading bible with covering is so beautiful.Thank you for inspiring me!


    1. Dear Sanae,
      I just looked at Kinuko’s Japanese website, and I saw various examples of headcoverings in her article dated February 12, 2015. I’m assuming that the headbands are yours, in addition to the two silky triangular scarves, and the lacy white doily (all these photos have the same background, so they are obviously from the same person). I did think that ALL the coverings were very pretty! Thank you for letting me know, so that I could see them!
      Your friend,


      1. Dear Jessica,yes you are right! Headbands are easy to get at 100yen shop(one like 1 dollar shop)in Japan. We can not find many types of veil/covering even at christian shop includinding online.I hope Japanese chritian ladies who hope to cover her head find Kinuko’s blog,and be encouraged.
        Thank you for checking it!


    1. Thank you so much, Irina!
      I just visited your blog, and read your article. I enjoyed it a lot!

      I think God has sent me good friends such as yourself and the other dear ladies who always comment here, to encourage me, and give me strength to stand for the truth (as well as being of great benefit to everybody else who reads this blog!). I am often weak, and prone to give in to fear and the flow of what everyone else is doing. I want people to like me! Hearing your encouraging words, and reading your article on headcovering, gives me the courage to keep on doing what’s unpopular.

      Thank you,


  8. Hi there. I just found your blog today and enjoyed reading this article and seeing what you use for head coverings. I started covering a year and a half ago and I am the only person who covers in our small congregation. I am always encouraged to find other ladies who cover. Thank you 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I always am encouraged to find other ladies who cover, too! Isn’t it interesting, that for most of us who choose to wear the headcovering, we’re usually the only ones in our congregations who do so? But, if you were to add us all up, there would probably be thousands of us! I see it as a form of test, of whether we will stand strong even if we have to stand “alone” (though, like I said, we’re really not alone!).



  9. Hi! I am a headcovering sister in Christ.
    I have two questions for you:
    – Do you cover for personal prayer, when it’s only between you and God? How far do you take the command to cover while praying and prophesying and why do you believe that you should cover to that extent? (I have just been encountering the multitude of views about this that are out there and I’m curious how you approach this)
    – When you’re out of the house and not going to church, but know there’s going to be prayer, how do you make sure to bring a covering? Do you wear it the whole time you are out of the house, if it’s only for that little bit of opening prayer? Or do you only put it on for the prayer? What kind of headcovering do you think would be most convenient in this situation, and if you wanted to just put it on and take it off real quick for prayer, which headcovering would you choose to bring/wear? This is just one of the tricky situations I’ve encountered with headcovering and wondered how you’d approach it.
    Thank you for this excellent blog post!


    1. Thanks for the questions, headcovering sister!
      I’ll do my best to answer them.

      1)To what extent should we cover?
      I know different ladies have different views and practices, and I respect them all greatly. I will tell you what I, personally am doing right now (though it could change if I saw a good reason from the Bible for it). I cover at church (the whole time) and during any gathering expressly for the purpose of studying the Bible. If I were to go to a prayer meeting, I would make sure to wear a covering for that, too. I cover while I read the Bible to my children. I usually cover while I do my personal Bible reading. I wore a covering while talking to Jehovah’s Witness the other day. The Bible says to cover while “praying or prophesying”–and though some people think it is more convenient to just wear a covering constantly in order to be ready for prayer at any time, I do not wear a covering full-time because my husband doesn’t want me too. Would I choose to wear one all the time if he allowed it? Maybe. Maybe not. Not wearing a covering the rest of the time gives me a chance to enjoy my “glory” (long hair) and rejoice in my femininity, which I see as a good thing, too.

      I believe the 1 Cor. 11 passage is not *necessarily* referring to what we do all the time in any context (home, street, other types of get-togethers), but is referring specifically to what we do in the context of “coming together as a church” (1 Cor. 11:17-18). The whole chapter discusses proper behavior relating to two issues: praying & prophesying, and the Lord’s Supper–the Lord’s Supper being something we participate in when we are gathered together corporately. Both issues seem to be handled as a pair, which leads me to think they are being considered within the same context: so verse 2 states “Now I praise you” (speaking of headcovering), while verse 17 states “Now . . . I do not praise you” (speaking of the Lord’s Supper). Further down, we see that chapter 14, verses 18-19, and verses 23 & 26 also mentions “when you come together” regarding the topic of speaking in tongues and exercising spiritual gifts. On the whole, it seems the context for all these instructions is meant to apply during corporate gatherings, and not necessarily during private times of prayer and Bible study–though that is not automatically excluded, either.

      In my own practice, then, I am careful to cover during corporate gatherings (church) and *choose* to cover at other times when I am praying with my family at meals or reading my Bible alone. I will even cover during intense times of prayer (not just quick prayers that I say as I’m doing household tasks). I also think that we shouldn’t have to wait until we have a covering on to pray. If we feel the urge to pray but don’t have a covering, we can still at least pray in our hearts.

      2)Covering on the spur of the moment.
      I have encountered the same tricky situations that you mention, of finding myself in a position of wanting a covering right away and of not having one with me. In those cases, I don’t worry about it, since the main thing is to be covered during the corporate gathering (according to my interpretation). However, it might be helpful to carry a covering in your purse, get used to wearing an infinity scarf around your neck just in case, start using wide headbands more often, or wrap a thin bandanna around your wrist as a bracelet.

      I also have a scarf draped over the couch next to my chair at the dining table so that I will always be ready for prayer with my family.

      Hope that helps! If you have any more questions or thoughts to share, please go right ahead! I’d love to hear from you again. 🙂


      1. Thank you so much! This helps a lot! I love to hear what others think on questions I’m struggling with. I think that’s partly why God made the Church to be, well, a family. We need each other, and each other’s input. (Though definitely not above the Bible and what God clearly says in it.)
        Thank you for your answers and counsel! It is such a blessing to speak with a like-minded sister in Christ!


      2. Headcovering sister: You are so welcome!
        Your thoughts on why God made the church coincide with what I think, too! I do think we need each other, and it is such an honor to be able to converse with other headcovering ladies from all over!


    2. To answer from a conservative Catholic perspective. I cover ‘fully’ for Church attendance and for private prayer at home and wear a nominal covering full time. By fully I mean I wear something which pretty much covers my hair (not as long as Jessica’s). In Church especially that means a mantilla style veil. The rest of the time it is a hair band or snood or something similar – less obviously religious so as not to stand out in an immodest way.


  10. So, I know you moved on to your new blog now, but, if you chance to revisit this site and see my comment… Well, I just thought I would post it anyways.
    It has to do with regards to the story your friend told you. While I do not believe evil spirits typically indwell people nowadays and do not agree with the Apostolic Church’s view of spirituality (which this story is at least partially a product of), I do understand that something like this COULD happen.
    I read this blog post quite a while ago and, when I got to your friend’s story, my reaction was something like, “Oh, that’s interesting.” In other words, is it really real? I am a bit incredulous, but… ok. Sort of like your response.
    But, over the last few months, my views have changed and I just thought I’d share why. Maybe it will help you with thinking about the relationship between your friend’s story and headcovering.
    Anyways, I just thought this article I came across was very relevant to the story your friend told you and that part of your article.

    Just remember that no matter what others tell you, headcovering is something you should do because of God’s command, based on the reasons HE expresses, and for His glory. It is very, very dangerous for people to substitute or change out (or even add to) God’s reasons for their own, with regards to ANY part of the Bible. (When you rip the foundation right out from under a belief, or Christianity in general, the rest of the house is bound to come crumbling down soon. God forbid that we should stray from the solid ground of His word, whether or not we try to keep His truth while doing so!)
    I don’t mean to accuse you of straying from the Bible. I SO appreciate your call for people to re-examine the Scriptures regarding headcovering. ALL Scriptures are, after all, God-breathed. I just want to caution you about your friend’s story and your response to it.

    Keep following God and grounding yourself in His word!

    Your fellow Christian and headcovering sister.


    1. Dear A Sister in Christ,
      Thanks for re-reading my article and leaving a comment!

      I clicked on the link you provided and read the article by Joel Horst, I even read the article HE linked to about the Mennonite lady who was raped while wearing a headcovering (though to be fair, the article doesn’t say whether she was wearing a headcovering at the time the rape occurred; I think that Joel may have simply assumed this because of the picture provided).

      I actually agree with Joel. The headcovering isn’t a lucky charm. A piece of cloth–or a cross necklace, or a picture of a saint we keep in our wallet, etc.–cannot protect us from evil spirits. Only the power of Jesus can do that, and we access that power through prayer and by calling on His name.

      Just to clarify regarding the story I cited (the one my friend told and which you mentioned in your comment):
      Well, as I said, I didn’t, and still don’t, know exactly what to make of it. My friend may have been exaggerating. She may have conveniently left some important details out. The take away, for me, was not that the headcovering automatically provides spiritual protection to its wearer, but rather, that the biblical headcovering might be more than just a piece of fabric; it might have a spiritual significance attached to it (kind of like baptism means more than just dunking in water). At the time, that was a rather radical thought for me to consider. It made me wonder whether there was more to headcovering than just “rules.”

      Those who of their own free will choose to put on a headcovering out of obedience to the word of God are acting on faith. They have faith that the word of God is still applicable to today and that they will be rewarded for their obedience, whether now or in the future. Perhaps it is this higher level of faith that is noticed by the heavenly realm, and perhaps it is for this reason that *some* (I didn’t say all) women have experienced a contrast 1) in the way people in general treat them, and 2) in the way evil people or spirits react to them, before and after they began wearing a headcovering. So, it’s not the covering by itself, but the obedience and faith of the wearer that makes the difference. Before, they were still in rebellion against (or at least ignorance of) God’s word and ways; after, they were humble and surrendered to him (and were better informed). Perhaps it is this changed attitude that the demons cringe away from. I don’t know . . . just some food for thought.

      For sure the headcovering as a symbol is more than just a piece of cloth. It is what it *represents* that makes the symbol meaningful. A Muslim woman does not understand headcovering the same way we do, and neither do many other people from different cultures around the world who wear headcoverings. Biblical headcovering represents God’s order for the church and for the family. So, God the Father is head over God the Son, God the Son is head over the Church, and male leadership in the church is head over women in the church (and this includes husbands being head over their wives). This order is also applicable to society as a whole. When we follow this hierarchy, there is order and beauty and peace in our relationships (if we do things the right way). Since headcovering represents all of that, it is therefore meaningful as a symbol, a very important symbol.

      So, yes, I agree with you that it is not a lucky charm, but rather a meaningful *symbol*. God’s word is clear about what it represents (a distinct hierarchy of roles); whereas, it is true that what “because of the angels” means is rather hazy and that is why there are so many speculations about it.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, and for your kind-hearted concern! I hope I’ve clarified my thought process a little better for you.



      1. I appreciate your taking the time to write such a thorough reply!
        I am so glad to hear that you have not fallen into the trap of adding to the word of God in the area of headcovering. Your reply cleared up my concern.

        I agree with you; we don’t know everything about the spiritual significance of the symbol of headcovering. Really, all we can know about this is what God says in the Bible. But we can trust Him that this knowledge is sufficient for us while we walk this earth. Maybe when we get to heaven, He will reveal more to us – who knows? 🙂
        But I am sure, even without further revelation of the spiritual significance of headcovering, heaven is going to be one amazing place!

        Continue to walk with the Lord and follow His word, dear sister. Your example is such an encouragement to your fellow Christians! Even more importantly, it brings glory to God.

        – your headcovering sister in Christ


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