New Intro YouTube Video!

Hi, friends!

Here is a video I just created on YouTube. It introduces my beliefs; and at the end, I model one of my headcoverings for you!

This is a first for me, so maybe the quality isn’t so good. Sorry. But, I plan on making more videos in the future, so hopefully I’ll improve.

Thanks for watching!


A Woman who is Fulfilled


A woman who is fulfilled is a woman who has submitted her life to God’s plan for her. She doesn’t need to look for fulfillment in an expensive education or in a career. She doesn’t need to look for fulfillment in having a great body or in sporting the latest style. Rather, her heart is at peace because she knows she is doing what she was always made to do, what she was designed to do from the moment she was conceived in her mother’s womb–no, even before that in the thoughts of Almighty Creator God! Continue reading

Avoiding an “Us vs. Them” Mentality

thomas kinkade garden gate

We all want to belong, to feel accepted, to fit in, to be part of the group; that’s natural. I even think that to a certain degree, that desire reflects a need that is not only natural, but essential: we are social beings created for community. Even if everyone else deserts us, we will still rely heavily upon fellowship with the Holy Spirit to sustain us. God made us this way because that’s the way He is: He has always existed as a communion of three members in the Trinity; He was never alone, and He never intended for us, who are made in His image, to be alone either.

The trouble starts when we develop an attitude of pride and arrogance in our belonging to a certain group, or in holding to a certain ideology. Continue reading

Lazy Children?

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I once heard a popular Bible teacher say that to “train up a child” means to “guide a child according to his natural bent.” Though I’m no one to argue with a theologian, it does seem a bit of a stretch to me. Why can’t we just take the Bible at its word? Continue reading

With His Help

“Jesus didn’t carry you 80% of the way to drop you off close to the finish line and say, ‘Run–and you’d better hurry: hell’s right behind you!’ And neither did Jesus carry you 99.9% of the way to drop you off right in front of the finish line and say, ‘Jump!’ No, Jesus carried you all the way across that finish line, and He dropped you off on the other side. The work’s been done; your salvation has been accomplished 100% by Jesus, and all that you needed to do was believe.”

Isn’t that awesome? Our pastor last Sunday continued a series on Galatians we’re working through, and this was one of the points he made.

I know there’s controversy over whether “once saved, always saved” is biblical. Continue reading


It’s hard to overcome the guilt for past mistakes when we still have to see the people that we’ve hurt. When they haven’t overcome the past. Their very presence is a constant, painful reminder of wrongs that haven’t been righted. That can’t be. We can’t go back with an eraser and make it all go away. Memories haunt, bitterness clings, depression lurks. Continue reading

IT strikes again

It’s almost a choking sensation. It grabs me by the throat and nearly cuts off my air supply. I look upwards for help, but God seems impossibly far away. Nobody else is around. I focus my energy on one breath at a time. In, one, two. Out, one, two. Maybe I can get through this. Continue reading

Verses on Feminine Quietness


Lately, I’ve been considering how a woman should speak and write. A friend of mine has been scrutinizing this matter, and I have been doing so right along with her. I greatly admire her willingness to conform herself to the truth of God’s Word, and I want to do the same. My aim is to be as true to the Bible as I can. If my opinions don’t line up with the Bible, then my opinions are wrong and need to be changed. Continue reading

Where are All the Superheroes?


My six-year-old son thinks superheroes are cool, even though he actually knows little about them. We don’t own anything related to Spiderman, Ironman, or Batman, except for a T-shirt my husband bought for him the other day. His knowledge of superheroes goes as far as what he hears from the neighbor kid down the street. And I’m glad. I don’t like the superheroes. Continue reading

Contraceptives and Their Impact on Society

Am I anti-birth control? Yes! How did I get this way? Did I grow up being taught from an early age that birth control is a sin? No. Do I go to a church that holds to this idea? No. Are all my friends against birth control, too? No. In my sphere of face-to-face acquaintances, I’m the only one who is “weird” enough to think this way; though I am familiar with several families who have the same mindset, through the internet. How I came to be anti-birth control will be addressed in future articles. Today’s focus is, how have contraceptives had an impact on society? Continue reading

How do I Lovingly Submit to my Husband…When We Disagree? (Head-covering)


January 2015 017When I first told my husband I wanted to use a head-covering, and explained that the Bible tells women to do so as a sign of submission, he gave me a frown. Submission? The word was distasteful to him. It made him think of a brainless dish rag subjugating herself to every whim of her tyrant master. But, that’s not what he was! So, why submission? After we realized that the Bible uses the word submission to mean that the wife respects her husband’s leadership, we were back on familiar ground. Continue reading

What Does God Say about Having Children?

February 14 in 2015 092

Does the Bible talk about birth control? Absolutely! Later on, in another post, we’ll look at Genesis chapter 38, where birth control is specifically condemned. Do you think that God would leave us in the dark regarding such an important part of our lives? I’m so thankful that He hasn’t! For now, let’s take a brief look at some verses that tell us God’s viewpoint on having children. Because, if you’re a Christian, it’s God’s viewpoint that matters most, right? Continue reading

An Invaluable Connection

Mothers represent strength. The strength of a family, the strength of society, the strength of a nation. How so? Because without mothers, there would be no people. People make families, societies, and nations.

If we had terminated our fertility after our third was born (as we had planned to do), our fourth, fifth, and sixth children would  have never come into existence. Continue reading

9 Things I’m Learning about Homeschooling


The fact that I was homeschooled growing up doesn’t automatically make me an expert at teaching my own children. Actually, after my first child turned five, I sent him to a local kindergarten. He attended a Montessori/traditional blend charter school until he finished 3rd grade, while my second child, by that time, had finished 1st. I simply lacked the confidence to take on that enormous responsibility. It was daunting. What if I ruined my kids? Continue reading

Conviction Crisis


There is sometimes a point at which conviction experiences a crisis.

We question our motives, doubt our sensibility to God’s Spirit, and mistrust our ability to understand God’s word. Discouragement sets in. And then, sometimes, depression.

This has happened to me more than once. With me, it hasn’t been a “point”–a single moment I can put a pin in–but rather, a blur of ups and downs. Though not yet completely past the crisis, I have learned some coping skills. That’s what this post is about: coping with those devilishly persistent doubts that assail us when we’re at our lowest, when we ask ourselves, “Why am I the only one doing this?” Continue reading

Do We Have to Obey the Old Testament?

timthumb (2)

Some people may think that wearing skirts and dresses exclusively, or putting on a headcovering, falls under the category of “living under the law.” Not true at all! I choose to wear only skirts and dresses in an attempt to obey the NEW TESTAMENT command for women to dress modestly, and headcovering is discussed in a passage also from the NEW TESTAMENT. I don’t think that I have to do these things so that I will be good enough for God to save me–no way could I ever be good enough for that; only the shed blood of Christ, and the fact that He rose from the grave, can save us from hell.

However, I have sometimes referred to sections of the Old Testament to support certain beliefs that I hold to. Is this un-allowable? Is it illogical? How do we know which of the Bible’s commands we are required to obey, and which we are not? Continue reading

Why the “Small” Matter of Headcovering is NOT a Small Matter

October 2014 008

Persecution of Christians.


Illegal drugs.

Alcohol abuse.

Domestic violence.

The Occult.

These are all very important matters, with widespread effects. They are damaging to the individual, to the family, and to the society. These matters require action, and they require prayer. Now. So, isn’t headcovering basically a non-issue when compared to all these problems? Isn’t it kind of like scratching at a pimple when the whole body is being ravaged by cancer? Continue reading

She Thought Rules Were Constricting

5874-hands in chains

I flipped through a book at the Christian bookstore the other day about a woman who did something daring and unexpected. She camped out on the roof during her periods, grew her hair out, and wore a headcovering. She wanted to understand how other people felt who did those things. Even though her husband thought it was all a little weird, he understood that this was just another one of her investigative projects, and went along with it. Continue reading

And after the Storm, a Calm…

My Dear Diary article was a sincere outpouring of my frustrated heart. I have moments like those every so often, when I feel stressed out, tense, and depressed. Times when I think to myself, How do I get my children to actually WANT to keep the house clean and tidy–how do I get them to care enough, on their OWN, to pick things up around here without my having to remind them, or supervise them constantly? When will they start to APPRECIATE how nice it is to have an orderly atmosphere? When will this goal become theirs too, and not just mine? Continue reading

Dear Diary, Today I Lost It…

Blogging is kind of like writing in a diary–except it’s public and anybody can read it. And though normally, we don’t like people peeking at our secret journal entries, we actually hope that our blogging posts will get lots of attention. Isn’t that ironic? I think it’s because we want to be noticed, to be validated, and to feel important. And although revealing our weaknesses and struggles to those around us can sometimes backfire when they don’t respond how we think they should, blogging can be a “safer” way for us to share what’s on the inside. Continue reading

Adjusting to life with a newborn…again!


Our newest addition!

I’m so happy to be writing another article for this blog–finally! Itching to sit down and type something “profound” about my life that I can share with others (ha, ha), I’ve had to patiently wait until a rare quiet and free moment presented itself. A new baby in the house has really changed things, for the sixth time!

Amazingly, even though I’ve been through having to care for a newborn five times before, I still find myself stressing out about things: Continue reading

Dawn Breaks as a New Child is Born

” A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.”

John 16:21

More Ginger 001

Just before the final stormy waves of contractions would deliver my baby to “shore,” the sky lightened, as night was transformed into day–a perfect picture reflecting my experience of childbirth. Continue reading

Chores for Children: How We’re Establishing Routines in our House

Recently, a team of specialists was employed to visit my husband’s work and instruct the plant in Workplace Efficiency. He brought home a folder outlining the basics of what had been presented, and I had a chance to look them over. Interestingly, some of the points can be applied perfectly to Household Efficiency, as well! Let me tell you a little about it… Continue reading

No Looking Back

Summer to Fall 2015 002

Our street and new neighborhood

When we first moved into our new home, I really disliked living here. I kept looking back to what we had left, and felt sorry for myself. It was hard to move from a site-built home with a full-size garage, three large bedrooms and two baths, into a double-wide manufactured home with very little storage space, and with three tiny bedrooms and two baths, one of which isn’t fully functional. Continue reading

In the Middle of Trials, but Full of Good Cheer


“In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I [Jesus] have overcome the world.” John 16:33b


Just last night, we watched the movie Coat of Many Colors, depicting the childhood of Dolly Parton. Now, I am not a Dolly Parton fan, but I was moved and inspired by this film. The only thing I found disagreeable was the way little Dolly talked back to her parents, sometimes. (Another thing to be cautious about if you watch this with your family is a short scene near the end that includes brief kissing by the parents while in bed, with the wife in her nightgown, and the husband shirtless. I didn’t think it offensive, though.) However, on the whole, the message of the movie seemed to me to be right on. Continue reading

Superwoman Doesn’t Exist…


[I couldn’t find a picture of Superwoman that wasn’t inappropriate, so this poster will have to do.]

Recently, a couple of people have invited me to certain Christmas season events, and I have done my best to politely decline, reminding them that I am in my last weeks of pregnancy, and feel that I need to spend this time taking it easy and resting. They did not seem supportive of that approach. Instead, one person didn’t answer me back at all, not even with any sort of, “Oh, I hope you’re doing well, and you are able to get the rest you need,” etc.; and the other person couldn’t contain her disappointment, and did not say anything sympathetic to me, either. She even sounded incredulous that going to one of those events would really tire me out as much as I thought it would. I did not feel that they had any sense of compassion for me.

However, the purpose of this post is not to complain about those two people, but rather, to ruminate on the more general principle I believe is in play here: that of feminism (I don’t really know those people’s true reasons for why they responded the way they did, but I’m taking a guess that it may have something to do with a feminist-influenced attitude). Continue reading

“Do You Know What Causes That?”

Fall 2015 029

The Roldan Children, from a photo taken this Fall

These are our children, and yes, I DO know what caused them to be conceived!

Sometimes, when I tell people how many children we have (5), and they realize we are expecting another (#6), those words pop out of their mouth: “Do you know what causes that?” Now, doesn’t that seem a little rude? I never know how to respond, but the last time my husband was asked that question, he came back with, “Yes, I do, and I like it!” Well, I would never be brave enough to answer in that way! But he, apparently, has no sense of shame–ha, ha. Continue reading