Tricky Topics in the Bible

What Would Jesus Do: Preach?

There's a trend in today's churches, and it's thinking runs along these lines: We need to understand where people are coming from, listen to them, sympathize with them, not tell them our opinion unless they ask for it, be gracious and loving to them, and make sure we have a relationship with them before we… Continue reading What Would Jesus Do: Preach?

Tricky Topics in the Bible

Do We Have to Obey the Old Testament?

Some people may think that wearing skirts and dresses exclusively, or putting on a headcovering, falls under the category of "living under the law." Not true at all! I choose to wear only skirts and dresses in an attempt to obey the NEW TESTAMENT command for women to dress modestly, and headcovering is discussed in a passage also from the… Continue reading Do We Have to Obey the Old Testament?

Tricky Topics in the Bible

Can You be Saved Twice?

If you receive updates on new posts through email, you may not have gotten the You Tube link that I mentioned in the last post (Impossible to be Renewed Again to Repentance After Falling Away?); however, the video is available when you access my site directly. I presented this video because the explanation on Hebrews… Continue reading Can You be Saved Twice?