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The End of Your Fork

Most people believe they are eating healthy if they are eating “whole-grain” wheat and don’t know that one slice of whole wheat bread raises the blood sugar more than a candy bar or a can of soda. Dr. Davis showed that the glycemic index of whole wheat bread is 72, while the glycemic index of a Mars bar is 68!

What do we eat for breakfast? Maybe we eat bacon and eggs but with toast, waffles, pancakes, bagels, or muffins. Lunch may often be a sandwich or a hamburger on a bun. Dinner may include  bread or biscuits and some cake or pastry as dessert. We are smothered in hybridized, dwarf wheat, and it is killing us.

I like this statement by Dr. Mark Hyman: “The end of your fork is more powerful than the bottom of your pill bottle.” Are we digging our graves with a fork?

[From Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life, by D. Gary Young, page 97]

Gary Young does not suggest that we stop eating wheat altogether, since it has been shown that gluten is likely an important part of our diet, but that we should eat wheat that hasn’t been hybridized and genetically altered. He recommends Einkorn, a type of ancient wheat grain with a very simple genetic structure that is easier to digest. This, he implies, is the question we must ask ourselves: what kind of gluten am I eating — the good kind, or the bad kind? (1)

Young Living sells Einkorn — which they grow themselves on their farms. As soon as I can, I would very much like to try it out!

This is a lot for me to consider. But, any sort of knowledge takes time to accumulate; there is a lot of acquiring, and sorting, and interpreting to do when it comes to topics like this. In the end, though, won’t the effort be worth it? I mean, even if we can’t get to the bottom of every single, health-impacting issue, if we could at least do better in a few major areas wouldn’t that compensate for all the hours spent reading?

No time is better than the present! Let’ start now!


(1) Page 72, Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life; D. Gary Young, 2014 Young Living Essential Oils.


4 thoughts on “The End of Your Fork

  1. ‘It is the amount that makes the poison’.
    This is a German saying, d’ont know if you use it too.
    That is probably the solution to western humanyties eating Problems.
    There are maybe 1000 (likely more) different kind of grains.
    At least 15 (with a bit of thinking likely more), come easy to my mind wich i can buy in any super market. Oatmeal ,rye,barley,quinoa ,lentils, corn,milet,just stand in front of the shelves! And they all come in different kinds plus there are many more.
    So why are so many people so stupid and eat just wheat and maybe rice?
    Habit? Lack of knowlegde? Lack of interest?
    I mean, isnt it logical?
    If a Family eats three or four times a day something made out of wheat and often overeat a bit,often a premade product, the consequence is that it will help make them sick.

    In our society we have a privilidge to be able to get all these different foods, we have the privilidge to gain knowledge about the things that are good for our bodies. Therefore , in my opinion, it is our duty as we care for our ‘Holy Gost temples, ‘ to make use of that privilidge.
    Not in a idolatrous, or extreme way but in temperance and wisdom.
    It is maybe not easy to find a middle way to all those different oppinions, ist maybe not possible to always buy organic. But if
    i do what i can i still will notice the difference for me and my beloved ones.
    Keep it up 🙂

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