New Intro YouTube Video!

Hi, friends!

Here is a video I just created on YouTube. It introduces my beliefs; and at the end, I model one of my headcoverings for you!

This is a first for me, so maybe the quality isn’t so good. Sorry. But, I plan on making more videos in the future, so hopefully I’ll improve.

Thanks for watching!



12 thoughts on “New Intro YouTube Video!

  1. Hi,Jessica,I felt so happy to see you talking about your faith testament.Your voice is so clear and feminine,that I could understand what you say clearly.
    (For me English listening is not easy,I’m still learning.haha)

    I respect you for that even you are a busy mother of six children,you begun new challenge for mission at home.And somehow this video made me feel how you are so happy staying at home.It made me smile,thanks so much!

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  2. Such a lovely video. I just subscribed to your channel. Your voice is so lovely and young. You also look young.
    I have a question, actually a couple. I hope you will not find this intrusive. Do your children know Spanish? I was wondering because you mentioned that your husband is of Mexican ancestry.
    The second question: will you expect your daughters to wear the head covering when they get older?
    Thank you,

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    1. Thanks, Irina!
      No, your question is not intrusive at all! My children are learning Spanish. Since they’re with me all day long, and I find it easier to speak in English, naturally their stronger language is the same as mine. But, they speak in Spanish with their dad when he gets home from work. So, they’re progressing. And yes, my husband is Mexican.

      Second question: I’ve thought about when would be the best time to have my daughters start to cover, and I think I’ve come to a reasonable, tentative conclusion. I will probably have them start (of course if my husband also approves) when they are in their teens, somewhere around fifteen or sixteen, the typical “coming of age” time.

      I came to this way of thinking from the fact that the Bible says for a “woman” to cover her head, not necessarily a girl. The word “woman” is interchangeable with the word “wife,” so I think it’s safe to say that when my girls reach a mature, “now I’m a young woman” age, THAT will be the time to start. Of course, I know of other ladies who have their little girls wear headcoverings to get them used to it, and I think that’s great, too! And, I might change my mind.

      Thanks for asking!


  3. Thank you so much for a very beautiful personal testament delivered with such modest femininity.

    Interesting to hear your thoughts on age for covering. My daughter (8) covers for Mass, it is her choice but I know my husband would want her to anyway as soon as she is confirmed.

    I now cover full time – it’s a more personal conviction, but I think probably I would say that puberty or maybe as you say 15/16 would be good ages to start.


  4. Dear Jessica,
    I was having trouble accessing the video due to computer issues on my end. I’m so happy to put a voice to all your words of wisdom 🙂 It’s so sweet to see your love for Jesus shining through your testimony and your expressiveness.
    Love, Ruthie


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