Choosing Joy, Rejecting Negativity


One thing I’m learning is that joy isn’t necessarily something that comes to you–it’s a choice that you make.

My house can be a hectic place with six children; we live in small quarters, and we only have one car in working condition. When I feel up to my ears in stress, I can’t just run away to Starbucks. And I can’t get depressed, either. Depression is a luxury that only those without small, helpless children can indulge. It lurks at times, but I push it back, and in the process, God is showing me some awesome insights that I would like to share with you! Continue reading

God’s Respect Toward Us


So great is God’s respect and love for us that He lets us make our own choices. He gives us the freedom to manage our own lives, whether for the better . . . or for the worse. Certainly He could keep us from making those foolish and hurtful decisions that cause destruction to ours and other’s lives, and He sometimes does; but He often doesn’t. Continue reading

What God Hates

It’s so easy to lie to ourselves. When we are in a tough situation, our feelings deceive us into accepting the “easiest” solution. We become prone to listen to bad advice, evil counsel. And that, coming sometimes even from our fellow Christians. This self-deception can happen in many–any–area of our lives, but today let’s look at divorce. Continue reading

With His Help

“Jesus didn’t carry you 80% of the way to drop you off close to the finish line and say, ‘Run–and you’d better hurry: hell’s right behind you!’ And neither did Jesus carry you 99.9% of the way to drop you off right in front of the finish line and say, ‘Jump!’ No, Jesus carried you all the way across that finish line, and He dropped you off on the other side. The work’s been done; your salvation has been accomplished 100% by Jesus, and all that you needed to do was believe.”

Isn’t that awesome? Our pastor last Sunday continued a series on Galatians we’re working through, and this was one of the points he made.

I know there’s controversy over whether “once saved, always saved” is biblical. Continue reading


It’s hard to overcome the guilt for past mistakes when we still have to see the people that we’ve hurt. When they haven’t overcome the past. Their very presence is a constant, painful reminder of wrongs that haven’t been righted. That can’t be. We can’t go back with an eraser and make it all go away. Memories haunt, bitterness clings, depression lurks. Continue reading

IT strikes again

It’s almost a choking sensation. It grabs me by the throat and nearly cuts off my air supply. I look upwards for help, but God seems impossibly far away. Nobody else is around. I focus my energy on one breath at a time. In, one, two. Out, one, two. Maybe I can get through this. Continue reading

No Looking Back

Summer to Fall 2015 002

Our street and new neighborhood

When we first moved into our new home, I really disliked living here. I kept looking back to what we had left, and felt sorry for myself. It was hard to move from a site-built home with a full-size garage, three large bedrooms and two baths, into a double-wide manufactured home with very little storage space, and with three tiny bedrooms and two baths, one of which isn’t fully functional. Continue reading