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Why Test God? Finding an Alternative to Chemicals

Thieves Home Cleaning Kit

Cleaning out my cupboards — and my life — can feel so overwhelming! As I look around our house — the food in our cabinets, the stuff under our sink, the shelves over our washer — the enormity of what it means to live a more healthy lifestyle begins to sink in. What, get rid of all those bottles of (toxic) cleaners? Throw out my “Fragrant Cherry Blossom” lotion (possibly more toxins)? Can I really stop eating white flour and sugar? This sounds like crazy land to me.

But it’s not.

What’s crazy is to keep living in a way that could end up harming me and my family.

Without going into detail about any one particular chemical or unhealthy food, let me just say that I think we’ve all heard the basics. For example: How sugar isn’t good for us . . . but we eat it anyway. We don’t know anything about what goes into our lotions, but we slather them all over our bodies. I used to put deodorant with aluminum in it under my arms every day, and I never knew what was in it because I’d never taken the time to read the label and to consider what it could do to my body.

(Read this article about the possible link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s.)

Did you know that I didn’t realize this was ever an issue until I bought my Young Living deodorant just to try it out, flipped it over, and read,

Young Living’s natural deodorants are an aluminum-free alternative to commercial products. AromaGuard® Meadow Mist™ deodorant contains coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and pure essential oils such as Lemon and Lavender.

So, what’s so bad about aluminum? I had to look that one up. Then I realized that I had most likely been literally poisoning my body all these years without even knowing it. That’s what makes me so glad to have found Young Living, a company founded by a man passionately obsessed (in the best way) with 100% purity in the essential oils his farms and closely-monitored co-ops produce.

Then I thought, “Wow, in what other ways have I been mindlessly sacrificing our health for convenience’ sake, as a result of my ignorance and laziness?

We don’t need to debate over whether aluminum directly contributes to Alzheimer’s; we don’t need to haggle over whether the birth control pill causes cancer; we don’t need to argue about vaccines. Because it seems pretty obvious to me that the real issue is this: Why would we want to put all that stuff in and on our bodies anyways? I mean, are all these chemicals what God intended for us?

Have we ever stopped to consider what the consequences of all this chemical exposure might be? Or do we think we can keep on popping pills and slapping toxins on our bodies and end up fine? I think that I personally, and we in general, have been rather blithe; we have been accustomed to think that since we are Christians, God will protect us from the consequences of our choices somehow. But wait a minute — doesn’t the Bible say that “God is not mocked”?:

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

Galatians 6:7

We tend to think of that in terms of purely “moral” decisions: if you’re a kid and you lie to your parents and they find out, you get sent to time out (or worse); if you cheat on a test and your teacher finds out, you fail the course; if you rob a store and the police catch you, you get sent to jail. But what about our health-related choices? If we put chemicals all over our bodies and houses for 80 years straight, what are the consequences of that? Do we think God will overlook those choices and protect us from the consequences?

Because remember: God is not mocked.

Certainly He can protect us from the consequences of our choices — if He wants — but why test Him? The Bible also says, “Do not put the Lord your God to the test”!:

Jesus answered him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord, your God, to the test.'”

Matthew 4:7

Essential oils are not ALL that we need to be healthy; they are part of a larger quest for all-around good health; they are one element in the process toward better living — an element that can help to form the bridge from toxins on one side, to the wellness on the other side that we all want for ourselves and our families. If we sow good choices for our health (and that includes the way we eat and exercise, along with incorporating essential oils) then we will reap the benefits.

Is it overwhelming? It can certainly feel like it! But if we don’t like where we are, we can’t let ourselves get discouraged by how far away the goal now seems; we just need to get moving, one step at a time. What are some steps that I’ve taken so far?

To some of you health-food experts out there, this may sound infantile (ha, ha) but this is where I’m at:

Stevia instead of sugar in my coffee.

Dave’s Killer Bread instead of super-processed, regular bread.

Organic Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Virgin Coconut oil instead of soy bean (vegetable) oil.

Butter instead of margarine.

Raw milk instead of ultra-pasteurized milk.

Coconut oil instead of lotion.

Thieves household products instead of chemical-laden cleaners.

Essential oils instead of synthetics: for my skin, to freshen the air, and to support overall wellness.

Those are my baby steps; and now that I look at it, I’ve actually come a long way from where I used to be!  I want to encourage you that you can do this, too — join me in seeking better health for our families!

You know, you will hear me talk about Young Living because that’s what I’m using in my home and on myself and my family. I’m finding out how awesome essential oils are, and I feel that they can help us make the transition from toxin-filled living to toxin-free living. When I mention how great YL is, I’m not trying to sell you anything; I’m trying to share something with you. Something that could be a life-changer — for the better — like it’s been for us. And you know what? I am so thankful that somebody else shared Young Living Essential Oils with me when I knew absolutely nothing about them!

This is just the beginning; but we have to start somewhere, right?


9 thoughts on “Why Test God? Finding an Alternative to Chemicals

  1. I’m there with you! It’s all about baby steps.

    For me, I find that I am very lazy. It’s just easier to go with the flow and use the bad products/foods that are popular. Really, it’s only been health problems that have forced me to change. In a minor way it’s been solving health problems (headaches) for my husband and our eldest. The major way has been the severe morning sickness issue for me – delving into that problem has done wonders for making me learn about health and food and toxins/etc.. Here is the list I made a few years back of books I’ve read and loved on the subject (unfortunately I haven’t updated it lately):

    I’d type more, but baby is crying and kidlets are calling! Blog on! 🙂



    1. Thanks, Diana!
      I look forward to reading the books you listed — they look great!
      It’s so nice to hear from somebody else who’s been going this route longer than I. It really is an encouragement. 🙂

      Hope baby and kids are doing good, and hope you are, too!


    2. Hi Diana – just to say that I really enjoy your blog (cannot add comments as I don’t have any accounts). God bless.


      1. Thanks, Susanne! I appreciate the kind words! I have had to add comment moderating lately, as I’ve been hit with spam comments – normally I allow anonymous comments. Hopefully after the spam wave goes away, I can switch back to non-comment-moderating mode. 🙂


  2. Since we farm (small scale) i’m all into producing my own food.
    Compared with store sold grocery it seems a way better choice.
    My bread contains just flour ,yeast,salt water.Store bought bread contains (often) whole lists of ingredients that sound rather chemical to me 🙂 same goes for milk products,toppings,you name it.
    It is more work,true, but we are rarely sick except for runny noses and i credit this to our nutritition.
    I almost never buy chips,pop,premade food. And it is so much worth it. The money i save there goes into loads of fruit and veggies i cant grow. myself.
    I find it very exiting to learn more and more about a healthy diet. God made it all so wonderfull. If we eat naturally we are more healthy and dont become overweight,etc. I m so awed how wonderfull HE provided for us.
    I dont use essential oils much like you do but i grow herbs for
    Treatments of the Little ills.


      1. I use Thyme for coughs,bronchitis.
        Onions help too there.
        That is what I use most, for all of my children tend to easily get bronchitis until they grow that out around age six or so.
        Thyme we use as Infusion wich is inhaled.
        Onions will be cut and with lard (i swear on marmot lard in that case but pork lard or even canola oil work too) heated in a pan , spread on a piece of cloth and then put on the breast neck area . Smells bad but is absolutely going to help.
        Check that it is not too hot but as hot as possible.
        This is just an example. Further i grow rosemarin, salvia,lavender, peppermint etc.Some herbs can be gathered in the wild such as nettle,another awesome herb. I’ll stop here. But it is really fascinating to me, again, just how God provided if we make a use of it 🙂


  3. if you would like to find out more about the benefits of raw milk i could recomend the Weston A Price Foundation. They are wholly dedicated to this topic.


    1. Thank you, Ruth! I have seen the Weston A. Price Foundation referenced on Sally Fallon’s blog (authoress of Nourishing Traditions), which I have just recently subscribed to. I would definitely like to check out the Foundation soon. 🙂


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