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Long Hair: Why I Have it and How I Manage it

(Link to video)

Here’s a new YouTube showing how I trim my hair;  I also demonstrate one hair style I like to use a lot. Additionally, I talk about why I have long hair and what the Bible says about long hair for women. Hope you enjoy watching it!


12 thoughts on “Long Hair: Why I Have it and How I Manage it

  1. I really enjoyed this video, thank you! I wanted to ask a question, if I may. Do you no longer cover as before? I do see that you cover a little when praying or reading, but thought I remember you covering more regularly. I just wanted to get your thoughts on covering full time and why or why not. This is by no means intended as a debate on your blog, so please forgive me if that is how it sounds. I am asking a genuine question to weigh all of the options. Thank you!


    1. Thank you, Jackie! Of course I don’t think you are trying to start a debate – don’t worry! 🙂 Actually, I have always only covered during these times:
      -Church service
      -Formal Bible study in a group, whether at church or in someone’s home
      -Informal Bible study at home with my children
      -My own personal time of Bible reading and prayer
      -Mealtime and bedtime prayers with my family
      -Any other time I pray with my family

      It seems to me that 1 Cor. 11:1-16 is addressing the SPECIFIC action of praying or prophesying. This would seem to exclude the rest of the time when we are not actively, specifically engaged in those things. I have received several questions on the same topic lately, so I think maybe a post on that question might be a good idea. Then I could get into more detail.
      Hope that helps, for now!


      1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging reply, Jessica! Maybe I “thought” you covered more often, since I remember a photo of you covering. Regardless, I thank you for sharing your journey with us wives, we truly need the encouragement to follow YHVH’S word in it’s entirety. I’ve been reading your posts for several months now and have enjoyed every one, especially your videos. Blessings!


  2. I also cut my hair by my own using 2 types of scissors. In Japan we can find scissors for cutting hair at 100yen shop.But most ladies go to beauty shop to do their hairs.When I worked outside,I also went.

    My hair is not long as your one,but several years later it will be like yours.(I’m thinking of letting my hair grow).
    Your braid hair style is so cute-I want to try it when my hair gets long enough!


  3. I definitely think that in any devotional situation we should cover. I don’t think that is in doubt. But in other circumstances I think it is more a matter of both personal conviction and your husband’s view.


  4. Jessica, we have 2 new young women, around my age. They both practice head covering. One of them goes to the same Bible Study as I. The other woman went to the church retreat. This year I wasn’t the only one with a head covering during the retreat. Moreover, I am no longer alone in my head covering at the Bible study either,


  5. I truly believe that among Christian women two things are increasingly growing as convictions. One is that contraception is inherently sinful and the other is that we should cover !

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