Reasons from the Bible for Headcovering (in Spanish)

Since there are probably many Spanish-speaking ladies who would be interested in knowing more about covering, I thought it would be a good idea to create this video. A couple of other people also encouraged me to do so. It may be that there are already lots of videos in Spanish on this topic out there, but this is my simple addition to whatever already exists.

Though Spanish is not my first language, I have learned a lot from my husband, who watched it and gave it his okay. It’s not perfect, but with time, I hope to improve my language and presentation skills (yes, he did point out a few things, in his kind and gentle way). I would love to make more YouTubes in Spanish in the future.

I hope this video ends up being useful and encouraging to others!


(link to video)


11 thoughts on “Reasons from the Bible for Headcovering (in Spanish)

  1. Iam somewhat semi-literate with Spanish having lived with the Cuban exile community all my life! BTW Latin America has been very responsive to the Gospel since the nineteenth century & Spanish Christians were martyred 300 years in Latin America !!!


  2. One of my university classmate who had lived in LA County told me one time that there are so many Hispanic people there,and learning Spanish was a must. Not only in California,I guess that there must be so many Hispanic believers in churches of USA nowadays.
    May all who need this message reach here and watch this video,God bless!


    • Thank you, Sanae! I think you are right–there are many Hispanic people living here in the US right now. I know many Spanish-speaking people, some of whom I respect and admire very much. I love being able to communicate with them; it does make my life so much richer to know them (among whom is my beloved husband!)
      Thank you,


    • Hispanics in America, about two-thirds are of Spanish European origin! Another group are the mestizos, a mixed Spanish & Indian type & this group make up over half of Latin America! BTW there was more Indians in Latin America than in North America(USA/Canada)! For 50 plus years Brazilians have come to America & they have Portuguese/Spanish/Italian/German decent! Portuguese folk are a bit more brunette than the Spanish & the language is simular to Spanish but different at the same time ! Light eyes are common in Spanish of European decent, however blue-eyes are maybe 5%! Their hair color is mainly black/dark-brown to medium brown, but lighter brown/blonde & reddish shades are there but less common! Fair skin is common but the olive/tan skin especially with light brown/hazel & other light eyes are striking characteristics of Hispanics !


    • Thank you, Jamie, for your comment!

      Yes, I think you are right: most Spanish-speaking communities have a majority Catholic background. However, I do know Spanish-speaking people who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others who are Evangelical Christians. Of those who are Evangelicals, some are Pentecostal, and some are more conservative, such as Baptists.

      Now, of the Catholics I know, as far as I can tell, the women do NOT cover their heads. This has fallen largely out of practice since the sixties, due to Feminism. My husband was raised Catholic (though he is not anymore), and he remembers when his grandmother used to go to mass with a veil. His mother used to when she was younger, but no longer does.

      Pentecostals will sometimes use a veil, but I have been to churches where they did not.

      Conservative Evangelicals, for the most part, do not use a veil, according to my observations.

      So, just as for non-Latinos, there are some Latinos who do, and some who do not; and of those who do, they may not always be aware of the reasoning behind it; and of those who do not, they are most likely not aware of the reasoning (unless, they simply do not agree with it, or do not want to accept it).

      Why? What has your experience been?


    • It is the traditional practice among Catholic women to cover for Mass and prayer generally, but the practice of wearing a head covering in general life is more cultural than religious and varies among different European cultures including Hispanics.


      • If I’m not mistaken, Catholics don’t preach heavily on the subordination of the wife to her husband and her duty to be obedient / submissive to him in all things. For Catholics there’s a deeper meaning beyond this. In Evangelical circles, the submission of a wife to her husband is the whole point of wearing a head covering – and the Head Covering Movement is very much Evangelical.


  3. The traditional teaching of the Catholic Church is that man is the head of the family under God and that as a wife you should submit to your husband.

    The command to cover in prayer is about submission to Our Lord. A command which many women including Catholics conclude should apply at all times, not just in prayer.


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