Do We Have to Obey the Old Testament?

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Some people may think that wearing skirts and dresses exclusively, or putting on a headcovering, falls under the category of “living under the law.” Not true at all! I choose to wear only skirts and dresses in an attempt to obey the NEW TESTAMENT command for women to dress modestly, and headcovering is discussed in a passage also from the NEW TESTAMENT. I don’t think that I have to do these things so that I will be good enough for God to save me–no way could I ever be good enough for that; only the shed blood of Christ, and the fact that He rose from the grave, can save us from hell.

However, I have sometimes referred to sections of the Old Testament to support certain beliefs that I hold to. Is this un-allowable? Is it illogical? How do we know which of the Bible’s commands we are required to obey, and which we are not? Continue reading