Exceptions don’t prove anything, except that they’re exceptions

I’m sure that you, like me, have heard about wives whose husbands beat them. You’ve probably heard about women who are forced to work multiple jobs just to put food on the table and pay the bills…while their husbands sit around all day playing X-Box because supposedly, they can’t find jobs. Doesn’t that prove that women shouldn’t have to submit to their husbands, and that it’s okay for women to work outside the home?

Wait a minute. Continue reading

Twenty-five Cent Fine

It’s been quite a challenge managing the “barge into Mom’s room even if the door’s closed” attitude my children have had. Of course, they don’t always barge in; sometimes they simply shout at me through the crack: “He won’t give me back my toy!” or “she called me a name!” Is it really so important that you have to wake the baby I just spent thirty minutes putting to sleep? Continue reading

Avoiding an “Us vs. Them” Mentality

thomas kinkade garden gate

We all want to belong, to feel accepted, to fit in, to be part of the group; that’s natural. I even think that to a certain degree, that desire reflects a need that is not only natural, but essential: we are social beings created for community. Even if everyone else deserts us, we will still rely heavily upon fellowship with the Holy Spirit to sustain us. God made us this way because that’s the way He is: He has always existed as a communion of three members in the Trinity; He was never alone, and He never intended for us, who are made in His image, to be alone either.

The trouble starts when we develop an attitude of pride and arrogance in our belonging to a certain group, or in holding to a certain ideology. Continue reading

Why do Some View Head-covering, Long Hair, and Modest Dress as “Oppressive”?


(Love this picture: she looks happy and at peace as she reads the Scriptures with her head-covering on and while dressed modestly–certainly not a picture of a woman who is “oppressed”!

Without a blink in her eye, she commented to me that a certain lady we were discussing had grown up “oppressed” because her family had made her wear long skirts all the time, and had insisted she keep her hair long without allowing her to cut-and-style or color it like other girls did.  (I don’t recall if she mentioned this, but I had also noticed that the lady in question and her daughters used a style of head-covering to church that gave more hair coverage than the lacy doily the other ladies were accustomed to wear.) Continue reading