One Week of Modest Dress: A Peek Inside My Wardrobe

If you’ve already read my article Why I Wear Skirts and Dresses Only, you know that I’m passionate about dressing in feminine and modest attire. In order to demonstrate how I apply these principles to my everyday life, I’ve put together a little album of the six skirts and one dress that I wore this past week. Let’s take a look:


(This shirt is light-colored and slightly see-through, so I have another shirt on underneath, which I tucked into my skirt so it wouldn’t look lumpy. Don’t worry–nobody can see anything they shouldn’t.)


Notice that I’m wearing a blue veil. I wear a headcovering to church every Sunday.



This gorgeous and practical skirt is from



I have on the same skirt as the day before. If my skirt is still clean, I sometimes wear it again the next day, but with a different blouse.





 Again, I wore this skirt twice.

Blouse detail
Blouse detail




Mostly, I wear skirts. I like dresses, too, but they are not very functional for mothers who are nursing! However, a dress with buttons down the front works fine.


I love my skirts and dresses! I love being a feminine and modest woman! My closet is full of clothes just like the ones you’ve seen here. Ross and Goodwill are my favorite stores, and I’ve also ordered some things online. It’s hard to find modest skirts and dresses at the retail stores. Generally, they are all way above the knee. Imagine what must show when one leans over, or sits down! Yuck! I look for bottoms that reach below the knee, and that are loose and flowing. Sometimes dressing modestly means making an extra effort, but it’s worth it!

Thanks for allowing me to show you my little album! Do you have any modesty tips that you’d like to share? Where do you buy your skirts and dresses? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

January 2015 063
Jessica Roldan (heavenlyhearth3)

4 thoughts on “One Week of Modest Dress: A Peek Inside My Wardrobe

  1. Almost all my clothing comes from charity shops. In terms of skirts, I look for the lighter floral ones in the Summer, warm Winter ones in shops that receive many donations from older women and I have two gorgeous denim ones from when I lived in a largely Muslim community — Muslim clothing lines always have some beautiful long skirts in alternative material, from hippie loose leather to denim to knit!

    I have also found a few maxi skirt patterns I may try out, as they look very simple and I intend to lengthen some of my shorter skirts with Spanish-style “volantes”.


    1. Yeah, I’m thankful for all the older women who donate to the thrift shops! I also, have considered adding a long strip of gathered fabric to the bottom of some shorter skirts; I did that to one of my daughter’s skirts, and it worked out well.

      Thanks for your input! Could I ask you, Do you wear long skirts all the time? If so, what are your reasons for doing so? I’m interested in hearing what you think!

      -Jessica, Truth at Home


      1. I don’t always wear them, though I’m transitioning into using them most of the time, largely for utilitarian reasons:

        1: They’re comfortable and attractive in a way that tracksuits (the “kings” of comfort) aren’t quite the same.

        2: They allow for a variety of tasks, unlike jeans or shorter skirts which limit movement.

        3: I can combine them with more covering for modesty when going out or a tight top for Jon.

        4: They don’t wear out as fast. As any “thick” girl can testify, denim skirts are one of the few ways of wearing denim on your legs without it rubbing through or ripping after a while. Even loose men’s jeans wear out and tear in inappropriate places.

        5: Cool in Summer without exposing almost everything.


  2. Thanks for sharing your reasons with me! I find it interesting that the points you list in favor of skirts, are largely the same as those given in favor of pants by women who prefer pants–like comfort and practicality! But now that I’ve been skirts/dresses only for almost three years now, I can totally identify with you. I like long skirts not only for modesty, but for utilitarian purposes, as well.


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