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Why I Started Using Essential Oils

My husband shares his first experiences with Essential Oils on our new blog: Treasures of the Third Day. Enjoy! -From Jessica and Antonio Roldan

Treasures of the Third Day

As a general rule, before initiating any kind of activity or course of learning, I always start by asking: why?

My wife was the first to become interested in using Essential Oils and to start incorporating them into our daily lives. From the beginning she was extremely confident, and I, naturally, was a bit skeptical about whether they would actually be of  any use in our home. In the end, in order to not have any personal differences, I accepted the purchase of our first Kit from Young Living Essential Oils. She was happy and I was patiently waiting for her to find out that they couldn’t possibly be as good as she thought they were. The days passed, and when I would come home from work, as soon as I opened the door the first thing that greeted me was a pure fragrance in the air that really surprised…

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Natural Health and Beauty

How I’m Slimming Down and Feeling Better with Trim Healthy Mama

After having six babies, I almost assumed that I'd always be, well...goodly-proportioned. "This is my mommy tummy," I would tell my three-year old when she poked my belly and asked if there was a baby in there. "No, not yet. This is how my tummy got after having all of you!" And, of course, I would smile patiently. She's… Continue reading How I’m Slimming Down and Feeling Better with Trim Healthy Mama