Don’t Give Up!


Febuary 2015 019

I’ve given up too many  times in my life, choosing the easy path, doing things I now regret.

I thank God so much that He is healing those situations; however, I still struggle as I wonder What if I had made the right choice? How would that have changed things? Because, wouldn’t it have been better to make the right choice from the start, than to regret my bad choices after the fact? Or, having once made a bad choice, to fix it the right way, instead of taking the easy road out?

We’ve all made bad choices at one time or another. And, things may have still turned out all right in the end; thank God for that! But, we can choose to learn from past mistakes so that in the future, we can avoid falling into the fear trap that caused us to give up so easily.

Think about this: we are by nature “giver uppers”; we give up on virginity, we give up on marriage, we give up on having more children, we give up on relationships, we give up on jobs, we give up on parenting–we have no endurance and no talent for surviving hostility.

Christians, sadly, are often no different than anybody else. As Christians, we say that we believe that God will provide for all our needs; we say that we believe that God is strong when we are weak; we say that we believe that God is with us always and will never forsake us; we say that we believe that God will use all things for our good, even the “bad” things; we say that we believe that God is perfectly wise and good, and absolutely trustworthy with every detail of our lives…but do we live like it?

If our choices in life don’t coincide with what we say we believe, then we’re hypocrites.

So, instead of doing the normal thing, and giving up when things get hard (of course we don’t usually call it “giving up”; we rationalize our choices, and make ourselves believe that “we had no other choice,” or “we only did the reasonable thing”), let’s do the totally radical thing, and actually live like we believe what we say we believe!

And hey, I include myself, here, since I give up just as easily as anybody else. Hopefully, though, it won’t be a lasting pattern. I pray that God will transform my fearful heart into one that trusts completely in Him, and is willing to obey His will by stepping out in faith instead of giving up.