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9 Things I’m Learning about Homeschooling

  The fact that I was homeschooled growing up doesn't automatically make me an expert at teaching my own children. Actually, after my first child turned five, I sent him to a local kindergarten. He attended a Montessori/traditional blend charter school until he finished 3rd grade, while my second child, by that time, had finished 1st. I simply lacked the… Continue reading 9 Things I’m Learning about Homeschooling

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Why a Literature-based Approach?

In my post about Growing Up Homeschooled, I concluded that "engaging, well-written literature is what MOVES you," after comparing it to textbooks or self-paced unit study booklets. Why is that so important? Well, first of all, we tend to remember what we care about. Textbooks can often be dry and boring. One remembers the information to pass a test, and then mostly… Continue reading Why a Literature-based Approach?

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MY LEGO TABLE (how my son organizes his LEGOs)

  By "Larry LEGO Boy," (Phoenix), 10 years old Ahhhhhh... The feeling of an organized table, NEAT, and NOT MESSY. I like to have my LEGO table clean. It gives me a nice feeling to see it clean and organized. Here are some pictures of my LEGO table: The reason I organized my LEGOs by color, is… Continue reading MY LEGO TABLE (how my son organizes his LEGOs)