Two Major Concerns about Network Marketing with Young Living– and Their Answers

As a Christian — a conservative Christian — I had to tackle with a couple of major concerns before I felt free to jump into a home-based business: one about network marketing in general, and the other about Young Living Essential Oils in particular. What were those concerns, and what answers did I find? Continue reading

New Essential Oils Video with Me!

Okay, so this is the condensed version of the Essential Oils 101 classes I just gave in my house this past weekend. So far, I have given six presentations — whoo hoo! I’m still a beginner at this, but I feel like I’m learning so much, so fast! This is an exciting journey that our family started more than a year ago when we first started using Essential Oils from Young Living, and the momentum is growing!


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Are you ready for some “real-ness?”

Getting into the business side of this has been really challenging for my personality. I’m afraid of offending people, I don’t feel brave enough to approach them with this, I get discouraged when people say they’re not interested or when they don’t come to classes . . . The Me in the video is what you get when I’m in front of a computer camera alone in my living room. Talking to real, live people is a bit different. What I’m learning is that this is so much more than an opportunity to make money from home: this is a catalyst for some greatly needed personal growth!

I’m being stretched in so many ways:

  • Developing tenacity in the face of discouragement
  • Learning to persevere despite the difficulties I sometimes have to deal with
  • Becoming more skillful at listening to people
  • Reaching out to others and finding ways to help them, if I can
  • Developing relationships with, and learning so much wisdom from, my Young Living upline (thanks, you all!)
  • Trusting God: His plan is not always mine — but He knows what He’s doing and it’s for my best!
  • Partnering with my awesome and fully-supportive husband in doing something beneficial for our family!

When I think about all the ways I’m growing, I realize that those things are gems you can’t put a price tag on. I think that God brought this opportunity into my life at just the right time. Why do I say that? For two main reasons:

  1. When I was younger, I was such a giver-upper! I would start something, and then give up on it several months later. As I grew older, though, and had more children, I realized that I did NOT want to be that person. With God’s help, I started to value the quality of perseverance. I prayed for Him to help me develop that character trait. And then this came along . . . Might not this be part of His answer? Because I sure am having to develop a lot of perseverance!
  2. I always wanted to be healthier, but I didn’t know where to start. Well, God gave me a way to begin! Baby steps toward wellness using essential oils in place of toxic cleaners and chemical-laden personal care products is what I needed, instead of the gigantic changes I thought I would be required to make if I wanted to do something better for my family. I realized that I didn’t have to change everything overnight: I just needed to make one change at a time. That “wow” moment was what I needed to get started.

For those who are already members in Young Living, here’s a book that I just looove! Maybe you’ve read it, or maybe you haven’t — and if you haven’t, you should!

Order Here: Oil Ability Team

Also, here’s my facebook page: Jessica Roldan (totally new to me)

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile — I love you all! — I will still be posting on modesty, headcovering, the blessing of children, my faith journey, etc. but I will also be including posts like this one. I just can’t help it! This is something I’m so excited about, and that has become a big part of our lives now. If you are interested in starting to use essential oils in your home, I would love to have you join our Young Living team. Contact Me using the menu above, by commenting on YouTube, by sending me an email, or by going to Facebook.

Additionally, as you know, I am currently diving into Trim Healthy Mama! This is my 15 Day! Isn’t that incredible? I have noticed a drop in waistline “puffiness” in just this short time, and I am amazed! If you have decided to join me in this pursuit of better health and a nicer-looking waistline, I will be posting more about this soon. Keep up the good work, and persevere in making better food choices; you can do this! We’re in this together, ladies!


Major Announcement Regarding Head Covering Movement’s Founder, Jeremy Gardiner

Yesterday, Jeremy Gardiner, the founder of Head Covering Movement, posted this shocking announcement on the site:

Major Announcement regarding HCM and its founder

However, as bad as things are, he has not given up hope:

Knowing I have an all-powerful God who is in complete control of this situation and is weaving this chain of events for my ultimate good is comforting. And knowing that even if I don’t recover from this and die early, I know that because my faith is placed in Jesus, I will spend eternity together with Him. The doctor when he broke the news to me said “I wish everyone could respond as well as you’re responding”, I told Him that the reason I can respond well is because “I’m in a right relationship with God.” It really is the only reason.

Please take the time to pray for Brother Jeremy and his family!

And would you please share the need for prayer for this situation with everyone you can think of?

Thank you.

The End of Your Fork

Most people believe they are eating healthy if they are eating “whole-grain” wheat and don’t know that one slice of whole wheat bread raises the blood sugar more than a candy bar or a can of soda. Dr. Davis showed that the glycemic index of whole wheat bread is 72, while the glycemic index of a Mars bar is 68!

What do we eat for breakfast? Maybe we eat bacon and eggs but with toast, waffles, pancakes, bagels, or muffins. Lunch may often be a sandwich or a hamburger on a bun. Dinner may include  bread or biscuits and some cake or pastry as dessert. We are smothered in hybridized, dwarf wheat, and it is killing us.

I like this statement by Dr. Mark Hyman: “The end of your fork is more powerful than the bottom of your pill bottle.” Are we digging our graves with a fork?

[From Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life, by D. Gary Young, page 97]

Gary Young does not suggest that we stop eating wheat altogether, since it has been shown that gluten is likely an important part of our diet, but that we should eat wheat that hasn’t been hybridized and genetically altered. He recommends Einkorn, a type of ancient wheat grain with a very simple genetic structure that is easier to digest. This, he implies, is the question we must ask ourselves: what kind of gluten am I eating — the good kind, or the bad kind? (1)

Young Living sells Einkorn — which they grow themselves on their farms. As soon as I can, I would very much like to try it out!

This is a lot for me to consider. But, any sort of knowledge takes time to accumulate; there is a lot of acquiring, and sorting, and interpreting to do when it comes to topics like this. In the end, though, won’t the effort be worth it? I mean, even if we can’t get to the bottom of every single, health-impacting issue, if we could at least do better in a few major areas wouldn’t that compensate for all the hours spent reading?

No time is better than the present! Let’ start now!


(1) Page 72, Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life; D. Gary Young, 2014 Young Living Essential Oils.

New Food Adventures


All right. I’m gonna give this a try: Trim Healthy Mama!

I read the original version, and then the new version, about a year ago, but didn’t feel ready to start. It seemed overwhelming . . . too many changes . . . too much work . . . too little energy. And you know what? Day after day of feeling like a mashed potato with no energy is getting pretty old — it’s time to make some changes. Continue reading

Why Test God? Finding an Alternative to Chemicals

Thieves Home Cleaning Kit

Cleaning out my cupboards — and my life — can feel so overwhelming! As I look around our house — the food in our cabinets, the stuff under our sink, the shelves over our washer — the enormity of what it means to live a more healthy lifestyle begins to sink in. What, get rid of all those bottles of (toxic) cleaners? Throw out my “Fragrant Cherry Blossom” lotion (possibly more toxins)? Can I really stop eating white flour and sugar? This sounds like crazy land to me.

But it’s not.

What’s crazy is to keep living in a way that could end up harming me and my family. Continue reading

Challenging Others Without Harassing Them — It’s a Learned Skill

After reading a few of my blog posts, you might fall under the impression that I just love controversy and look for it at every turn. What would it be like to meet me in real life? Would I constantly be badgering you to change your mind about birth control, modesty, headcovering, etc.? Would I be so irritating you might be tempted to flee for your life? Here’s a look at the real me, and what I’ve learned about how to get along with people . . . without bashing them over the head with the Bible. Continue reading

How Birth Control Destroys Respect for Life and for the Giver of Life

Image result for free pic of birth control pills

We’ve probably all heard it before in one form or another: “Be responsible and use birth control–that’s how you respect your body, your family, and the rest of the world.” But is that attitude justified by an honest reading of what Scripture really has to say? Does birth control influence us to have a greater respect for life, or does it undermine a respect for life? Continue reading

Great Natural Products I Personally Recommend

Image result for picture of pretty field

I don’t know all there is to know about natural health, but everybody has to start someplace, right? Little by little I’m learning how to be healthier, and with each step taken, I like to think that I am getting that much closer to the wholesome lifestyle I want for myself and my family. Here are a few products I tried out recently that I liked: Continue reading

What I Wish I Would Have Known as a Younger Woman

It’s so easy to see it in other people’s lives: the foolish, naïve, senseless choices they make that will inevitably lead them down the path to destruction. But when I was an eighteen-year-old tasting independence for the first time, I couldn’t see past the immediate — and I didn’t want to.

If I could go back and have a heart-to-heart with my younger self, here are the insider’s-tips I would share: Continue reading

Modest Swimwear at the Beach

The Bible says women are to be modest (1 Timothy 2:9). Does that exclude the beach? Is it okay to wear a typical one-piece or even a two-piece swimsuit if the context involves water? Let me phrase the question another way: When is it ever okay to let men other than our husbands have a peek at our breasts and bottoms? Continue reading

A Dream I Hold Dear


In my last post, I talked about not letting your dreams die. Now, old dreams might change and have to be reinvented into new ones; but, the passion that fuels those dreams–both old and new–remains intact, and THAT is what we do not let go of. We simply redirect it into another conduit. Let me tell you about one of my dreams that has had to change, but which I refuse to give up on. Continue reading

A Dream on Fire


When I first began to dream about my life, I imagined all sorts of daring scenarios. I envisioned myself as a heroine daring to live life on the edge for the sake of the truth. I saw myself at the forefront of the battle to turn hearts back to God: challenging, calling forth, aflame with passion and filled with the Spirit of God. Those dreams were like stars–bright pin-pricks of light in the dark unknown. I held them close to my heart and entrusted them to no one but God alone, Who was the only person who truly knew me. Eventually, I grew up and became “realistic.” The hot glitter of stars faded into a shimmery dust brushed up into the corners of my heart; still warm, but neglected.

I get the feeling, as I look into other people’s eyes, that maybe some of them neglected their dreams, too. Maybe they never even had them. And that is something that, while they might be able to accept it for themselves, I am not okay with for myself.

Dreams can change, and that’s alright; they can be rearranged into new patterns, fresh designs. But, they must never be left to smolder in the corners. I wonder what would happen if we left them there too long–would they burn out, go cold as if they had never existed in the first place? Would they then return to the One Who had made them, crackly-new and unused? What a waste, to have the chance to do something incredible with your life, and instead, to borrow other people’s mediocre dreams, to live as copies of them, and not ever give yourself the chance to see what a dream on fire might mean.

Our “Acceptable” Abuse of a Woman’s Needs


I don’t know about you, but I’ve read over and over how important it is for a Christian woman to give her husband all the sex he needs so he won’t feel deprived and become interested in other women. We’re told to understand his natural need for intimacy, and to minister to his bodily needs just as we minister to his other needs. I agree with that, but I think it’s hugely one sided. Continue reading

Video Q&A with Jeremy Gardiner of the Head Covering Movement

This is exciting–we have the chance to ask Jeremy Gardiner of the Head Covering Movement website our questions about headcovering! Here’s how he explains it:

(Headcovering Q&A intro video link)

As you can see, I’ve already recorded my own question for him. So far, mine is the second question he’s gotten, but he needs more questions from more people in order for this new series to be a success! If you have a headcovering question (mine isn’t technically about headcovering–it’s about our natural covering, the hair), don’t be shy–go ahead and record it, and send it on over! I can’t wait to see the final presentation.

(My question for the Q&A video link)

(Oops, I just realized it’s more than 30 seconds! Oh, well…)

Thanks so much for participating! And, if you want to have a go at answering the question I posed, it would be neat to read what you think in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your perspective! Have a great week, everybody!



Attractive and Beautiful


As women, we naturally want to be beautiful. We want clear complexions and shiny hair; trim figures and feminine curves. None of that is bad. It’s not bad to want to look nice. But what happens when our desire to look nice turns into a hunger to attract? We want to be beautiful, but what is beauty? Is it found in our power to attract a man and hold him captive through lust? At what point might our thirst for outer beauty interfere with our ability to cultivate inner beauty? Continue reading

How I Was Introduced to Essential Oils


The “lavender” scented garbage bags made me cringe every time I opened up the cabinet door to throw something away; perfumes made me gag; air fresheners and scented candles were like being in a gas chamber; I even had to avoid lotions. That’s what being pregnant does to me: the nausea can be so overwhelming and persistent to the point that I wish I could retreat into a sterile, dark bubble. No smells, no bright lights, no loud noise, no nothing. Just rest. But there was one type of scent that I could handle–that I enjoyed, even! A fragrance that was both calming and rejuvenating at the same time. Continue reading

A Quick Look at the History of Christmas

To answer my son’s question this morning: “So, what is mistletoe, and why do people kiss under it?” I flipped open my smart phone and began a Google search. The first article that caught my attention was from a website that also presented the interesting video above (click on the link–it’s only a couple minutes). Continue reading

A Fresh Perspective on the Holidays


Continued study on controversial holidays has long been overdue. As the momentum leading up to Christmas gathers force, I felt it time to get a start. I opened up my browser this morning feeling all the weight of this ponderous subject pressing down upon me. Certainly this study will end up spanning several years! However, as I scanned some articles on the Answers in Genesis website (for starters), I felt a sense of relief. This subject is indeed a solemn one, and it certainly does deserve a thorough study which might take a long time; but, I was reminded of something today which promises freedom from condemnation and gives hope for me as I seek to honor God in this area. Let me explain. Continue reading

Choosing Joy, Rejecting Negativity


One thing I’m learning is that joy isn’t necessarily something that comes to you–it’s a choice that you make.

My house can be a hectic place with six children; we live in small quarters, and we only have one car in working condition. When I feel up to my ears in stress, I can’t just run away to Starbucks. And I can’t get depressed, either. Depression is a luxury that only those without small, helpless children can indulge. It lurks at times, but I push it back, and in the process, God is showing me some awesome insights that I would like to share with you! Continue reading

Reasons from the Bible for Headcovering (in Spanish)

Since there are probably many Spanish-speaking ladies who would be interested in knowing more about covering, I thought it would be a good idea to create this video. A couple of other people also encouraged me to do so. It may be that there are already lots of videos in Spanish on this topic out there, but this is my simple addition to whatever already exists.

Though Spanish is not my first language, I have learned a lot from my husband, who watched it and gave it his okay. It’s not perfect, but with time, I hope to improve my language and presentation skills (yes, he did point out a few things, in his kind and gentle way). I would love to make more YouTubes in Spanish in the future.

I hope this video ends up being useful and encouraging to others!


(link to video)

God’s Respect Toward Us


So great is God’s respect and love for us that He lets us make our own choices. He gives us the freedom to manage our own lives, whether for the better . . . or for the worse. Certainly He could keep us from making those foolish and hurtful decisions that cause destruction to ours and other’s lives, and He sometimes does; but He often doesn’t. Continue reading

Four Reasons for Headcovering

This is a (somewhat) shorter version of my previous video on why I cover. Instead of taking 50 minutes, it only takes 30 (ha, ha). I’m re-doing my longer video by creating new, shorter videos that tackle only one theme at a time; this will probably make it easier for other people to watch. In this particular video, I also show you a few of my very first headcoverings (veils). Enjoy!


Spontaneous Education

Sometimes you just have one of those days: the kids are bouncing off the walls, and the cacophony rattles around inside your skull until you can’t concentrate on a single thing. Why don’t we all go to the park? you decide triumphantly; yes, that will do the trick. Of course it takes forever to pack for a five-minute trip to the park that is just down the street. Continue reading

What God Hates

It’s so easy to lie to ourselves. When we are in a tough situation, our feelings deceive us into accepting the “easiest” solution. We become prone to listen to bad advice, evil counsel. And that, coming sometimes even from our fellow Christians. This self-deception can happen in many–any–area of our lives, but today let’s look at divorce. Continue reading

“Breastfeeding God’s Way”

In Nancy Campbell’s article “Breastfeeding God’s Way,” she describes how nursing is what the Bible refers to as “the natural use” of the woman’s body. She also asserts that when we abandon the “womanly functions” of pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing, we unwittingly invite other perversions into our society, such as homosexuality. I think she is correct. Continue reading

30-Second Headcovering Styles, and Why Hair isn’t the Covering

Here’s another new YouTube video, which shows headcovering styles you can do in thirty seconds and gives an explanation of why I don’t think hair is the covering 1 Cor. 11:1-16 has in view. I know the video is a little blurry; I think it must be because my computer’s camera isn’t the best quality, so sorry about that, and thanks for bearing with me! I’m having so much fun creating these videos!