Our “Acceptable” Abuse of a Woman’s Needs


I don’t know about you, but I’ve read over and over how important it is for a Christian woman to give her husband all the sex he needs so he won’t feel deprived and become interested in other women. We’re told to understand his natural need for intimacy, and to minister to his bodily needs just as we minister to his other needs. I agree with that, but I think it’s hugely one sided. Continue reading

“Breastfeeding God’s Way”

In Nancy Campbell’s article “Breastfeeding God’s Way,” she describes how nursing is what the Bible refers to as “the natural use” of the woman’s body. She also asserts that when we abandon the “womanly functions” of pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing, we unwittingly invite other perversions into our society, such as homosexuality. I think she is correct. Continue reading


Contraceptives and Their Impact on Society

Am I anti-birth control? Yes! How did I get this way? Did I grow up being taught from an early age that birth control is a sin? No. Do I go to a church that holds to this idea? No. Are all my friends against birth control, too? No. In my sphere of face-to-face acquaintances, I’m the only one who is “weird” enough to think this way; though I am familiar with several families who have the same mindset, through the internet. How I came to be anti-birth control will be addressed in future articles. Today’s focus is, how have contraceptives had an impact on society? Continue reading