Spontaneous Education

Sometimes you just have one of those days: the kids are bouncing off the walls, and the cacophony rattles around inside your skull until you can’t concentrate on a single thing. Why don’t we all go to the park? you decide triumphantly; yes, that will do the trick. Of course it takes forever to pack for a five-minute trip to the park that is just down the street. Continue reading

Lazy Children?

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I once heard a popular Bible teacher say that to “train up a child” means to “guide a child according to his natural bent.” Though I’m no one to argue with a theologian, it does seem a bit of a stretch to me. Why can’t we just take the Bible at its word? Continue reading

9 Things I’m Learning about Homeschooling


The fact that I was homeschooled growing up doesn’t automatically make me an expert at teaching my own children. Actually, after my first child turned five, I sent him to a local kindergarten. He attended a Montessori/traditional blend charter school until he finished 3rd grade, while my second child, by that time, had finished 1st. I simply lacked the confidence to take on that enormous responsibility. It was daunting. What if I ruined my kids? Continue reading

Chores for Children: How We’re Establishing Routines in our House

Recently, a team of specialists was employed to visit my husband’s work and instruct the plant in Workplace Efficiency. He brought home a folder outlining the basics of what had been presented, and I had a chance to look them over. Interestingly, some of the points can be applied perfectly to Household Efficiency, as well! Let me tell you a little about it… Continue reading

MRS. DUCK……by Holly Horse Lover, age 8

One day I was at the counter and I saw a duck on the fridge. I asked my mom, ” Why is that duck on the fridge?”  My mom said, ”When I was little my grandmother had that duck on her counter. When we kids went over to her house she let each of us have a chocolate. Sometimes I would sneak a couple more chocolates  into my mouth and nobody knew what I did. My grandmother called that duck Mrs. Duck.”

Giselles camera 2015 006


THE end

-by Holly Horse Lover, age 8 


My daughter, “Holly Horse Lover,” wrote this little piece about a candy jar in our kitchen. Many years ago, this same ceramic duck graced my grandma’s counter top. Continue reading