How I’m Slimming Down and Feeling Better with Trim Healthy Mama

Just in case you’re wondering, I am NOT sucking it in for this photo! This is how I really look. There’s still a little pudge, but it’s a smoother pudge than before, ha, ha.

After having six babies, I almost assumed that I’d always be, well…goodly-proportioned. “This is my mommy tummy,” I would tell my three-year old when she poked my belly and asked if there was a baby in there. “No, not yet. This is how my tummy got after having all of you!” And, of course, I would smile patiently. She’s cute, isn’t she. But, really: is the mommy tummy my inevitable fate? If it was, I wouldn’t be writing this article…and you wouldn’t be reading it. Continue reading

Two Major Concerns about Network Marketing with Young Living– and Their Answers

As a Christian — a conservative Christian — I had to tackle with a couple of major concerns before I felt free to jump into a home-based business: one about network marketing in general, and the other about Young Living Essential Oils in particular. What were those concerns, and what answers did I find? Continue reading

New Essential Oils Video with Me!

Okay, so this is the condensed version of the Essential Oils 101 classes I just gave in my house this past weekend. So far, I have given six presentations — whoo hoo! I’m still a beginner at this, but I feel like I’m learning so much, so fast! This is an exciting journey that our family started more than a year ago when we first started using Essential Oils from Young Living, and the momentum is growing!


Please feel free to Share! Continue reading

Major Announcement Regarding Head Covering Movement’s Founder, Jeremy Gardiner

Yesterday, Jeremy Gardiner, the founder of Head Covering Movement, posted this shocking announcement on the site:

Major Announcement regarding HCM and its founder

However, as bad as things are, he has not given up hope:

Knowing I have an all-powerful God who is in complete control of this situation and is weaving this chain of events for my ultimate good is comforting. And knowing that even if I don’t recover from this and die early, I know that because my faith is placed in Jesus, I will spend eternity together with Him. The doctor when he broke the news to me said “I wish everyone could respond as well as you’re responding”, I told Him that the reason I can respond well is because “I’m in a right relationship with God.” It really is the only reason.

Please take the time to pray for Brother Jeremy and his family!

And would you please share the need for prayer for this situation with everyone you can think of?

Thank you.

The End of Your Fork

Most people believe they are eating healthy if they are eating “whole-grain” wheat and don’t know that one slice of whole wheat bread raises the blood sugar more than a candy bar or a can of soda. Dr. Davis showed that the glycemic index of whole wheat bread is 72, while the glycemic index of a Mars bar is 68!

What do we eat for breakfast? Maybe we eat bacon and eggs but with toast, waffles, pancakes, bagels, or muffins. Lunch may often be a sandwich or a hamburger on a bun. Dinner may include  bread or biscuits and some cake or pastry as dessert. We are smothered in hybridized, dwarf wheat, and it is killing us.

I like this statement by Dr. Mark Hyman: “The end of your fork is more powerful than the bottom of your pill bottle.” Are we digging our graves with a fork?

[From Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life, by D. Gary Young, page 97]

Gary Young does not suggest that we stop eating wheat altogether, since it has been shown that gluten is likely an important part of our diet, but that we should eat wheat that hasn’t been hybridized and genetically altered. He recommends Einkorn, a type of ancient wheat grain with a very simple genetic structure that is easier to digest. This, he implies, is the question we must ask ourselves: what kind of gluten am I eating — the good kind, or the bad kind? (1)

Young Living sells Einkorn — which they grow themselves on their farms. As soon as I can, I would very much like to try it out!

This is a lot for me to consider. But, any sort of knowledge takes time to accumulate; there is a lot of acquiring, and sorting, and interpreting to do when it comes to topics like this. In the end, though, won’t the effort be worth it? I mean, even if we can’t get to the bottom of every single, health-impacting issue, if we could at least do better in a few major areas wouldn’t that compensate for all the hours spent reading?

No time is better than the present! Let’ start now!


(1) Page 72, Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life; D. Gary Young, 2014 Young Living Essential Oils.

New Food Adventures


All right. I’m gonna give this a try: Trim Healthy Mama!

I read the original version, and then the new version, about a year ago, but didn’t feel ready to start. It seemed overwhelming . . . too many changes . . . too much work . . . too little energy. And you know what? Day after day of feeling like a mashed potato with no energy is getting pretty old — it’s time to make some changes. Continue reading