The Blessing of Children

Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors: Book Review

Would you say that giving birth to babies is equivalent to preparing God’s next generation of spiritual warriors? Rachel Scott thinks that it is, and expounds upon this idea in her book, Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors. This 356-page book, which can be purchased for several bucks on Amazon, is worth a few days (or weeks, if you read slowly) of your free time. She covers subjects such as the history of birth control use among Christians (Chapter Three, “When Did Birthing Children Become A Choice?”), the possible curse behind some miscarriages (Chapter Nine, “The Devil’s Plan”), and how a man’s seed has the ability to change the outcome of history–and Satan knows it! (Chapter Six, “The Destiny of Your Seed”). I greatly enjoyed reading this book, and would love for all ladies (and their husbands) to read it, too.

You may find a few things you disagree with, as I did; however the points I disagreed with were minor compared to the large body of data that I believe is scripturally solid. We are mostly a sleeping church in the area of family planning, and the Devil has us right where he wants us to be. Yes, I agree with that. We need to wake up, and realize that all our “choices” are robbing us of the huge potential that God had hoped for our lives, but that in the face of our free will, can never be realized.

There is much being said by God’s people today about producing fruit. People seem to be desperate to produce fruit for the Lord and to make their lives count for eternity! One of the biggest desires amongst believers today is to be productive for God. People are desperately trying to figure out what it is that God wants them to do with their lives so that their lives will count for the Lord. People want to produce good fruit for God. When Jesus told His disciples to go and bear fruit that would last (John 15:16), most New Testament believers have been taught that this meant go convert new believers. Surely Jesus did mean that but it also could have meant do this in addition to birthing new believers. All of God’s people back then allowed God to plan their families, so the people to whom this command was spoken were already allowing children to come into their families who could become new converts. It was not until the last century, since birth control use infiltrated God’s people, that believers have dismissed the value of birthing new converts and instead have gone out into the world to seek new converts. What an awesome opportunity is being passed by. We should be doing both things: seeking new converts by preaching the gospel to the world and birthing new converts and raising them in our Godly families. [Page 153]

How true. We have neglected to value the fruit of our own marriages, and because of it, “an awesome opportunity is being passed by.” God’s Kingdom could be advancing at a huge rate if we were to let Him produce children for His army through us; as it is, His Kingdom is advancing, but we ourselves have hindered it through our birth control use, and that makes the enemy very happy! (If an evil person could ever be said to be “happy.”)

We are living in a Tower of Babel age again. We know that God wants to fill the whole earth, but we want to stay put in one place. We know that God’s Name deserves to be exalted above all, but we prefer to make a name for ourselves. So, we set to work on forming the bricks and laying down the mortar. We defy the Almighty and say, “We think the earth is already full, so we shouldn’t have to have more children then we think is reasonable for our situation.” That’s kind of like not wanting to be scattered over the face of the whole earth, isn’t it? Then, we set out to make a tower that will reach to heaven. Not to get to God–don’t be fooled–but to replace Him with ourselves. With our own agendas and selfish plans. We think that because we now have the scientific knowledge to prevent children from being conceived we also have the right to put that knowledge to use for our own misguided purposes. And don’t be naïve: God will let us have our way for awhile before He comes down to put a stop to our prideful wickedness, because He sees that if He doesn’t, nothing that we conceive to do will be withheld from us.

On the other hand, if we are humble in submitting ourselves to the Almighty’s plan for us, if we let God be in charge of our family planning, and raise those children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord,” there is no end to the great things He will accomplish through us and through our descendants!


15 thoughts on “Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors: Book Review

  1. I read this book last year! It contained a lot that I agreed with, and a lot that I disagreed with (I’m far more conservative than she is, and she seems to have some Pentecostal leanings theologically that I generally disagreed with). But it’s a good read, and perhaps a good wake-up call to those who haven’t considered the subject of family planning before.

    I just re-read Mary Pride’s “The Way Home” and also love what she has to say about the same issue in that book.


    1. How cool! I’m reading “The Way Home” right now, for the first time!

      About Scott’s book: I did notice her Pentecostal leanings, too–for example, she has sample prayers where she recommends we “declare” that we are healed (even though we may not see it in the physical realm…yet), and that we command the devil to leave us alone. I don’t know. Are we supposed to command the devil, or are we supposed to pray to God for His help, and let Him deal with it? And, how are we healed if we can’t see it in actuality? I’m unsure about these things, and will definitely need to think more about them, as I consult the Bible.

      Good to hear from you, Diana! I hope everything is going well with you and your family!


      1. Thanks, Jessica! Right now I’m very, very green. 🙂 Hoping the worst is over, but I’ll be green for a long time. It’s been a long summer! So sorry I haven’t commented on all of your posts – my reading time is very slow at the moment. 🙂


      2. That’s what I suspected! Congratulations, and I hope the best for your health right now. You can get through this–you’ve done it before! So good to hear from you…whenever you have the chance. No worries.


      3. Thanks, Jessica! We see our midwife today, so I’ll probably announce after that on my site. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to more things soon.


  2. I have ordered copies of both.

    Frankly I don’t think as women we can be “too conservative” on this issue. It is directly against God and his design for us as wives to do anything to reject the gift of life in our womb for any reason at any time.


  3. Off topic and in regard to your & Diana’s chat: have you seen the movie “The War Room”? I had similar questions when the actress is filmed talking to/commanding Satan. Don’t know much about the Pentecostals, but maybe that movie has their leanings as well.


    1. Yes, I have. I really liked the movie in general. The main point was “never give up on your marriage,” and that was an encouraging message to hear in our culture where so many are advised to divorce if the couple aren’t “happy” and if they feel misunderstood, mistreated, neglected, etc. However, yes, I did feel strange about the scene where the actress commands Satan to leave her alone. I thought, “Is that how we’re supposed to do it?” I don’t know; it’s just a point that’s not clear to me right now.
      Thanks for bringing that up, Ruthie!


  4. I agree with your post. Dont know the books though. What a great calling to raise our children for God. I enjoy a quarterly publication that is very encoiraging on the topic of being a mom and on fullfilling a purpose at home: Its called ‘Keepers At Home’by Grace Preß, sugarcreek Ohio. I love it. Its Amish so not many pictures, but it sure has ‘meat on the bone. 😚


  5. It sounds like an interesting book! Many interesting thoughts expressed here. Regarding talking to Satan, I believe that the example of Christ is what we should follow here. When Satan tempted Him directly, His answer was “it is written”. We have no power in ourselves to overcome spiritual forces of evil, except through the Word of God, which is powerful. Christ Himself is the Word Of God and has power to command the unclean spirits. I believe that in the name of Jesus we can ask for deliverance from evil spirits. We must be careful not to be like the man in Acts who was attempting to call evil spirits out of someone and they ended up jumping on him. But Christ has promised that those He sets free are free indeed! The Bible also says to “submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7. So, as we are dependent upon Christ for strength, the Devil will flee from us. I believe there is a fine line between faith and presumption. In the Word of God there is safety.

    Concerning healing, there are three ways that God heals. First is supernatural, as Christ gave many examples of in His ministry. Second is through use of natural remedies (when Christ put clay on the blind man’s eyes and told him to go wash). Third is in the resurrection. All will be given a new body at that time. God only knows how His kingdom can be advanced in each case under consideration. As we trust in Him He will give us strength and help in every situation and peace.

    God be with you all today!


    1. You’ve really given me something to ponder, Celina! Yes, it does make sense that we should follow Christ’s example, and respond to spiritual attacks by saying, “It is written,” along with prayer and resisting, or fleeing, from the temptation, if necessary. I also think your points about healing make a lot of sense, too.


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