Getting the Trick of Skirts and Dresses Only–Some Tips from my Own Experience


Why I Wear Skirts and Dresses Only

Abominable Cross-Dressing

So…Why shouldn’t I wear pants?

If you’re wondering, “Why would anyone want to be skirts and dresses only?” the above are some of my posts on the subject; go ahead and check them out.

For starters, here’s a quick list of my reasons:

  1. They help conserve a distinction between the sexes (dresses and skirts for ladies and girls, pants for men and boys).
  2. They can be more modest than pants (if not too tight, short, see-through, or with showy slits).
  3. They help to remind me of my womanly role (according to the Bible).

Wearing only skirts and dresses can sometimes be a challenge. So, if you already do so, or if you are considering being an exclusive dress and skirt wearer, here are a few tips that might help:

  • Wear leggings underneath. You don’t want to have a “Bruce Almighty” experience when the wind picks up. In the movie Bruce Almighty, Bruce (actor Jim Carrey) uses his god-like powers to create a gust of wind in order to lift up the skirts of a pretty girl he sees walking down the sidewalk. Not good. Wearing leggings underneath, or slip-like pantaloons, would at least protect you from being seen stark-naked if it happens to get windy–or your toddler pulls up your skirt.
  • Don’t wear leggings made out of mostly synthetic fiber. I’ve found that synthetic fabrics causes a lot of static cling! Soooo annoying. Stick with leggings that are made mostly of cotton, with maybe a bit of spandex. It is sometimes tempting to go without leggings (it’s easier, less hot, less bulky, etc.) but unless you’re SURE that there’s no danger of your skirt accidentally lifting up, it’s better to wear something underneath, just in case. It’s also warmer in the winter, and keeps your skin from chafing in the summer (a big rash-creating problem if your legs rub when you walk). At Walmart, you can find cheap leggings in the Faded Glory brand. If you need them to be shorter (capri, or knee length), just cut and hem accordingly.
  • Don’t wear voluminous skirts. It’s better to get skirts that are straighter rather than fuller. Again, when the wind picks up, that full skirt which is so pretty when the air is calm will be ruffled up around your waist in a breeze.
  • Choose heavier fabrics. This helps on a gusty day, since heavier fabrics aren’t as easily picked up by the wind. They are also not see-through, and don’t cling to your body like thinner fabrics do. Denim and khaki are good choices.
  • Longer is better. Again, longer skirts stay put better in the wind. Also, they are more protective of your modesty when you kneel down to help your little one button her jacket, or cross your legs to prop up your baby when nursing. It just makes sense.
  • If nursing, buy dresses with buttons down the front, or simply wear skirts instead. I’ve worn dresses without buttons when nursing, and it was a pain. Don’t do that to yourself. The other dresses might be prettier, but they’re not worth the effort. Just get the dress with the buttons and be done with it.
  • Buy skirts with elastic waists. If you’re like me, and your waist size goes up and down because of being pregnant, then not pregnant, then pregnant again, then not pregnant again, it is wise to get a stretchy-waisted skirt. That way, you won’t have to have a section of your closet for size 8, another section for size 10, etc. One size fits all. There you go.
  • Go shopping at the second-hand stores. It is often hard to find skirts and dresses that meet one’s criteria for “modest,” but used-clothing stores give us a better chance. Don’t worry if it came from the nineties; make it look good with some cute accessories.
  • Don’t sweat it if you look different. It’s okay to not be a cookie-cutter version of the latest fashion. It’s actually NICE to be unique, quaint, sweet, charming, motherly, flowery, and…feminine! You will look beautiful in floral print! You will look soft in a flowing style! You will look lovely in pleats and gathered waists! Tune in to your tender side.


What about yard work? What about bicycle riding? What about hiking? Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way! But, if you feel you need to wear some loose pants for those specific tasks, that’s okay! Just stay modest, and make sure that wearing pants remains the exception, and not the rule. However, I would encourage you that if you use your creativity and inventiveness, you will be able to make almost any task doable with a skirt or a dress. It just takes some thinking.

You know, if you’re considering wearing skirts and dresses only, but it seems too hard, think about this: the only reason you find pants so easy and comfy is because you’ve probably been wearing them your whole life up until now. But, pants have issues of their own. What do pants do when you bend over? They tend to get tugged downward, and show the skin close to your behind–yuck! How do you deal with it? You wear a longer shirt, right? So it is with skirts; if you have a problem, you just look for a way to deal with it. Easy!

I hope this has been a help! Feel free to ask questions or to comment in the comment section. I love to hear from you!


Note: all my girls wear leggings underneath their dresses. This is a MUST for little girls who naturally will be playing, running, jumping, etc. My oldest girl is actually wearing a dress that is longer than it appears in the picture; since she is sitting crossed-legged, it pulled up some. But that’s okay, because she has leggings on underneath. Longer is better, though, even for young girls. I have recently found some small women’s skirts from Goodwill that I am gathering in to fit her smaller waist. However, even regular stores have some longer, maxi dresses for girls, which do pretty well. For my littlest girls, I don’t do anything special, because the store-bought dresses seem to fit them just fine.


10 thoughts on “Getting the Trick of Skirts and Dresses Only–Some Tips from my Own Experience

  1. I loved this post! So practical. I’ve been skirts-only for a little over four years now, and these conclusions are nearly identical to those I have drawn.

    I do have problems with elastic waistbands, for one reason – toddlers. They can wreak havoc when they’re tugging on mama’s skirt while mama’s hands are full. Yikes. If I do choose elastic waistbands (which, as you say, are nice for varying sizes), they have to be super-sturdy.

    Ditto on full skirts. I love ’em, but they’re risky!

    My favorite are jeans skirts. They don’t stain or rip, they last forever, they don’t blow, they stand up to whatever toddlers can do, and they go with anything – and they can be dressy or informal. I wear them every day, and to church too.

    I actually haven’t worn a dress (one-piece) since I had my first baby. Skirts are easier for me, because any skirt/top can work for nursing. 🙂

    Ditto for choosing heavier fabrics. Lighter fabrics are just riskier, in every sense. And ditto for wonderful second-hand stores!! 🙂

    The one thing I’ve really never considered is leggings. I’ve never actually owned a pair. I guess I probably should! I never considered them since it’s just so hot down here. But there are also those awkward toddler moments… leggings would be good. I’ll have to try that!

    Down here, the issue we’ve been considering lately is skirts for little girls. Right now we’ve put our little lady in onesies and pants since she still falls so often while learning to walk, so we’ve been wondering when to transition to skirts. Also, shopping for girls is MUCH more difficult!! Trying to find things that match, plus leggings, is not easier for this non-shopper!! But it’s a skill that I have to learn, and the sooner the better. 🙂

    Thanks for this great post! 🙂


    1. Dear Diana,
      What a wonderful comment! I think you made some very good points. What you said about needing to wear sturdier elastic on skirts is right on; I have a skirt with loose elastic, and I almost never wear it, for that very reason (toddlers pulling on it…so embarrassing).
      Actually, one of the reasons I like leggings so much is that they keep my legs from chafing when I sweat, which causes me to get a rash (is that TMI?) So, I ESPECIALLY like them for warmer weather.
      As for little girls’ clothes, you’re right, it is more complicated. My baby wears little leggings a lot. When she starts crawling, then walking, I will continue to let her wear girls’ athletic pants, or sweat pants, since they won’t get in her way and make her trip. I think I will transition to mostly dresses by one-and-a-half years, when walking is pretty well established. I sometimes let my four-year-old girl wear athletic pants around the house for comfort and warmth, but not often, since she has a lot of nice dresses to choose from, which seem to work perfectly well. They never appear to get in her way while playing.
      I love sharing skirts/dresses only tips with each other! It’s so great to have another Christian sister who shares the same way of thinking!


  2. Jessica,
    Your oldest daughter looks a lot like you.
    I was wondering if you tried to wear pinafore jean dresses. I wore them when I was younger. When I was a teenager I wore mostly pants.
    Now I try to wear skirts/dresses as much as I can.



    1. I have a few jean “jumpers” that I like. Some have buttons down the front, but one has buttons on both shoulders. They’re great. Thanks for sharing!
      Oh, and I hear that a lot, that my daughter looks like me; I guess she does!
      Your friend, Jessica
      P.S. I hope you’re doing well.


  3. Like your suggestions.
    I too especially love denim skirts but i also sew my own skirts for more dressy occasions. I got a pattern from a Mennonite friend that i use. (If it comes to practical dresses the Mennonite ladys know it all:-))
    I live in the Swiss alps totally out in the country and it is STEEP here
    For working in the fields or hiking i use skirts a little below knee and pair them with capri leggings. Works great for bike tours too.
    Still didn’t get around to exclusively wear dresses. Especially in the winter time and for farm work(barn).
    Maybe if we move to Arizona i will drop my last pair of pants 🙂
    Love your Website! Blessings from accross.
    A mom of six Ruth


    1. Dear Ruth,
      So nice to hear from you! How neat that you also have six children, and that you also wear skirts and dresses (mostly). It’s always such an encouragement to hear from other ladies who share similar sentiments and experiences.
      Wow, the Swiss Alps! It must be beautiful where you live! I liked your point about wearing skirts in the fields or while hiking or biking: a little below the knee and with capris sounds like it would work great. Also, it’s a great idea to make our own skirts.
      Thanks so much for sharing your observations!


  4. Question: Do you conceal carry? That is literally my biggest issue. I was skirts only for seven months in 2011, before I ever carried. Now I don’t know what to do, lol. I know there are some holster choices but none of them seem as good as an old-fashioned holster in the jeans 🙂


      1. Yeah, skirts w/belt loops are few and far between, but I just need to keep looking I guess! And if you aren’t familiar with firearms, I highly recommend it! It’s fun and feels great to protect oneself 🙂


      2. Ditto and the whole issue is completely alien to us in the UK where there just are no guns in private hands (accept shot guns for hunting) and to carry a gun like that would land you in jail immediately !!

        Of course I can remember girls in Westerns having a pistol in their garter belt !


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