The Loss of Absolutism



The issue of whether or not homosexuality is okay isn’t really about homosexulity…

The issue of whether or not living together before marriage is okay isn’t really about cohabitation…

The issue of whether or not pornography is okay isn’t really about pornography…

The issue of whether or not women can be leaders in politics, and leaders in the church, isn’t really about gender roles…

The issue of whether or not birth control is okay for us to use isn’t really about contraception…

The issue of whether or not modesty is important isn’t really about modesty…

I could continue, but I think you get my point: these controversies aren’t really about what they SEEM to be about. They are about something else, at the core.

They are about whether or not the BIBLE is trustworthy and authoritative. Can we trust the Bible as the one and only authority for our lives? That’s the real issue.

The root of all the societal and moral concerns that surround us today is that we have lost our trust in the Bible as the inerrant word of God.

Even some Christians, when they claim that we can’t know for sure the answers to certain moral concerns by what the Bible itself has to say, when they claim that we can’t base our beliefs on the Scriptures alone, admit without saying the actual words, that the issue is bigger than those moral concerns that surface.

Any discussion about homosexuality, cohabitation, pornography, gender roles, contraception, modesty, etc. is actually going nowhere until we can come to a conclusion about whether or not the BIBLE is true, without error, and the only authority for our lives. Until then, we will just float around in endless debate.

We need an absolute.

The logical conclusion of all this questioning of the Bible can only lead to hearts, minds, and lives that are in turmoil and unrest. When we refuse to be guided by the Compass because we mistrust it’s accuracy, while instead trusting in our own intuition, we will wander about without direction. How sad.

This is what’s happening to so many of us right now. This is what was happening to me, until God grabbed a hold of me, and woke me up.

When I began to doubt that the Bible was without error, I no longer had a firm base for my decisions; everything was subjective. I did whatever I wanted, since I no longer was “confined” and “limited” by the authority of God’s word. There was no absolute answer to anything, and right and wrong became a shapeless blur of what seemed right and felt right to me at the time. This was (somewhat) fun for awhile, but then the unsteadiness of it all began to affect me. I began to WANT to have something solid to stand on, to long for one absolute answer for all of my problems and questions. I was a wind blowing every which way, but without settling in any one place.

I wanted God and His truth, but I was unsure if I was ready to accept what that would mean for my life; if I accepted that the Bible was without error and the only authority for my life, I would have to give up my selfish ways, and I would have to repent and follow God’s ways instead. And, even more painful, I would have to admit that I had been living a life in ugly, disgusting sin.

Could I do that?

Well, eventually I did. I wept over my stupidity, and asked God to forgive me. I began to take an honest look at the subject of the Bible’s trustworthiness. I stopped believing arguments against the Bible’s inerrancy just because they sounded good, or because they were “convenient” for me, like I had before. No, now I was going to be “real.” Now I was willing to accept the truth when confronted with it, instead of dismissing it and acting like I was “so smart” for doing so.

After this change happened in my life, I no longer felt directionless and alone; I no longer felt desperate and depressed: I had answers. I had an absolute.

THAT’S what we ALL need. Please, take a look at the resources I’ve listed at the bottom of this site. One of them is the Answers in Genesis website, and the other is the Way of the Master website. I think these will give you a starting place to find answers to some of the questions you may be asking yourself about the Bible, about salvation, and about Jesus.

Because I have a feeling that you, too, deep down inside, long for an absolute.