Believe it or not, I used to be a sinful woman.

And if I wanted all the world to know just how sinful, I could lay it out in detail right here, right now.

But I don’t know if that would be “real” . . . or just stupid.

Not everybody needs to hear the details. Not everybody deserves to. My sinful past is a tragedy that has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and I don’t think it’s necessary to relive it over and over again. I just want you to know that I was that kind of person, so you can relate to me.

Maybe you have been sinful, too. Let me tell you right now: there is nothing–absolutely nothing–that Jesus’ love and forgiveness cannot cleanse and heal and repair. Look to Him. Look up . . . and you’ll find the way out of where you are.

That’s what I did, not because I was trying very hard to get out of my shameful situation, but because God called me. He called me out of it, reminded me of how sweet it could be to be close to Him again–to not hide anymore, to not run anymore.

There was a point at which I was more desirous of getting away from my sin than of staying in it. And from then on, I started a gradual upward climb toward improving my life. It wasn’t through my own power, however. As I look back I can clearly see that it was through the constant care of the Holy Spirit, Who didn’t slacken in His watchfulness for a second.

I fully believe that it is a result of the Spirit’s leading, His convicting presence, and His enabling me to understand the Scriptures, that I am where I am today. Like I said, I used to be sinful. Believe me, this involved more than dressing immodestly! But, dressing immodestly was certainly a symptom of my condition. As God gently showed me the error of my ways, not only did I start to become a woman of chaste behavior, I also started to become a woman of modest dress.

Another transformation that occurred was the ability to finally surrender family planning into God’s hands. After a thorough study on the subject, my husband and I decided to join the band of “weirdos” and stop using birth control. Actually, we aren’t that weird; it wasn’t until recently (the 20th Century) that Christians have started to use birth control en masse. For about 1,900 years of Church History, birth control was regarded as . . . wicked.

So, this was another area where God dealt with me.

Close on the heels of that, God helped me to see the importance of wearing a headcovering as a symbol of submission to my husband. I discovered that just like the rejection of birth control, headcovering was another one of those things the Church uniformly practiced . . . until our modern era of “enlightened” thinkers and feminists.

My journey has been a radical one, by today’s standards. And yet, it has been a beautiful one.

I am not ashamed of obeying my Lord, just as I am not ashamed of His Gospel. Actually, modesty, headcovering, and fruitfulness all have a symbolic connection with the Gospel!

How about you?

Are you on the same journey? I’m here to walk this with you; let’s do this together!

Are you still wondering if this is for you? I encourage you to take as much time as you need to browse the articles here. Compare them with what the Bible says. Then tell me what you think. I would love to have a conversation with you! I believe that having deep, respectful discussions is a necessary part of our development and edification as Christians. I also believe that it’s important for us to encourage each other, since this path can be rather lonely at times!

I thank God for His forgiveness and grace. I also thank Him for His protective boundaries, and for the powerful symbols He has allowed us to live out as a demonstration of vital spiritual truths. No woman needs to stay a sinner. Just like me, she can be transformed through the cross of Christ into a godly woman. That is my prayer for us all.