How I’m Slimming Down and Feeling Better with Trim Healthy Mama

Just in case you’re wondering, I am NOT sucking it in for this photo! This is how I really look. There’s still a little pudge, but it’s a smoother pudge than before, ha, ha.

After having six babies, I almost assumed that I’d always be, well…goodly-proportioned. “This is my mommy tummy,” I would tell my three-year old when she poked my belly and asked if there was a baby in there. “No, not yet. This is how my tummy got after having all of you!” And, of course, I would smile patiently. She’s cute, isn’t she. But, really: is the mommy tummy my inevitable fate? If it was, I wouldn’t be writing this article…and you wouldn’t be reading it. Continue reading

New Food Adventures


All right. I’m gonna give this a try: Trim Healthy Mama!

I read the original version, and then the new version, about a year ago, but didn’t feel ready to start. It seemed overwhelming . . . too many changes . . . too much work . . . too little energy. And you know what? Day after day of feeling like a mashed potato with no energy is getting pretty old — it’s time to make some changes. Continue reading

Great Natural Products I Personally Recommend

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I don’t know all there is to know about natural health, but everybody has to start someplace, right? Little by little I’m learning how to be healthier, and with each step taken, I like to think that I am getting that much closer to the wholesome lifestyle I want for myself and my family. Here are a few products I tried out recently that I liked: Continue reading

Modest Swimwear at the Beach

The Bible says women are to be modest (1 Timothy 2:9). Does that exclude the beach? Is it okay to wear a typical one-piece or even a two-piece swimsuit if the context involves water? Let me phrase the question another way: When is it ever okay to let men other than our husbands have a peek at our breasts and bottoms? Continue reading

Attractive and Beautiful


As women, we naturally want to be beautiful. We want clear complexions and shiny hair; trim figures and feminine curves. None of that is bad. It’s not bad to want to look nice. But what happens when our desire to look nice turns into a hunger to attract? We want to be beautiful, but what is beauty? Is it found in our power to attract a man and hold him captive through lust? At what point might our thirst for outer beauty interfere with our ability to cultivate inner beauty? Continue reading