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I Meet Another Blogger!

The other day, I had the privilege of meeting another blogger and headcovering/dresses-only lady: Regina. She just moved to Arizona from California, and I discovered how close we now live to each other through the headcovering prayer list (Head Covering Movement’s prayer list for issues related to headcovering and biblical roles).

I was thrilled to discover that Regina is a soft-spoken, kind, and very friendly lady! She is also laid-back and has a good sense of humor! Her husband also, was very easy-going and talkative. They have three daughters, two of whom were with them when we met, who were respectful and sweet. I enjoyed our time together, and was especially pleased to meet another headcovering lady in person, since this is not a common occurrence for me!

Now, let me introduce her blog to you. I looked at it for the first time just recently, and liked several articles especially:

Too Much on My Mind: “I have all these topics on my mind I want to post about but I don’t know where to start. I’ve been thinking a lot about Titus 2 and the verses about the aged women teaching the younger. I really don’t know what age Paul had in mind when talking about older women. I’m 54 and I know I can still learn from  women who are much older than myself.”… 

Music: …”The speaker played a portion of a CCM song the title I don’t remember but the female singer voice was, well “breathy”. I’ve heard this same “breathiness” in may secular love songs. It’s really inappropriate if you’re singing to the Lord.”

Happy New Year 2015!: “Can you believe it’s really 2015? Once again my list of  at least a few things I hope, if the Lord wills, of goals for this year
1. Lead five people to the Lord
2. Read through the whole Bible again (I enjoyed this last year.)
3.Crochet a small granny square blanket
4.. Sew something small from my Christian Life Education sewing book
5. Invite a new person from church to our house  for lunch after service.

These are just a few things that I hope the Lord will help me to accomplish.

Here is her profile from her blog:

My Photo

“This blog is here to encourage Christian wives and moms. I’m a plain Christian wife who has Anabaptist beliefs. I realize not all will agree with me but that’s okay. I hope someone is blessed by my blog.”


Thank you, Regina, for meeting with me!



4 thoughts on “I Meet Another Blogger!

  1. How blessing it was for you and for Regina! I read Regina’s joyful report on HCM prayer list. It’s so nice to know about fellowship between our sisters.
    God bless you and Regina, and your friendship!


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