I’ve Moved!

After much consideration, I finally decided to set up a self-hosted webpage. My thoughts are that this will give me a base from which to grow, should that happen. What kind of growth am I talking about? I'd love to develop my Young Living business, for one. I'd also like to take my writing more… Continue reading I’ve Moved!


New Intro YouTube Video!

Hi, friends! Here is a video I just created on YouTube. It introduces my beliefs; and at the end, I model one of my headcoverings for you! This is a first for me, so maybe the quality isn't so good. Sorry. But, I plan on making more videos in the future, so hopefully I'll improve.… Continue reading New Intro YouTube Video!


What We Believe: Statement of Faith

Dear readers, The following declaration presents the basic core beliefs that my husband and I hold firmly within our hearts and home. I have copied these items from the Statement of Faith published by the church that we attend. Additionally, ¬†we value : (1) The husband's leadership, and the wife's biblical submission, as part of… Continue reading What We Believe: Statement of Faith