Video Q&A with Jeremy Gardiner of the Head Covering Movement

This is exciting–we have the chance to ask Jeremy Gardiner of the Head Covering Movement website our questions about headcovering! Here’s how he explains it:

(Headcovering Q&A intro video link)

As you can see, I’ve already recorded my own question for him. So far, mine is the second question he’s gotten, but he needs more questions from more people in order for this new series to be a success! If you have a headcovering question (mine isn’t technically about headcovering–it’s about our natural covering, the hair), don’t be shy–go ahead and record it, and send it on over! I can’t wait to see the final presentation.

(My question for the Q&A video link)

(Oops, I just realized it’s more than 30 seconds! Oh, well…)

Thanks so much for participating! And, if you want to have a go at answering the question I posed, it would be neat to read what you think in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your perspective! Have a great week, everybody!



Reasons from the Bible for Headcovering (in Spanish)

Since there are probably many Spanish-speaking ladies who would be interested in knowing more about covering, I thought it would be a good idea to create this video. A couple of other people also encouraged me to do so. It may be that there are already lots of videos in Spanish on this topic out there, but this is my simple addition to whatever already exists.

Though Spanish is not my first language, I have learned a lot from my husband, who watched it and gave it his okay. It’s not perfect, but with time, I hope to improve my language and presentation skills (yes, he did point out a few things, in his kind and gentle way). I would love to make more YouTubes in Spanish in the future.

I hope this video ends up being useful and encouraging to others!


(link to video)

Four Reasons for Headcovering

This is a (somewhat) shorter version of my previous video on why I cover. Instead of taking 50 minutes, it only takes 30 (ha, ha). I’m re-doing my longer video by creating new, shorter videos that tackle only one theme at a time; this will probably make it easier for other people to watch. In this particular video, I also show you a few of my very first headcoverings (veils). Enjoy!


30-Second Headcovering Styles, and Why Hair isn’t the Covering

Here’s another new YouTube video, which shows headcovering styles you can do in thirty seconds and gives an explanation of why I don’t think hair is the covering 1 Cor. 11:1-16 has in view. I know the video is a little blurry; I think it must be because my computer’s camera isn’t the best quality, so sorry about that, and thanks for bearing with me! I’m having so much fun creating these videos!


A Woman who is Fulfilled


A woman who is fulfilled is a woman who has submitted her life to God’s plan for her. She doesn’t need to look for fulfillment in an expensive education or in a career. She doesn’t need to look for fulfillment in having a great body or in sporting the latest style. Rather, her heart is at peace because she knows she is doing what she was always made to do, what she was designed to do from the moment she was conceived in her mother’s womb–no, even before that in the thoughts of Almighty Creator God! Continue reading

Verses on Feminine Quietness


Lately, I’ve been considering how a woman should speak and write. A friend of mine has been scrutinizing this matter, and I have been doing so right along with her. I greatly admire her willingness to conform herself to the truth of God’s Word, and I want to do the same. My aim is to be as true to the Bible as I can. If my opinions don’t line up with the Bible, then my opinions are wrong and need to be changed. Continue reading

How do I Lovingly Submit to my Husband…When We Disagree? (Head-covering)


January 2015 017When I first told my husband I wanted to use a head-covering, and explained that the Bible tells women to do so as a sign of submission, he gave me a frown. Submission? The word was distasteful to him. It made him think of a brainless dish rag subjugating herself to every whim of her tyrant master. But, that’s not what he was! So, why submission? After we realized that the Bible uses the word submission to mean that the wife respects her husband’s leadership, we were back on familiar ground. Continue reading

Why the “Small” Matter of Headcovering is NOT a Small Matter

October 2014 008

Persecution of Christians.


Illegal drugs.

Alcohol abuse.

Domestic violence.

The Occult.

These are all very important matters, with widespread effects. They are damaging to the individual, to the family, and to the society. These matters require action, and they require prayer. Now. So, isn’t headcovering basically a non-issue when compared to all these problems? Isn’t it kind of like scratching at a pimple when the whole body is being ravaged by cancer? Continue reading

She Thought Rules Were Constricting

5874-hands in chains

I flipped through a book at the Christian bookstore the other day about a woman who did something daring and unexpected. She camped out on the roof during her periods, grew her hair out, and wore a headcovering. She wanted to understand how other people felt who did those things. Even though her husband thought it was all a little weird, he understood that this was just another one of her investigative projects, and went along with it. Continue reading


This is a companion post to my most recent article, Why is headcovering so hard?

Carpenters have various tools for making sure that what they are building turns out straight. One of those is the plumb line, connected at the end to the plumb bob. When this is hung next to a wall, the weight of the plumb bob pulls the string taught, and reveals whether the wall is straight, or not.

Well, to me, headcovering is like a plumb line. Continue reading

Reviving a Neglected Ordinance: The Meaning of the Headcovering


(This photo is from

Throughout all of human history, we can trace symbols and how they were used to convey non-verbal messages. Symbology refers to the study of symbols; I can think of many that have had an impact on society, but I’ll start out by referencing one that I believe we’re all familiar with: the Fish. Continue reading