New Essential Oils Video with Me!

Okay, so this is the condensed version of the Essential Oils 101 classes I just gave in my house this past weekend. So far, I have given six presentations — whoo hoo! I’m still a beginner at this, but I feel like I’m learning so much, so fast! This is an exciting journey that our family started more than a year ago when we first started using Essential Oils from Young Living, and the momentum is growing!


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Are you ready for some “real-ness?”

Getting into the business side of this has been really challenging for my personality. I’m afraid of offending people, I don’t feel brave enough to approach them with this, I get discouraged when people say they’re not interested or when they don’t come to classes . . . The Me in the video is what you get when I’m in front of a computer camera alone in my living room. Talking to real, live people is a bit different. What I’m learning is that this is so much more than an opportunity to make money from home: this is a catalyst for some greatly needed personal growth!

I’m being stretched in so many ways:

  • Developing tenacity in the face of discouragement
  • Learning to persevere despite the difficulties I sometimes have to deal with
  • Becoming more skillful at listening to people
  • Reaching out to others and finding ways to help them, if I can
  • Developing relationships with, and learning so much wisdom from, my Young Living upline (thanks, you all!)
  • Trusting God: His plan is not always mine — but He knows what He’s doing and it’s for my best!
  • Partnering with my awesome and fully-supportive husband in doing something beneficial for our family!

When I think about all the ways I’m growing, I realize that those things are gems you can’t put a price tag on. I think that God brought this opportunity into my life at just the right time. Why do I say that? For two main reasons:

  1. When I was younger, I was such a giver-upper! I would start something, and then give up on it several months later. As I grew older, though, and had more children, I realized that I did NOT want to be that person. With God’s help, I started to value the quality of perseverance. I prayed for Him to help me develop that character trait. And then this came along . . . Might not this be part of His answer? Because I sure am having to develop a lot of perseverance!
  2. I always wanted to be healthier, but I didn’t know where to start. Well, God gave me a way to begin! Baby steps toward wellness using essential oils in place of toxic cleaners and chemical-laden personal care products is what I needed, instead of the gigantic changes I thought I would be required to make if I wanted to do something better for my family. I realized that I didn’t have to change everything overnight: I just needed to make one change at a time. That “wow” moment was what I needed to get started.

For those who are already members in Young Living, here’s a book that I just looove! Maybe you’ve read it, or maybe you haven’t — and if you haven’t, you should!

Order Here: Oil Ability Team

Also, here’s my facebook page: Jessica Roldan (totally new to me)

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile — I love you all! — I will still be posting on modesty, headcovering, the blessing of children, my faith journey, etc. but I will also be including posts like this one. I just can’t help it! This is something I’m so excited about, and that has become a big part of our lives now. If you are interested in starting to use essential oils in your home, I would love to have you join our Young Living team. Contact Me using the menu above, by commenting on YouTube, by sending me an email, or by going to Facebook.

Additionally, as you know, I am currently diving into Trim Healthy Mama! This is my 15 Day! Isn’t that incredible? I have noticed a drop in waistline “puffiness” in just this short time, and I am amazed! If you have decided to join me in this pursuit of better health and a nicer-looking waistline, I will be posting more about this soon. Keep up the good work, and persevere in making better food choices; you can do this! We’re in this together, ladies!


New Food Adventures


All right. I’m gonna give this a try: Trim Healthy Mama!

I read the original version, and then the new version, about a year ago, but didn’t feel ready to start. It seemed overwhelming . . . too many changes . . . too much work . . . too little energy. And you know what? Day after day of feeling like a mashed potato with no energy is getting pretty old — it’s time to make some changes. Continue reading