Attractive and Beautiful


As women, we naturally want to be beautiful. We want clear complexions and shiny hair; trim figures and feminine curves. None of that is bad. It’s not bad to want to look nice. But what happens when our desire to look nice turns into a hunger to attract? We want to be beautiful, but what is beauty? Is it found in our power to attract a man and hold him captive through lust? At what point might our thirst for outer beauty interfere with our ability to cultivate inner beauty? Continue reading

Conviction Crisis


There is sometimes a point at which conviction experiences a crisis.

We question our motives, doubt our sensibility to God’s Spirit, and mistrust our ability to understand God’s word. Discouragement sets in. And then, sometimes, depression.

This has happened to me more than once. With me, it hasn’t been a “point”–a single moment I can put a pin in–but rather, a blur of ups and downs. Though not yet completely past the crisis, I have learned some coping skills. That’s what this post is about: coping with those devilishly persistent doubts that assail us when we’re at our lowest, when we ask ourselves, “Why am I the only one doing this?” Continue reading