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I write on this blog for me, and I write on it for you, too. Since I’m what many might consider “extreme,” even by mainstream Church standards, I find it necessary to reach out beyond my local sphere for friends who share my views. And maybe that’s what you’re doing, too.

Here are the topics I write on:

  • The Blessing of Children My husband and I do not use birth control; instead, we trust in God to plan our family. We didn’t always hold this view, but after much Bible study and contemplation, we eventually came to embrace it for ourselves.
  • Modesty I and my daughters wear skirts and dresses only. I used to wear pants (tight ones, just like most everybody else), but the Lord convicted me of my immodesty. Though I know plenty of women which I consider sisters in Christ who wear pants, I hope to inspire my sisters to a higher, more feminine — and beautiful! — standard.
  • Headcovering and Complementarianism  I used to think of headcovering as a non-issue, but then changed my mind after looking into this topic for myself. I now wear a headcovering to church every Sunday; I also wear it during certain times at home, with my husband’s full support and blessing. Additionally, I am growing my hair out long in order to appreciate this “glory” that God has given me (and all women). Concurrently, I am learning to honor and submit to my husband. Growth is sometimes painful, but so worth it!
  • A Heavenly Hearth: Homekeeping from the Heart I don’t have nearly as many articles as I’d like to have on the practical side of homekeeping (maybe because it’s something I’m still trying to improve), but I hope to publish more as my learning curve increases. Mostly, I have been writing my thoughts about being a woman at home: what the Bible says about it, and how I try to keep my priorities in order.
  • Homeschooling I love being with my kids all the time at home! Yes, really! Sure, they whine and bicker sometimes (don’t all kids do that?), but I wouldn’t trade this for anything else.
  • Natural Health and Beauty Doesn’t every woman want to be beautiful? Maybe this doesn’t sound modest, but — I do! Yet I want to be beautiful naturally; I want to shine in my own God-given skin. How can I do that? Join me as I investigate natural methods to get that healthy glow! (More articles coming up . . . ) I am also a member and distributor of Young Living Essential Oils; go ahead and click on the link to find out more about their great products!
  • Controversial Holidays Ever wonder where Christmas and Easter and all the other holidays came from? I did. The first step in deciding how we should celebrate the holidays — as believers in Christ — is to understand where those holidays came from and what all the various elements mean. This is an ongoing project of mine, that I will be publishing more posts on sporadically.
  • Tricky Topics in the Bible My thoughts on some more of those controversial subjects that didn’t fit into any of my other category labels.
  • My Faith Journey This one’s the most personal, and the one I’ve often considered deleting. However, we all go through many of the same struggles; why not share mine (with discretion, of course) so that other people will know they’re not alone?
  • Statement of Faith The basics of what we believe; our doctrine. I always look for this first when I browse someone else’s website, so I thought it would be a good idea to include this for all of you who are just like me! And it makes sense that you would want to know (after reading all my other articles) whether I’m just a normal Christian gone a little too “radical” for most people’s taste, or if I’m a full-out wacko! (I’m not, I’m really not . . . )
  • Contact Me Sometimes you might have a more personal question for me; maybe you want to share something that you don’t want out in public. Or, maybe you have a question about Young Living’s great essential oils and other oil-infused products. Here’s where you can contact me, personally. I look forward to hearing from you, and I’ll respond as soon as I’m able!

Hopefully, you’ll be encouraged and inspired by these articles, in addition to being able to use them as a source of helpful information. I don’t mind if we don’t agree on everything — no two people ever do. Just as long as the conversation remains respectful, I would love to discuss with you any topic I touch on in this blog. Thanks for reading!

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~Jessica Roldan (heavenlyhearth3), wife of Antonio Roldan and mother of six children

 …”that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.”

Titus 2:4-5