Choosing Skirts with the Right Fabric


In the picture recently taken above, I am wearing a skirt that I bought at Walmart for $5.00. Great buy, right? Well, in the moist climate at the seaside where we took a trip this fall, the skirt was fine. But, back here in dry Arizona, that skirt tends to have a lot of static cling!

The price isn’t the only concern when purchasing a new skirt. The length, the looseness, the overall cover, the way it fits our body type, and if it looks pretty are all important factors to consider. However, another very important factor we must not forget to consider is the type of fabric the skirt is made of. We are aware that it should not be clingy; it should not stick too closely to the form beneath. Polyester, which is what my skirt is made of (and which I failed to notice when I bought it) can cling a lot because of static, especially in dry climates. So, my warning for ladies who want to dress modestly and with style: do not buy skirts made out of 100% polyester.

I’m hoping to order a new denim skirt soon from Kosher Casual. It is made of a cotton/polyester/spandex blend, which I think would not cling like 100% polyester does. Do any of you have this skirt? If so, what do you think of it? I think it might be perfect for me this winter. I don’t usually buy skirts that cost more than $10 (Goodwill is a popular store with me), but since it can sometimes be difficult to find what I need, I will sometimes order online, hoping that it will be something I will love and wear all the time, and that will last me a long time.

denim-skirt(click on the picture to see more information)


16 thoughts on “Choosing Skirts with the Right Fabric

  1. I don’t have that particular skirt, but I do have a jeans skirt that is a cotton-synthetic blend, and it’s just great. Wears like denim, but has some stretchiness. The one above would be super-cute, and practical!

    I’m about four years into the skirts-only journey, and I have learned SO much about what to buy and what not to buy, in terms of fabric, cut, weight, etc. My old style of skirts for dress-up only is totally impractical for everyday wear, so I’ve had to learn a lot.

    Love these articles! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Diana!
      So . . . do you think you would like to share some of those tips? If you email them to me, I could post them as a guest post. What do you think? But, if it’s not something you’re up to right now (totally understand) don’t worry about it! Just an idea.
      Yeah, I think you’re right, that jeans skirts which are a cotton/synthetic blend are great because you get both the denim and the stretch.


      1. Hi, Jessica! I’m afraid that my tips would be very similar to the list of tips you published a month or two back. But… I would be glad to type it up for you! Just let me know. It might take me a while with holiday craziness. 🙂


    2. I wanted to comment on that last paragraph because I think it is very true. Because many of us are used to thinking of skirts / dresses as ‘dressing up’ we have forgotten a lot of the common sense that our mothers and grandmothers who wore nothing else (and thought nothing of it) just knew and taught their daughters.

      Especially I think we often wear skirts that are too tight (and or short) to be practical and modest in everyday use – especially looking after children. Also we don’t habitually wear a mid layer (slip or half slip and camisole) as they did and we often go without tights (pantyhose) / stockings which they would have thought improper.

      Having worn skirts / dresses only for well over a decade I have learned to buy the right cut and length, I always wear a slip and unless it is very hot under a maxi skirt something on my legs.


  2. I have this skirt and its nice. Very confy and loose. I however bought found it to tend to wiggle up my waist while i was wearing it. Make sure to buy it large enough. It only fits nicely now i really got into fighting the rest of my baby pounds. But totally worth the price. 😄


    1. Thanks for the tip, Ruth!
      I have noticed that same thing: pants (when I used to wear them) which were too tight got pulled downward — but skirts which are too tight work their way UP. So, I agree with you about needing to buy a size that is roomy enough.
      Glad to hear from somebody who’s already bought that product and can give me an opinion! Awesome!


  3. I like Kosher Casual. Some of their stuff is a little too ‘jewish’ for me to buy it (Dont mean this disrespectful!! ) but its awesome quality and also reasonable prices. I have another denim skirt from there and they last and last and last.


  4. Hello again! I just wanted to share a few tips. I have worn skirts only for almost 20yrs. So I have had a lot of bad and good experiences. Oh there are a few occasions such as deer hunting I have worn pants as I had to climb a 15ft tree stand….yikes! Anyways, I have a few rules. I try to buy 2nd hand nothing over $10 When I look for skirts I have a list… denim (light or dark wash), elastic waist flowy skirts, & khaki. I like my skirts to be 25″ (mid calf) or longer. I do not like maxi skirts as they feel too much like pajamas on me & they seem to attract knit balls which I do not like at all! Oh I am also minful of slits and how the skirt would look with it sewn up or if I’d be able to walk in it with the slit sewn. I usually try to avoid slits. I like to buy elastic waist flowy skirts as I can grow and shrink and not worry too much about what I have left to wear.
    I also keep a note in my purse of my hip & waist measurement along with a small fabric tape. This gives me an idea if a skirt will work or not and I don’t have to bother putting it in the carriage and wasting time trying it on if say for example the length is too short.
    When I find things that I think will work I put everything I think will work in my cart & after I go to a place in the store and go thru each of the skirts with a fine tooth comb. I look for things like stains, snags, working zippers, missing buttons, see thru material, & material that may be getting to thin especially around the slit in a skirt. For denim I always make sure the denim isn’t miss shaped and thinning. I don’t care to wear slips so I make certain the skirt is not see through. I also try to make sure if the skirt is a print that I have or can easily buy a top to match.
    If I cannot find skirts in the thrift store or on Ebay I will buy one if I need it new online. I shop places like the Skirt Outlet & New Creation Apparel. The skirt outlet being my favorite as they have high quality skirts and excellent customer service. I make sure I know my hip and waist measurement and shop from there. I will almost always go by my hip measurement when buying a skirt.
    To get an accurate measurement of my waist and hip I measure with clothing my natural waist which is the smallest part of my waist and from there I take the tape measure and go 8″ down from my waist and measure across my hips. OR I take one of my best fitting non flowy skirt and meausre the waist, and hip 8″ down from waist and across. I Jeep a note of it in my purse. It’s so much easier to buy online when you know these measurements as sizing varies for different brands.
    The material of skirts is important to me. For example I find that skirts with blends typically last longer for me than 💯 cotton. Oh I also wash in cold delicate cycle and air dry. I can’t afford to have clothes shrinking and becoming miss shaped in the regular cycle. I have a tiny laundry basket under my bed for my dirty skirts. I wash them every third day. Not always do I consider skirts dirty! Sounds gross to some but if there are no visible stains etc then I don’t bother washing it. I hang out on my clothes line with a spritz of water and fabric softener and let dry. Doing this has truly saved the life of my skirts. They are so hard to come by especially here in Maine!
    I must also say I only buy those things I truly like I do not buy the I may wear it someday skirts. LOL I have done that a few times before only to donate it after collecting dust. I don’t keep a lot of clothing either so I don’t have to get overwhelmed with clothes! I have maybe 20 skirts & dresses.
    So to sum it up I only buy what I know I will wear as long as it’s practical, sticks to my modesty standards, & doesn’t break the budget.
    I hope this helps someone!
    Blessings, Rosemarie

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