Ripples in the water

{MAY, 2015}

This sea was made by God.

All the people talking, eating, driving, singing, hurting, celebrating:

This great sea of people had it’s beginning with just One Person.

Sometimes, the world seems so immense to me;

I am just one in billions.

How does my One Life make sense in this crowd?

After all, even without me,

All the people will continue talking, eating, driving, singing, hurting, celebrating.

And then, I remember:

On the deep water’s smooth surface, ripples spread quickly and far.

One person.

One person brave enough to make ripples in the water.



13 thoughts on “Ripples in the water

  1. Dear Jessica,
    Thankyou for this post especially this weekend. I was reflecting on something similar as my husband had emergency gall bladder surgery yesterday. While we were waiting for the diagnosis on Sunday, we were only one of so many people who came into the ER that night. There were people from different races and religions, various ages-from babies to the 95 year old man, and they all had their own stories to tell. I was struck with how God loves each and everyone of us.
    Great analogy, Jessica!
    Your friend, Ruthie

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    • Thanks, Ruthie! (Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond). I loved seeing your comment the other day; it’s always nice to see that something I’ve observed has also been reflected on by someone else. Yes, it is amazing how there are so many people, each with a different story to tell, and God loves each of us individually!
      The kids and I were reading today how there are about a billion people living in India. Imagine, all those people, mostly poor, going about their daily lives; yet, even though most of them don’t realize it, God loves them, and knows what they’re going through, and wants them to hear of Jesus so they can drink from that fountain that never runs dry, and eat of that food that will leave them filled forever. If only they could hear of Him, and believe in Him, and follow Him. I am always encouraged to read about organizations like Gospel for Asia, and Mission India. I like to read stories about people coming to faith in Christ, and finding hope for their lives.
      Thanks so much for your comment!
      Your friend,

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  2. Dearest Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem.

    Jessica, could you please explain to me the last three verses more?

    “On the deep water’s smooth surface, ripples spread quickly and far.

    One person.

    One person brave enough to make ripples in the water.”

    When I first read them, I thought that this One person means Jesus Christ. But I read it again, I started to think maybe it means each one of us,,,a courageous believer who makes actions.

    The best way is to ask the composer of this poem! So I am asking you. hahahah,,,

    from Kinuko


    • Thanks, Kinuko, for asking!
      Well, it means both things. Jesus Christ demonstrated/demonstrates to us the power of His One Life to affect the lives of many others. We also have the amazing opportunity to be one person who affects the lives of many others (though certainly not to the same awesome extent as our Savior!). This can either be through our bad actions (and words), or through our good actions (and words). Even Adam, the first man, affected the entire rest of humanity through his one choice.

      Each step of obedience to God brings untold rewards, both to ourselves in this life and in eternity, and to others. We won’t know the full extent of our influence until we are looking at our lives from the “other side.”

      You know, before I read your comment, before I had even sat down at my computer, I had been praying to God, “Please show me a sign of Your pleasure with me, that You are happy with me for obeying You, because right now, I almost envy those who take the easy path–it’s so hard to obey You, when it means discomfort and hardship for me. Show me that You care what I’m going through.” Well, my prayer wasn’t in exactly those words, but it contained the same meaning. Then, I read your comment a few minutes later, and tears came to my eyes, because I realized that God had used you to remind me about what I had written before, that one life of obedience can, and will, affect many other lives.

      Thank you, Kinuko!

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  3. Dearest Jessica,
    I am going to put 5 star on this poem and your comment. Could you allow me to quote these on my blog? God has been working so tenderly between us. I love you and I love you more and more as I’ve come to know you.



  4. Dear Jessica, I read this beautiful poem on Kinuko’s blog! We may be a little believer,and be powerless,be not well-known,but can be ripples on the water to others. Making small but definite influence. I read your poem and felt like that.Thank you for sharing.

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    • I really appreciate your sweet comment, Sanae! How wonderful to receive that confirmation from you that even though we may be small, we can make a definite influence on others. Your encouragement has really helped me today!

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    • Thank you, Irina! I’m glad that you’ve finished your studies–whew! I hope you find what you need next.
      I’m glad to hear that you were able to share more of your faith–that’s wonderful! I’ll be praying for God to grant this person a soft heart to receive the truth.
      Also, thank you for your e-mail address.

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    • Thanks, Lyndille Mae!
      I am inspired by your writings, as well. I was especially touched by your recent one about buying a meal for two homeless boys. You were that person who creates ripples in the water. God will never forget your goodness toward those boys!

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