Spontaneous Education

Sometimes you just have one of those days: the kids are bouncing off the walls, and the cacophony rattles around inside your skull until you can’t concentrate on a single thing. Why don’t we all go to the park? you decide triumphantly; yes, that will do the trick. Of course it takes forever to pack for a five-minute trip to the park that is just down the street. Continue reading

Lazy Children?

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I once heard a popular Bible teacher say that to “train up a child” means to “guide a child according to his natural bent.” Though I’m no one to argue with a theologian, it does seem a bit of a stretch to me. Why can’t we just take the Bible at its word? Continue reading

9 Things I’m Learning about Homeschooling


The fact that I was homeschooled growing up doesn’t automatically make me an expert at teaching my own children. Actually, after my first child turned five, I sent him to a local kindergarten. He attended a Montessori/traditional blend charter school until he finished 3rd grade, while my second child, by that time, had finished 1st. I simply lacked the confidence to take on that enormous responsibility. It was daunting. What if I ruined my kids? Continue reading

Chores for Children: How We’re Establishing Routines in our House

Recently, a team of specialists was employed to visit my husband’s work and instruct the plant in Workplace Efficiency. He brought home a folder outlining the basics of what had been presented, and I had a chance to look them over. Interestingly, some of the points can be applied perfectly to Household Efficiency, as well! Let me tell you a little about it… Continue reading

MRS. DUCK……by Holly Horse Lover, age 8

One day I was at the counter and I saw a duck on the fridge. I asked my mom, ” Why is that duck on the fridge?”  My mom said, ”When I was little my grandmother had that duck on her counter. When we kids went over to her house she let each of us have a chocolate. Sometimes I would sneak a couple more chocolates  into my mouth and nobody knew what I did. My grandmother called that duck Mrs. Duck.”

Giselles camera 2015 006


THE end

-by Holly Horse Lover, age 8 


My daughter, “Holly Horse Lover,” wrote this little piece about a candy jar in our kitchen. Many years ago, this same ceramic duck graced my grandma’s counter top. Continue reading



By: Larry LEGO Boy


Larry LEGO Boy here, and I just wanted to explain some of these pictures above:

  • The engine is a four air turbine engine.
  • The jail door goes up and down.
  • The yellow, black and grey bar is to stop the gears from moving.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I’ll see you next time!                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Larry LEGO Boy                                                                                     


One of the Benefits of Home Education: An Example from Real Life

Today, I got a compliment that filled me with joy and pride. As I checked out with the receptionist at the doctor’s office, she exclaimed, “Your children are very well-behaved. Do you homeschool?” When I responded in the affirmative, she then added, “I knew it. Homeschooled children are so well-behaved compared to other children; you can tell that they’re homeschooled right away.” I just beamed. Continue reading

Home Education and Space Ships

phone pics 042phone pics 043

“I made these ships yesterday. I learned how to make them from my brother. There are a lot of pieces. The little ship has a bad guy in it, and he is being chased by the big ship, that has good guys. I like to make ships because it’s fun.”

-Morgan McQueen, age 4

I love that my son, “Morgan McQueen,” is already learning to be creative at age four. Educating my children at home has greatly contributed to their learning experience. Continue reading

Hot Tamale Creativity

Hi! I love Hot Tamales. One day, my mom was reading a book. She said I could color, but I didn’t want to color. I was eating Hot Tamales when it struck me that I could build my modest mom’s face out of the candy. So I started building it. While I was building, I thought that I can be creative and construct stuff out of cardboard and cut paper and glue it together. Once I built a cardboard ship savings bank for my mom. Now that was fun!

Mary Kay and others 007

 This is how the Hot Tamales face looked like when it was done, except my mom’s hair is much longer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Holly Horse Lover, age 8

This was written by my oldest daughter, and introduces a helpful point regarding home education. Continue reading