The Blessing of Children

An Invaluable Connection

Mothers represent strength. The strength of a family, the strength of society, the strength of a nation. How so? Because without mothers, there would be no people. People make families, societies, and nations.

If we had terminated our fertility after our third was born (as we had planned to do), our fourth, fifth, and sixth children would  have never come into existence. This might not seem like a big deal to others who don’t know them; but to me, this would have been a tragedy. To have never seen their smiling, radiant faces; hear their contagious giggles; feel their tight, cuddly hugs. We would have missed out on so much…and we never would have known it.

Not only that, but the world would have missed out on them. One human’s influence is incalculable.

I believe God opened our eyes at just the right time so we wouldn’t make that disastrous decision (to cut off our fertility). That way, He could bring into our lives, and into the world, these marvelously-made, fresh ideas of His: our children.

Actually, they aren’t really our children; they’re His, and we are simply His stewards. We are responsible for taking care of the children that He chose to create. A mother willing to place her body at God’s disposal, to be the route through which He can bring new creations into the world, cooperates with God in a privilege like no other. She participates with God in the bringing forth of new individuals, and makes herself available in an invaluable connection. A divine connection.

Happy Mother’s Day!


4 thoughts on “An Invaluable Connection

  1. Dear Jessica,I think that one of happiest things for kids is to have a godly mother who loves them sincerely.

    I know that when christian family..especially parents lose bonding and intimacy each other,kids can easily be away from God. Through parents,they learn a lot about Him.
    (It is too bad,but I now see some christian kids I know is getting away from God because of this.)

    May God bless you and your family abundantly. Sincere christian family can bring a lot of blessing,I’m always looking foward to read your thought.


    1. I agree!
      Children are easily and much affected by their parents’ relationship with each other. This time in their lives is so important; it sets the stage for what will happen later on in their lives: will they be true to God, and go on to live successful lives? or will they allow themselves to be ruined by bitterness from the damage that they lived through as kids?
      But, even in the hardest circumstances, God gives us hope. I hope those Christian kids you know will come back to God.
      Thanks for reading!


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