How Has it Come to This?

Just yesterday my oldest son, aged thirteen, revealed something shocking. It raised my blood pressure through the roof and made me want to scream. He told me that when we were at the park not too long ago (the park near our home) he had witnessed a horrible scene after going into the public restroom:… Continue reading How Has it Come to This?

Headcovering & Complementarianism

How is this Real Life?

I know there are people out there who are thinking: "Headcovering, skirts and dresses, no birth control . . . come on--this stuff is not important. How is this real life? What about people on drugs, people starving, sex trafficking? Compared to that, this stuff is fluff. Let's focus on what matters." What matters. Hmmm.… Continue reading How is this Real Life?

My Faith Journey

How I Deal with Discouragement

You know that feeling when you're so frustrated you want to cry? But then you can't because for some reason your eyes insist on staying dry. Instead of tears for an outlet, you form prayers, and¬†fling them upward hoping they'll smack into heaven at some point if you just yell them (inwardly)¬†loud enough. That's frustration,… Continue reading How I Deal with Discouragement