The Blessing of Children

Birth Control Rant…


You will obey the Lord again. You will obey all his commands that I’m giving you today. Then the Lord your God will give you great success in everything you do. You will have many children. Your livestock will have many little ones. Your crops will do very well. The Lord will take delight in you again. He’ll give you success. That’s what he did for your people of long ago. 10 But you must obey the Lord your God. You must keep his commands and rules. They are written in this Book of the Law. You must turn to the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.

(Deuteronomy 30:8-10; please read the whole chapter)

One of the “consequences” of obedience is: (wait for it)…many children.

God will reward our obedience with “great success in everything [we] do. [We] will have many children.”

So, that’s why we use birth control–we despise God’s definition of “success”; we don’t want His rewards for our obedience (at least not this particular one); even when we’re not so deserving, we fail to recognize that babies are evidence of God’s grace,  goodness, and compassion toward us in spite of our shortcomings. I’m not being mean, I’m just being biblical.

And this is where the rant starts.

I hate birth control.

The reason I hate it is because it’s against God and His ways. It’s distorted, twisted, deformed, and ugly. It’s the opposite of God’s intentions for us. In modern culture we see it publicized as “good stewardship,” “being responsible,” and “taking care of yourself and the children you already have.” Lies from the Devil.

How long will we Christians rationalize our errant behavior? How long will we call bad, “good”? How long will we call good, “bad”? We’re so good at making excuses. “Oh, but I have enough children already, and they need me more than I need another baby.” “I couldn’t keep supporting our family (with a job) and keep having more children, too.” “I’m serving the Lord in Christian ministry, and my husband and I want to dedicate ourselves to the ‘work’ the Lord has ‘given’ us to do.” “My body can’t handle another pregnancy and birth.” “We don’t have the finances to support a growing family right now.” And on and on…

I will take a second here to say that there are some very difficult situations that may necessitate complete abstinence for awhile. This is what the Bible advocates for extreme circumstances, but it NEVER advocates birth control (as in, continuing to be intimate while using “methods” to prevent conception).

But we’re selfish and evil. We want to have it our way. And we ignore what God wants. Then we explain away our sick actions by trying to convince ourselves and others that those sins aren’t really sins, but are “good.” Selfish, evil, and liars.

When will we wake up? When will we wash ourselves clean, and dump the filthiness of the world, the flesh, and the devil at the feet of our Savior, and commit ourselves to obey Him WHOLEHEARTEDLY?

We’re a bunch of half-hearted Christians, and it makes me sick. I make myself sick. I used to do the same things that I now rant against. Even now, I don’t always appreciate God’s gift of children, and instead complain about how hard my life is. I’m so ungrateful.

***Dear Jesus, I know how much you love us, all of us. We (all true believers) are Yours, Your church, Your body! Please, cleanse us, cleanse Your bride! Wash us from our waywardness and our willfulness, and prepare us for Your coming, so that we may meet You, our Groom, unspotted and without wrinkle. Un-blind our eyes from the lies we’ve been believing; help us to see clearly. Preserve Your people from the enemy, who wishes to kill, steal, and destroy.  Oh, Jesus, return our hearts to You! Fill us with fire straight from Heaven, and may we never return to our previous lukewarmness. In Your Name, amen.***

11 What I’m commanding you today is not too hard for you. It isn’t beyond your reach. 12 It isn’t up in heaven. So you don’t have to ask, “Who will go up into heaven to get it? Who will announce it to us so we can obey it?” 13 And it isn’t beyond the ocean. So you don’t have to ask, “Who will go across the ocean to get it? Who will announce it to us so we can obey it?” 14 No, the message isn’t far away at all. In fact, it’s really near you. It’s in your mouth and in your heart so that you can obey it.

15 Today I’m giving you a choice. You can have life and success. Or you can have death and harm. 16 I’m commanding you today to love the Lord your God. I’m commanding you to live exactly as he wants you to live. You must obey his commands, rules and laws. Then you will live. There will be many of you. The Lord your God will bless you in the land you are entering to take as your own.

17 Don’t let your hearts turn away from the Lord. Instead, obey him.

(Deuteronomy 30:11-17)





11 thoughts on “Birth Control Rant…

  1. Only now that i had my last Baby (we have six,birth complications)) i more fully realize how great the gift of a child
    is. Every development he makes i treasure and try to store up in my heart. When he wanted to quit nursing after eight months i dragged it on just another little while for my sake, knowing that it is the last time. 🙂
    My Little Boy is now almost a year old. SO bv much fun. SO precious.
    Another part of the blessing of having many children is that a mom istinctively knows what a Baby needs and thus can enjoy them more. With only one or two your still a greenhorn.
    I experienced it that way at least 🙂

    Where did the Christian world loose Gods Vision of what is a Blessing?


    1. Yes! I feel like I’m FINALLY learning how to “do” this mothering thing now that I’ve had six. I was such a novice with my first ones, and now I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, ha, ha.
      And I totally agree, we must savor them while they’re little, and treasure every moment. I’m learning how to appreciate the time I have been given with them, because I realize that before I know it, they’ll be moving on, living their own lives. I want to give them a good foundation for that time, and I want them to know how much I love them.
      You’re so right: when did the Christian world lose God’s vision of what is a blessing? I often ponder that myself.


  2. Jessica, I think that birth control effect has an overall effect on all of the elements of Christian life. People become so obsessed with themselves that they don’t do the will of God. It destroys testimonies and witnessing to others.
    I think that every decision affects all areas of our lives.


    1. Agreed! All areas of life are affected. I think that people can still do SOME things right; but, the powerful life they could have lived for God will not happen. They are selfish because they don’t want to miss out on things; yet, they don’t realize that they will end up missing out on the great things that God had in store for them. What an irony.


    2. I agree. The point is that the fundamental purpose of marriage and of intimacy between husband and wife is to be one with God in the creation of new life. Birth control tries to take that away and is such a fundimental rejection of God’s purpose.


  3. Dear Jessica, You know, I think rants aren’t such a bad thing. 🙂 I enjoy your rants! If more people would get fired up about the truths of Scripture, we wouldn’t be in this mess today. I read Deuteronomy 30 and your prayer, and thought of the refining and cleansing power of fire. Oh, how I need that cleansing power to root out my bad habits and replace them with God’s commands. (It can be such a struggle.) I echo your thoughts and prayers 🙂 God bless as you continue to give us the meat of the Word. -Ruthie


  4. Thanks, Ruthie! You know, a person once told me that I was a “disputer” for saying what I believe about birth control. Nice to hear that you consider it “meat.” That really makes my day!


  5. I share your abortion for birth control in any form. For what it is worth my view is that God commands us to submit to him in all things and to our husband in marriage.

    Any will-full act to reject our purpose as women or to reject his gift of life in our womb is I believe a moral sin. Our bodies are the vessel of God’s love and of creation it is for him and him alone to decide how often to bless us with life and for us to submit to his will, nurture that life, in his love.

    A woman who uses contraception, who encourages her husband to use contraception (or to spill his seed) or who denies her husband intimacy for fear of God’s blessing is directly contradicting God’s plan and rejecting his love.


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