Headcovering & Complementarianism

Four Reasons for Headcovering

This is a (somewhat) shorter version of my previous video on why I cover. Instead of taking 50 minutes, it only takes 30 (ha, ha). I’m re-doing my longer video by creating new, shorter videos that tackle only one theme at a time; this will probably make it easier for other people to watch. In this particular video, I also show you a few of my very first headcoverings (veils). Enjoy!



10 thoughts on “Four Reasons for Headcovering

  1. Good job! I love to watch the way you talk about this issue. Christian headcovering is oppressive ?
    Answering ‘No’,you are talking about it smiling!

    Kinuko told me one time that many Russian christians read headcovering articles in English.Orthodox Russian ladies still keep their tradition of headcovering while church service. I hope that they watch this video to rediscover the meaning of headcovering.

    God bless you for your constant effort to share.Thanks.


  2. Hey Jessica!
    I really enjoyed this video. I wanted to get your take on the long hair issue. Lately God has been pushing me to be more modest and become a better homemaker and wife for my husband, as to fulfill my God-given purpose as a woman. All of these things that are sort of tied into it are very overwhelming and somewhat confusing. Do you believe it’s an actual sin for a woman to cut her hair, or just, per se, improper? Same thing with a headcovering. I have read in the Word that it is considered shameful for a woman to have shorter hair. But is this referring to a cultural thing, or does it stand just as the headcovering? And if a woman cuts her hair is it something she has to repent of?

    Keep up the good work. I would love to see a video of your take on these questions, because I’m puzzled. Haha. God bless.


    1. Personally I don’t think it is a sin for women to cut their hair, but I do think it is a sin for us to emulate men by having (from choice) short hair or a masculine style – as it is to dress in a masculine way. It would also be a sin to disobey your husband if he prefers you not to cut your hair.

      I also feel that for me at least to pray without covering my head/hair would also be sinful.


    2. Dear Priscilla,
      Thanks for asking!
      To start out with, here’s a very helpful article:

      I do think that it is wrong for women to emulate men’s short hair styles. If we know what the Bible says about appropriate hair lengths, but choose to rebel against it, that is wrong. I do think the motive is important.

      Some women can’t grow their hair long, and that is okay. Others may need to have it shorter for practical reasons. I don’t think the Bible defines how long we need to grow our hair; it simply says that it should be long when compared to men’s hair. I could be wrong, but that’s the way I see it at this point.

      Some say that it’s okay for a woman to have short hair, as long as it is in a feminine style, but I don’t agree with that, and here’s why: clearly, what is being juxtaposed in 1 Cor. 11 is long hair on women versus short hair on men. It isn’t the style that is being addressed, but the length (of course the style is important too, but that’s not what is being emphasized here).

      I do not think that a woman’s hair is a proper covering for when she is praying or prophesying, since a straightforward reading of the text doesn’t uphold that view. The most straightforward understanding of the text is that a woman’s hair is her natural covering, while the fabric she puts on her head serves as the symbolic covering; so, she really has two coverings.

      I do touch on this a little bit in my video “30-second Headcovering Styles,” and in my newest video which you’ll see in my very next post. However, I realize there’s more which could be said on the topic, so yeah, maybe I will do a video on just that later on . . .

      Great questions! Thanks for sharing!


      1. Thank you for your response! Both your and SusanneT’s reasonings make sense. I will prayerfully consider these things.


    3. You are welcome, it is wonderful that God is calling you to being “more modest and become a better homemaker and wife for my husband, as to fulfil my God-given purpose as a woman”.

      There are aspects of this which can be difficult to get used to in a secular and feminist dominated society so it’s really helpful to read of other women committed to following their faith. But also you must remember that after submission to God, submission to your husband is hugely important so you must make sure he is happy with what you are doing at every step.


  3. What a beautiful explanation. I found that “because of angels” is the most astounding part, at least for me. Paul elaborated on other reasons, but he did not give details on angles. I think it’s something that our minds cannot understand. I don’t have difficulty explaining other reasons, but when it comes to angels, it’s the whole another story.


    1. Thank you, Irina!
      Yes, the reason having to do with angels has been mysterious and “astounding,” as you say, for me, too. It’s where we see how the covering has a clearly spiritual dimension, since angels are spiritual.


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