My Faith Journey

Unhappy with Life? Thankfulness Produces Joy!

I have found that consciously smiling actually helps me feel happy; and when I feel happy, I smile more. This upward spiral is so easy to initiate--all it takes is the willingness to start and the dedication to practice it every day. I tried it and it works. My outlook on life has improved, and… Continue reading Unhappy with Life? Thankfulness Produces Joy!

My Faith Journey

Call to ACTION

I had somebody say to me recently that Christians shouldn't try to pass legislation that limits other people's "rights" to have a relationship with a person of the same sex. This somebody used to be close to me (we were childhood buddies), so it is hard for me to hear this from him. However, I… Continue reading Call to ACTION

My Faith Journey

How I Deal with Discouragement

You know that feeling when you're so frustrated you want to cry? But then you can't because for some reason your eyes insist on staying dry. Instead of tears for an outlet, you form prayers, and¬†fling them upward hoping they'll smack into heaven at some point if you just yell them (inwardly)¬†loud enough. That's frustration,… Continue reading How I Deal with Discouragement