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How to Make a Bible Study Notebook (a look at mine)

A few months ago, I experimented with a different approach to Bible study. I put together a Bible study folder using note cards. Here, I will share with you how I made my notebook, and how I use it to record what I’m learning from the Bible.

February 2015 024
(1) Get a basic folder.
February 2015 025
(2) Attach pages — any color you want!
February 2015 026
(3) Cut out 2″ square cards for notes, and 2″ x 1″ cards for headings.
February 2015 027
(4) Buy different colored pens for organizing notes: each subject gets a special color.
February 2015 028
(5) Use a small amount of tape to temporarily secure note cards to paper. I apply the tape loosely so that I can move the cards around later on, if I want to. (Do this AFTER you write your note, so the tape won’t interfere.)
February 2015 029
(5) This is how a page looks with note cards organized on it. The heading is at the top. The notes are color-coded by subject. Each card has a reference, usually directly quoted, though sometimes I record my own observations in reference to a particular verse. I try to be objective, and stick to what the verses actually say.
February 2015 034
(6) Pocket for storing cards with quotes from the Early Church Fathers.

So, there you have it! Simple, really. I initiated this method of organizing my notes because the journal-keeping approach was just too messy. I wanted something that would help me find verses on a particular topic easily. I didn’t want to record my own thoughts, but wanted to categorize my findings from the Bible in a way that would be a visual tool to help me understand God’s thoughts!

So far, I have notes from reading Genesis and Exodus. Leviticus is next! My notebook is currently divided into several sections:

  • Fertility and Childbearing
  • Male and Female Roles
  • Headcovering, Covered Glory, The Use of Symbols
  • Modesty of Dress
  • Jewelry and Bodily Decoration

If I want to add another category, I just add more sheets of paper. When my folder gets full, I think I will put each subject into a separate folder. I can re-organize my notes anytime I want. Right now, my notes are in order of appearance (for example: everything related to having children from Genesis chapter 1, then chapter 2, etc.). However, I could use a different rule for organization. It’s really a matter of preference and ease in finding what you want to locate.

You can make your own note-card folder, if you want! Just follow the steps I’ve outlined here, and make any changes you want. Whatever works best for you!

In addition to my Bible study notes, I also use the following reference works:

It’s a good idea to keep references like these handy, for looking up the meanings of words in Hebrew, Greek, or English! (Even though I speak English, that doesn’t mean I’m familiar with EVERY word in our language!) Also of great value, are the writings of the Ante Nicene Fathers, to get a perspective on what the early church believed. Sometimes, I’ll Google a topic to do a little internet research. I always check the “What We Believe” section to see whether the person hosting the site has beliefs that are doctrinally sound. Additionally, I look at whether they provide credible references. I love the Answers in Genesis website; they have many good articles.

To complement my notebook, I do have a journal of sorts: the margins in my Bible! I underline, circle, highlight, jot down notes, and draw illustrations. It may not look all fresh and clean, but it’s the inscription of my heart upon those well-loved pages!


Now, we’re ready to sit down with a cup of hot tea or coffee, and dig deep into the Word of God for the riches that are contained within its pages!

February 2015 035

How do YOU organize your notes? Do you have any tips you would like to share? What is the most challenging, or the most rewarding aspect of Bible study time for you? Are there any helpful internet resources you’d like to mention?

Dear God,

Please illuminate our understanding as we read Your Word. Help us to see the meaning You originally intended when You inspired the Scriptures. Keep us from imposing our own opinions. Transform us from the inside out, and renew our minds. Enable us to think like Christ, and to become like Him in every way. Give us strength, courage, and faith to obey You. Make us constant and faithful disciples. 



7 thoughts on “How to Make a Bible Study Notebook (a look at mine)

  1. Jessica, you are so so so kind! I requested one thing, and you answered me with 100 references and rich information! I want to imitate this method! I am going to find the same folder and the cards. I want to be a Biblewoman like you, with tons of thanks, Kinuko


  2. Dear Jessica, this morning, I went to the stationary shop in order to find the goods for Bible study notes. Though I could not find the same binders and cards, I bought some similar items. Now I am so excited to start this new venture with you. P.S. Sanae and Irina left some lovely comments for you on my blog. I think your honest comments have intrigued many people! Wonderful! Kinuko


  3. Dear Jessica, thank you for showing your way to learn bible. It’s pretty good idea. I also have a notebook to write down Bible words which was shown or inspired me in my prayers.So as not I foget my testimonies through these words I was helped. I read both English and Japanese bible now. I feel glad that you share us your spiritual journey in open-mind always.It is very personal and precious matter.Your prayer is so beautiful, may this be to
    all of us!


  4. Thank you, Sanae! I’m happy to share with other people the method I use to study the Bible, but it’s not the only way! I’m delighted to hear about your own notebook! You’re right that it is a very personal and precious matter — thank you for telling your thoughts.


  5. Hallo Jessica, thanks for sharing your approach. I want to give it a try. My journals are a mess and they do not encourage me to come back and read what I have learnt. Yours is much more ordely, I hope it will work for me


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