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Coconut Oil Wonders


I don’t have to read about how great coconut oil is for me to be convinced of its benefits; I already know from experience!

Introducing a new theme on my blog: Natural Health and Beauty. This new category has just been added to my menu. Expect more articles on this topic from time-to-time! I will be sharing what I’m discovering about how to be healthy, and how to take good care of our skin and hair–naturally. The first experience I’m really excited to tell you about has do with using coconut oil.

Not only is it great to cook with, coconut oil is also useful as a remedy for skin problems and other health issues. Even warts. This is embarrassing, but true. I used coconut oil, applied after every shower, to get rid of a wart.

When I was about ten or eleven years old, I noticed a bunch of cauliflower-textured bumps starting to appear on my fingers, and one on the palm of my hand. They were annoying and ugly (usually we associate warts with witches, for some reason–ugh). My mother first had me try an over-the-counter cream. I rubbed a little on each wart and covered it with a Band-aid every night before going to bed. The skin softened and peeled, but the warts didn’t go away. Then she tried taking me to a dermatologist.

He sprayed liquid nitrogen on the warts, and it worked! Only the one on my palm was too deep, and required a different treatment: surgical removal. He had to cut it out, which left a little gash in my palm for awhile, until scar tissue filled it up. But might there have been a simpler, less drastic solution to my wart problem? Now I’m convinced that there was.

Just last year, a new wart popped up, after many years of being wart-free. On my knee was a cauliflower-textured bump just like I used to have on my hands as a little girl. I took one look at that thing, and groaned in dismay. I couldn’t afford to go to the dermatologist right now; was this ugly little bump going to grow and spread until eventually my whole knee was covered with them? I shaved mercilessly right over it, and it bled. But then it grew back. Yuck!

Around this same time, I started wondering what to do about my dry skin. On my shelf, I had some coconut oil I had purchased for cooking; why not try it for dry skin, too? After every shower, I smoothed it on, and it did help my dry skin. Then, unexpectedly, it helped my other little problem, too. It did take several weeks; but, that disgusting bump eventually disappeared completely–without liquid nitrogen or sharp knives. It may be that it might have disappeared on its own, without my help; but, after my experience with warts when I was little, I know how stubborn they can be and I don’t think that’s likely.

That experience convinced me of coconut oil’s skin-healing benefits. But I have another story to share of something that happened to me which further boosted my confidence in this oil.

Never, never in my whole entire life did I have a yeast infection–until just recently. I thought something was going crazy with my body. Previous to this, I had developed mastitis, which was horrible enough (another first for me). Then a few days after beginning antibiotic treatment, I noticed an annoying itching, burning sensation, along with a thick discharge. Apparently, the antibiotics I was taking killed the “good” bacteria along with the bad, leading to an increased susceptibility for yeast infection. Read this very short, informative overview of how yeast infections can sometimes develop. I didn’t know what to do, having never experienced this before. So, I did the first thing that came to mind, after reading about it in Trim Healthy Mama: I used Coconut Oil. The relief was noticeable right away. After about a week, the infection was cleared up completely.

This proves, from what happened to me, that coconut oil is indeed an effective anti-viral and anti-fungal treatment, as shown both from my wart and my yeast infection episodes.

Will this work for everybody? I don’t know, but it’s worth a try! Coconut oil is good to eat, so it’s good to put on your skin, too, since anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into the body. Even if it doesn’t eliminate your ailment, it won’t do you any harm, either. At least you will know that you’re doing something healthy for yourself. Read a quick article about the health benefits of coconut oil here. There are other ways to use this oil; you can look forward to more articles about coconut oil and other natural remedies in the future!

  • Have you ever used coconut oil? What for, and did it work?
  • Are there any other natural oils that you have found effective in curing skin problems and other sorts of infections (such as the ones I mentioned)?

Thanks for reading–I look forward to reading your comments!





15 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Wonders

  1. Several years ago,coconuts oil got popular also in Japan.Until then,it is difficult to find coconuts oil at supermarket.Only at some department,natural product/fairtrade shops,we could find.

    I bought it one time for cooking,but sadly-the smell does not much Japanese food.I used it only for making curry.

    I bought lip balm made of coconuts oil also.It was so good for moisturizing.

    I like olive oil so much. And use organic olive oil soap of Allepo,Syria.The soap does not contain chemicals,good for skin problem.

    When I eat bread,I always eat it with extra virgin olive oil.In Mediterranean Region,people use a lot of olive oil for their health,I heard that olive oil is also good for preventing dry skin.


    1. Thank you, Sanae! I enjoyed reading about your experiences with coconut oil and olive oil. Especially now that you mentioned it, I want to look more into the uses of olive oil, too. Thanks for sharing!


      1. Basically, according to my olive oil book, 2 tbsp daily of organic virgin olive seems to help most ailments (orally). Just stuff it in, it seems!


  2. I look forward to your articles on this new theme! 🙂

    Years ago, I bought a small bottle of coconut oil because I’d heard of its wonder-powers. I never could figure out what on earth to do with it, and it sat in the cupboard for years. I tried to take a spoonful of it plain once, and nearly gagged – so again, I went back to stuffing it in the cupboard.

    Now, thankfully, I’m more well-versed in how to use it, and we go through the stuff by the half-gallon! I buy from Azure Standard or Sam’s Club. I haven’t used it for the last seven months because it, like pretty much everything else, makes me nauseated during pregnancy. But I know I’ll be getting back to it soon!

    I make Trim Healthy Mama chocolate candy to up my intake of coconut oil. I also mix it into baby food for our littles. I also use lots of it for cooking – it goes better with some things than others. For example, I find eggs cooked in coconut oil to be revolting, but it works splendidly for a lot of Asian dishes. I also use it sometimes in baking, or for making granola.

    I’m glad to hear your testimony about using it for warts. I had a severe problem with warts as a child. In my teens, too, I had recurrent problems with plantar warts – warts on the bottom of one’s feet. Each time they were treated with that awful frozen-nitrogen treatment (OUCH!). I wish I’d known about using coconut oil! 🙂

    Have a wonderful Sabbath, Jessica!


    1. Oh, yes, coconut oil with eggs is gross, isn’t it? I do find olive oil to work fine, though.

      So, you’re using recipes from THM? Awesome! I just started reading their book(s) this spring, and I love them, but I’m a little slow in starting the “plan.” I feel a little overwhelmed with the thought of it right now. I’m using the “dip your toes in one at a time” approach, ha, ha.

      I agree with you that coconut oil blends well with Asian stir-fry dishes. I do like to eat it by the raw spoonful, too! My first attempt at trying coconut oil this way ended in my thinking, “this doesn’t taste like coconuts at all!” I didn’t like it. Then I realized that I had bought the refined oil, which is why it had no flavor; but the un-refined oil does taste like coconuts, which is a flavor I love!

      Sorry to hear about the warts you had when you were younger–don’t you just despise those things? Warts are like spiders: they must be squashed and pulverized until there is no trace–mercilessly!

      Anyways. Hoping that everything is going well with the pregnancy!


      1. Thanks, Jessica! Yes, everything is going well, and we get to see our midwife tonight (yay!). 🙂

        I spent the last year fooling around with Trim Healthy Mama. I love it because it’s just so fun and adventurous, as opposed to the Very Low Carb I usually do, which is horribly boring and depressing. Unfortunately THM didn’t work nearly as well for morning sickness reduction, but it was still great fun – and I can use the S recipes while I’m doing VLC. It’s not an easy system to master, but I love their fun style.

        Have a great week!


      2. I’m so glad to hear that everything is going well–isn’t it exciting as you’re getting closer to the birth? Wondering what your new little darling will look like, making preparations for his/her wardrobe, etc…

        Thanks for your input on THM. I’m really addicted to carbs, I have to admit. Maybe that’s why my baby fat is so stubborn in going away, even though I’m still nursing full time.

        Hope you have a great week, too!


  3. We use coconut oil for our hair after washing. We put a bit (only a bit) in towel dry hair work it in gently and maybe comb it im with a wide toothened comb.
    It eliminates the need of conditioner wich is pretty much loaded with chemicals.anyways.
    Jojoba oil also works well people with heavy hair can even use olive oil.
    Love this new topic😃😃😃


    1. Thank you for the tips! I do sometimes use coconut oil on my hair; but like you say, just a little. I think I should start doing it more often, though. I should try jojoba oil, too.
      Thank you, Ruth!


      1. In Japan,many ladies use camellia(Tsubaki in Japanese) oil for their hair.You can find it at any supermarket/drug store.I also use it.Same way which Ruth shared!
        Sumo wrestlers also use camellia oil for preparing their traditional hair style.

        Goto-islands,Nagasaki is one of famous producing area of camellia oil.Many islanders are cathoric there,for them camellia is so familiar.Some stained glass of their old churches have a pattern of camellia,I heard.

        I thank you,Jessica and all ladies here for sharing,so interesting!


  4. After you described how you use coco nut oil for your skin (this never occured to me) i gave it a try and wonder, i got rid of those itching spots on my shins in only 3or4days.
    The itching spots are a winter problem around here. I gueß from the dry and cold air we have. I ve tried quite few cremes on these spots and they are very persistent. So the coco nut oil succeß is pretty awesome. I ll share this with others. Thanks to you. 😃👍


  5. I used coconut oil to get rid of gingivitis. I swirled some oi lin my mouth before going to bed. I did it three nights in a row. It was enough.
    In addition, I put on some coconut oil on my face before going outside. I do it when the temperature outside is freezing–32F (0C) and below.


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