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Being Feminist is Not Feminine


Feminists are not feminine. They don’t like being who they were made to be, and instead, try to be something different. So, why are they called “feminists”? A better term might be “masculinists.”

If men are not better than women, why are feminists trying so hard to be like them?

If we women really valued ourselves, we would stop trying to be like men, and instead develop our God-given femininity to its fullest. We would love being ourselves, being women. If we try to be like men, then we admit that we think they’re superior to us.

It’s interesting to note that the Feminist Movement has violated the Natural Law in a big way: Instead of promoting true femininity over mannishness, it has unintentionally conceded the superiority of men by denying women their femininity and trying to make us wish we were all men.

(Quoted from the book Dressing with Dignity, by Colleen Hammond, page 82, emphasis added)

But if we go by what the Bible teaches, we know that men are not better than women, and neither are women better than men–just different. By allowing ourselves to be different, we glorify God and His design. Furthermore, we show that we have what the world values so much: self esteem.

“For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man. For man is not from woman, but woman from man. Nor was man created for the woman, but woman for the man. For this reason the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels. Nevertheless, neither is man independent of woman, nor woman independent of man, in the Lord. For as woman came from man, even so man also comes through woman; but all things are from God.” 1 Corinthians 11:7-12

Woman is the glory of man.

Woman is from man.

Woman was created for the man.


Neither is man independent of woman, since man also comes through woman.

Yay for mothers!

The very thing that feminists try so much to avoid (being a mother at home), is the very thing that makes men need us so much! What would the world be without mothers who stay at home to care for their babies and children? What would the world be without women willing to have babies? I guess civilization would 1) slowly die out, and 2) break down, since the family is the basic unit of society.

Think about it: men need women to have their children, and to care for those children at home, and women need men to work hard to provide for them and the children. Nobody is “superior” or “inferior,” but everyone is doing the best they can, within their God-given roles, to help and support each other. And no, the roles are not reversible.

Men cannot carry babies, since they don’t have wombs. The biggest clue that God has given regarding what He considers the woman’s proper role, is that He has given her a womb. What are wombs for, but to grow babies within them? And similarly, breasts aren’t primarily for men to look at, but are obviously for nursing babies. Who better to stay at home and care for those babies than the woman? It just makes sense.

So, no, I don’t agree with men staying at home full time to care for the children. Even though it might work out in some respects, it’s not God’s way, and will eventually prove itself to be the lower road, in the end.

I can’t help but think of a man as being (dare I say it) a wimp when I see him staying home all day to care for the children, instead of his wife. Not that I think a woman is a wimp if she stays at home, since that is what God designed for her, but rather that the man is if he shirks his duty to provide for his family and leaves the hard labor to the weaker sex.

Yes, ladies: weaker. God calls us the weaker sex, not because we’re stupider, but because we really are weaker. When we try to be like men, we invite men to treat us unfairly. We give them permission to take advantage of us. How? It’s so opposite to what the feminists think they’re doing by demanding equal treatment: We allow men to expect things from us that we can’t really give. We can’t really do all the things that they do, as well as they can, and that’s not bad. Just different. Neither can they do all the things that we do, as well as we can. Sometimes, different is good. In this case, it truly is.

Let’s be happy to be what God made us to be; let’s be happy to be women!



8 thoughts on “Being Feminist is Not Feminine

  1. Jessica, this is excellent. I’ve never thought of feminists (oops,I mean masculinists 🙂 ) in quite that way before. I love the quote from the book that you highlighted, as well. That’s why it’s so key to train our little boys and girls to embrace who they are in Christ. Mommy stays home and cares for the family, while daddy heads to work and provides for his family. We can just see how the reverse thought process has affected our entire culture even into Christian homes. One conversation I had overheard in a 4-5 yr old SS class was when one little boy spoke up and said that there were some jobs girls shouldn’t have. The teacher was quick to correct him saying that girls can be anything they want to be. TV has been another huge factor in the dumbing down of dad/man. Men can’t make right decisions and need women to come sweeping in to save the day.
    Your article has sparked some lively conversation mainly in our home in the fact that God had given some women abilities that we would normally associate with men. (maybe she’s good with tools) We believe that God leads those women to men that might not be strong in that area as help mates. That doesn’t mean she takes over in the headship area, however.
    Anyway, I’ll stop for now although I could go on 🙂 Thanks for continuing to bring thought provoking posts our way! Love, Ruthie


    1. Wow, I loved reading your comment, Ruthie! I almost couldn’t believe that that Sunday School teacher said what she did! But, it’s what our society teaches us, right from preschool all the way up. Have you ever noticed that in many children’s books, there are often pictures of female police officers and firemen? It’s like people are trying to be so careful to not offend anybody, and at the same time, they want to teach children from the earliest possible age that there supposedly are no differences between the genders. Well, that’s so unrealistic. I have a book on my shelf right now called Why Gender Matters (What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About the Emerging Science of Sex Differences), by Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D. In this book, the author describes how boys and girls are indeed different, right from the womb. Most of these differences are intrinsic and are definitely NOT learned. And I don’t think that the author is even a Christian. Good science proves what God has always said to be true.
      Thanks for sharing!


  2. I agree with you that feminist is not feminine.In Japan recently some people started to point out the bad influence of feminism in their sites and books.
    Most of them seems to be married men or male pastors. Kinuko maybe only Japanese female christian who writes about this issue.

    Every women should work outside even after becoming mothers…some says that this way of thinking is so similar to communism.Both communism and feminism deny housewives/stay at home moms.

    ‘We allow men to expect things from us that we can’t really give.’..Your this sentense remind me of one story.

    In one rural village of Nepal,people were so poor at that time.Because not so much jobs were there to earn money.Wives do housework,take care of children and old parents,and many husbands had no job.

    One day one foreign NGO came to the village.For their eyes,village people has strong male chauvinism.To solve the problem both poverty and male chauvinism,they gave village women job making handycrafts.They thought if women can earn money,men would respect her more.

    What happened after all? Husbands just begun to count on wives more.They ask their wives not only to do housework,take care of children/olds,but to do the job to earn money.Instead of trying to find their own jobs,they chose to ask their wives more.

    I’m impressed that you and many other christian ladies in USA express ‘No’ to feminism in public.In Japan,it is so difficult even among christians.One Japanese pastor wrote on his blog that single young christian women should give up to hope becoming housewife/stay at home mom if they really want to marry,because many men do not want to cultivate wife nowadays.It is shocking,but our reality.

    Home oriented mind is gift from God,I think.I really am encouraged by your posts always.


  3. Most people are surprised when they learn that I am ready to give up work ad career. I don’t have a job related to my educational experience, hopefully I will get one soon.
    My current job provides for me and allows even to save a bit. I don’t see anything wrong with a young, single/unmarried Christian woman working (I am one of those). I reconciled with the idea of the possibility of being married to a future pastor, I wasn’t before.
    I think saved money could be used for family funds such as house down payment (just an example)
    I have seen how feminism has destroyed both: men and women. I am thankful for those who stand for the truth.


    1. Good point, Irina! It is definitely biblical for single, unmarried women to serve the Lord, and others, in their singleness. Of course, they will probably also have to work to support themselves (unless they are still living at home with their parents); and you’re right, that saving what you earn could contribute to the future.

      The problem is when married women want to live like they’re still single by working in a career (or devoting too much time to Christian ministry) and neglecting their husbands and children; or when single women want to live for themselves and avoid marriage and the children that will subsequently follow, for selfish reasons.

      I’m glad that you’re open to marriage and children, if God causes that to happen. In the meantime, serve the Lord with all your heart, and make the most of this season of life that you’re in right now! Your singleness is a gift that you can choose to use wisely for the Kingdom of God.


  4. I don’t think there is anything wrong with single women working or following a career path although I do think that the choice of work and the circumstances need to be consistent with a Godly approach to morality (especially chastity) and femininity and acceptable to her parents.

    For women with a particular vocation a career or religious devotion may be an alternative to marriage.

    For a married woman home, husband, family and especially children are the first priority. She is also under her husband’s authority so it is open to him to decide what is appropriate.


    1. Yes, I do agree with that, to a point. I think that there is a risk in a single woman working or following a career path, in that she will become so independent that if she were to marry in the future, she will have a hard time slowing down and being “just” a housewife, since she will have dedicated so much of her life to her education and her career. She will feel that to stay at home with the kids will be a waste of her potential. She will want to have both career and family.

      On the other hand, after having experienced what it is to have a career, she may be ready to settle down. However, the best child-bearing years of her life may have passed her by, and she may struggle to have children with her husband. I think there is definitely an argument for marrying while young, as the Bible says: “take delight in the wife of your YOUTH.”

      Why can’t families keep their unmarried daughters at home, to help with their siblings, to continue to train in various fields that could help them in their future role as wife and mother, and to serve in the church while they still have so much time and energy? Why the push for college education and careers? I think that we should get back to emphasizing wifehood and motherhood for the majority of young women as a valuable life goal.


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