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A Dream on Fire


When I first began to dream about my life, I imagined all sorts of daring scenarios. I envisioned myself as a heroine daring to live life on the edge for the sake of the truth. I saw myself at the forefront of the battle to turn hearts back to God: challenging, calling forth, aflame with passion and filled with the Spirit of God. Those dreams were like stars–bright pin-pricks of light in the dark unknown. I held them close to my heart and entrusted them to no one but God alone, Who was the only person who truly knew me. Eventually, I grew up and became “realistic.” The hot glitter of stars faded into a shimmery dust brushed up into the corners of my heart; still warm, but neglected.

I get the feeling, as I look into other people’s eyes, that maybe some of them neglected their dreams, too. Maybe they never even had them. And that is something that, while they might be able to accept it for themselves, I am not okay with for myself.

Dreams can change, and that’s alright; they can be rearranged into new patterns, fresh designs. But, they must never be left to smolder in the corners. I wonder what would happen if we left them there too long–would they burn out, go cold as if they had never existed in the first place? Would they then return to the One Who had made them, crackly-new and unused? What a waste, to have the chance to do something incredible with your life, and instead, to borrow other people’s mediocre dreams, to live as copies of them, and not ever give yourself the chance to see what a dream on fire might mean.


6 thoughts on “A Dream on Fire

  1. I had learned to play organ for 6years in my childhood.
    When I was 10years old,I found the hymn ‘Angels we have heard on high’ in my textbook of the music school,tried to play it by my organ at home.
    I was moved by its beautiful melody,thought ‘I want to become those who play organ at church!.’ At that time,I was not a christian.

    I stopped to go to the music school at the age of 15,for preparing enterance exam.I wanted to go one public school which has English department,but failed.So I went to one missin school where my mother recommended.The school gives all students bible and hymnal book. Knowing many hymns at school,I played them by my organ at home,when I have time.

    I became friends with one girl of the school,she introduced me my present church,talked about gospel.
    At the age of 20,I became a christian.

    Now I sing at church,sometimes playing piano with my christian friend.I feel that God might make my dream come true in His best way.I could not become a church organist,but could be a christ believer who sings and plays for Him.I thank a lot about it.

    I feel that your dream also come true in His best way now. Sharing,trying to reach and encourage christian ladies who are seeking truth.I think that God put passion in your heart already in your girlhood for this future mission.God bless you,Jessica always being there!

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    1. Dear Sanae,
      Thank you for telling me about your girlhood dream! I imagine you playing your keyboard at home; it must sound beautiful when you play!

      Reading about your experience, I think you are right when you say that, “I feel that God might make my dream come true in His best way. I could not become a church organist, but could be a Christ believer who sings and plays for Him.” As I said in my article, sometimes dreams change; but, as in your case, God opens up another path for them to flow through.

      Thank you so, so much for your support–it really does mean a lot to me!


  2. In my experience as a mom and wife more often than not i help my loved ones to pursue their dreams rather than mine. In fact in this stage of life i even find it hard to think of dreams of my own.
    But even tough this can be a bit frustrating at times i strongly feel that ot is the place where God wants me. I call it providing a head quarter. A place where they can come too rest and then (equtiped with food and gear)start off again on their journey.


    1. Dear Ruth,
      I’m mostly at that stage myself–at least the beginning of it, with my oldest at 12 years so far. Have you considered that perhaps whatever dreams you had before now have simply been reconfigured into this beautiful, new one? That’s what I meant when I said that “dreams can be rearranged into new patterns, fresh designs.” The dreams you once had for yourself have now been transformed into something grander: a dream for many.

      How can you (and I, too) transfer all the passion of our younger selves into this new conduit? It doesn’t mean we lose anything; no, we lose nothing, but we share everything. How can we share the passion of our souls with our children? How can we harness that fire within and use it to be the very best wives we can be? How might we reach out to our neighbors next door with hearts full of warmth and caring? Dreams don’t have to die; they can be given wings to fly in another direction.

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  3. When I was younger I had many dreams. Writing is a dream that I still hold dear to my heart. I hope that someday the Lord will use it in a different way.
    I have published a few articles on various blogs. I wrote a couple of short stories that were also published.
    The Lord has placed other dreams into my heart also. Those dreams have transformed me.

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    1. Thanks for sharing that with me, Irina! It is encouraging to hear how you are trying to develop the talent God has given you by keeping awake your dream of writing! May God use you for much good in His kingdom!
      P.S. I hope you are doing well these days. . . You were going to move, weren’t you? How did that go?


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