A Quick Look at the History of Christmas


To answer my son’s question this morning: “So, what is mistletoe, and why do people kiss under it?” I flipped open my smart phone and began a Google search. The first article that caught my attention was from a website that also presented the interesting video above (click on the link–it’s only a couple minutes). Continue reading

A Fresh Perspective on the Holidays


Continued study on controversial holidays has long been overdue. As the momentum leading up to Christmas gathers force, I felt it time to get a start. I opened up my browser this morning feeling all the weight of this ponderous subject pressing down upon me. Certainly this study will end up spanning several years! However, as I scanned some articles on the Answers in Genesis website (for starters), I felt a sense of relief. This subject is indeed a solemn one, and it certainly does deserve a thorough study which might take a long time; but, I was reminded of something today which promises freedom from condemnation and gives hope for me as I seek to honor God in this area. Let me explain. Continue reading