Dresses and Skirts Sampling!


I have been dresses and skirts only since the Spring of 2012. That means I’ve been doing this for four years, as of now.

The inspiration to begin this path came from another woman who had started dressing this way. I finally found the bravery to ask her about it, and she told me her reasons for the changes she had made in her life: to be modest, and to have a reminder of how she needed to submit to her husband. Wonderful!

As a younger woman, there had been a time when I was influenced by some articles in a Christian young ladies’ newsletter that I should wear skirts and dresses only. However, when I shared this idea with my mom, she was strongly against it.

It wasn’t until later, after seeing the changes this friend of mine was making in her life, that I revisited the topic. After thinking it through, and asking my husband his opinion and advice, I decided to jump in.

Sometimes, we need to give ourselves the permission to do something (almost) unheard of. We can do that when we receive the confidence from seeing other people who have already trail-blazed before us. It isn’t that we are copying them, but rather, that we are inspired by them to do what we had not thought of before as a possibility.

So, even though I had read God’s word about modesty, I had never allowed myself to consider the option of wearing dresses and skirts only (except for that one instance I mentioned); it may also be because my mother had never allowed me to, either.

Well, that young woman I told you about stopped wearing skirts and dresses after about two years. When that happened, she never told me about her decision, and I never asked, since by that time, I didn’t feel our relationship was stable enough for me to “probe” into the issue. I did feel, nevertheless, much disappointed…and abandoned. She had been one of only two women I knew personally who had worn dresses and skirts exclusively. That other woman had quit, and then she had, too. But I kept going.

I can be somewhat stubborn sometimes; but in this case, the reason I keep on is because I’m convicted by a very strong sense of right and wrong. My reasoning is biblical and solid, and no amount of discomfort can induce me to sacrifice what I know to be right.

I must add, though, that I am not so strict I can not concede that the use of loose pants may sometimes be appropriate for activities such as bike riding, rock climbing, etc. However, wearing pants must remain the exception, and not the rule. It would be ideal, though, to be inventive and creative in finding a way to continue to be feminine and modest while involved in such sports…or, to avoid those sports completely. Modesty and femininity are always more of a goal for me than having fun, since I place morals above convenience and pleasure. But, that’s not to say that I can’t have fun and be modest and womanly at the same time! It is possible!

I have found much comfort in viewing other dress and skirt-wearing ladies’ blogs. Their perseverance has encouraged me. And I, in turn, want to encourage you!

Please allow me to share a few samples of the dresses and skirts I wear:

I bought this skirt from the New Creation Apparel website for around $30, but mostly I get my clothes from Goodwill for a few dollars each item.


With my sweet daughter, who is two years old.


Working in the yard. No, I don’t wear my “bag,” or “flour sack,” as my husband calls it, all the time (ha, ha).


This is something I wore to church. I am also wearing an infinity scarf as a headcovering.


My daughter helped me bake unleavened bread. More on that recipe in another post!


I hope these pictures were at least a little encouraging to you. If you are like me, and wear dresses and skirts only, please keep up the good work! Reinforce your practice of doing so with Scripture and solid logic. Continue to share tips with us about how we can make this work.

And, if you haven’t yet started, perhaps now is a good time to look into it :). I haven’t regretted a single day of wearing dresses and skirts only; it’s been such a blessing from God in my life, to learn how to be more modest, feminine, and obedient to Him!




17 thoughts on “Dresses and Skirts Sampling!

  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!! I love the infinity scarf too!

    I started wearing skirts-only right around the same time – summer of 2012. 🙂 And also similarly, one of the only women I know who shared this conviction has also abandoned it. Very disappointing, and like you, I didn’t ask her about it. (It was embarrassing, since we’d talked about it when we were both doing it!)

    Love this post! 🙂

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  2. I really enjoyed this post, it was encouraging. I only know of one other women who wears only skirts and dresses. Its nice to hear of others.

    ” wearing pants must remain the exception, and not the rule. ” yes!


    1. So good to hear that! It sounds like most of us are in the same situation (only knowing one other woman who dresses like we do, or none). It’s great that we can encourage each other through our blog articles. So glad to hear that mine encouraged you!


  3. Nice photos and article! They let us imagine how you are like in your home,and made me feel so happy. To see you in modest and feminine dresses is so nice.Thank you for sharing.


  4. At the Moment i feel pretty fed up with sticking out all the time. Not sure if its worth it. Probably i’m just trying to make myself more special. But special to whom? God? Well, in the end he will not take me into heaven for my ‘speciality’ but for Jesus dying for my sins.
    Like you i search for encouragement in blogs but its not the real life,(we live oceans and continents apart). It can get so lonesome at times.
    REALLY long for a fellowship with likeminded christians.
    But the closest group i know is an hour away plus my husband is not open for a change at the Moment.
    Going to our (now) maistream church is such a struggle for me.

    Really questioning my motives! Every one else is just fine.
    Why is this clothes and covering thing so central to me? I am constantly checking others on their modesty. I am ashamed of myself for that reminding myself to watch out fo myself first .I am angry with myself for it.
    Ask God for help to put this topic in its right place so that i could be free for working happily for him.
    Nothing happens.

    This goes on now for maybe tree or four years.
    And why would God talk exclusively to me ?
    I ‘m afraid i have a huge beam in my eye while i’m watching for splinters by others.
    Still i dont know what else to do than trying to submit to what the Lord (seemingly) put on my heart.
    Ever feel that way?
    Love from Switzerland and thanks for all your encouragement


    1. It almost sounds like a poem, Ruth! I appreciate your transparency so much. You know, I HAVE felt the things you describe, many times; I’m pretty sure other women deal with those same feelings during different seasons in their life, too. I love your comment so much, I hope you don’t mind if I mention it in an upcoming post. I’d like to address your points more in-depth. Not to criticize what you wrote (don’t worry 🙂 ), but to recognize that what you wrote is typical of what we ALL probably feel at times, and to give you my take on what a good response to those feelings might be, from my own experience.
      Thanks so much!


  5. Some lovely photographs.

    My SIL who is a returnee to her faith switched to skits only when she go married a 3 years ago. It is lovely to have a kindred spirit as before that I was the only woman I knew personally with the same conviction.

    I’m pleased to say since then both our mothers have pretty much done the same. God willing it will be an example to our daughters.


      1. It is a real help although I can never really understand why people think it’s so difficult. I mean until no so long ago it was unthinkable for women and girls to wear trousers.

        My SIL is in fact pregnant again (early days so unannounced) and has been in maternity / nursing clothes for all but the first 6 months of her marriage so it’s actually much easier for her.


      2. Yes, my experience during pregnancy was similar: it was much more comfortable to wear dresses/maternity skirts than it had been previously to wear pants.
        And you’re right, that it isn’t difficult to dress this way–just different than what is now considered the “norm.”


  6. Oh I think it’s much easier during pregnancy and much more flattering during and afterwards.

    I also think that it’s really important because the fact that you dress a curtain way makes it much more obvious for young children to identify you as a mother figure.


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