Major Announcement Regarding Head Covering Movement’s Founder, Jeremy Gardiner

Yesterday, Jeremy Gardiner, the founder of Head Covering Movement, posted this shocking announcement on the site:

Major Announcement regarding HCM and its founder

However, as bad as things are, he has not given up hope:

Knowing I have an all-powerful God who is in complete control of this situation and is weaving this chain of events for my ultimate good is comforting. And knowing that even if I don’t recover from this and die early, I know that because my faith is placed in Jesus, I will spend eternity together with Him. The doctor when he broke the news to me said “I wish everyone could respond as well as you’re responding”, I told Him that the reason I can respond well is because “I’m in a right relationship with God.” It really is the only reason.

Please take the time to pray for Brother Jeremy and his family!

And would you please share the need for prayer for this situation with everyone you can think of?

Thank you.