Lazy Children?

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I once heard a popular Bible teacher say that to “train up a child” means to “guide a child according to his natural bent.” Though I’m no one to argue with a theologian, it does seem a bit of a stretch to me. Why can’t we just take the Bible at its word? Continue reading

9 Things I’m Learning about Homeschooling


The fact that I was homeschooled growing up doesn’t automatically make me an expert at teaching my own children. Actually, after my first child turned five, I sent him to a local kindergarten. He attended a Montessori/traditional blend charter school until he finished 3rd grade, while my second child, by that time, had finished 1st. I simply lacked the confidence to take on that enormous responsibility. It was daunting. What if I ruined my kids? Continue reading

And after the Storm, a Calm…

My Dear Diary article was a sincere outpouring of my frustrated heart. I have moments like those every so often, when I feel stressed out, tense, and depressed. Times when I think to myself, How do I get my children to actually WANT to keep the house clean and tidy–how do I get them to care enough, on their OWN, to pick things up around here without my having to remind them, or supervise them constantly? When will they start to APPRECIATE how nice it is to have an orderly atmosphere? When will this goal become theirs too, and not just mine? Continue reading

Dear Diary, Today I Lost It…

Blogging is kind of like writing in a diary–except it’s public and anybody can read it. And though normally, we don’t like people peeking at our secret journal entries, we actually hope that our blogging posts will get lots of attention. Isn’t that ironic? I think it’s because we want to be noticed, to be validated, and to feel important. And although revealing our weaknesses and struggles to those around us can sometimes backfire when they don’t respond how we think they should, blogging can be a “safer” way for us to share what’s on the inside. Continue reading

Adjusting to life with a newborn…again!


Our newest addition!

I’m so happy to be writing another article for this blog–finally! Itching to sit down and type something “profound” about my life that I can share with others (ha, ha), I’ve had to patiently wait until a rare quiet and free moment presented itself. A new baby in the house has really changed things, for the sixth time!

Amazingly, even though I’ve been through having to care for a newborn five times before, I still find myself stressing out about things: Continue reading

Chores for Children: How We’re Establishing Routines in our House

Recently, a team of specialists was employed to visit my husband’s work and instruct the plant in Workplace Efficiency. He brought home a folder outlining the basics of what had been presented, and I had a chance to look them over. Interestingly, some of the points can be applied perfectly to Household Efficiency, as well! Let me tell you a little about it… Continue reading