Headcovering & Complementarianism


This is a companion post to my most recent article, Why is headcovering so hard?

Carpenters have various tools for making sure that what they are building turns out straight. One of those is the plumb line, connected at the end to the plumb bob. When this is hung next to a wall, the weight of the plumb bob pulls the string taught, and reveals whether the wall is straight, or not.

Well, to me, headcovering is like a plumb line. It is a tool in the hands of God which reveals whether my attitudes align with His will, or not. That’s why headcovering is so hard. It’s seeing how I really am, compared to how I should be, and the ensuing process of straightening.

One person said in a comment on another blog, that headcovering is actually very simple to understand: the cloth lies over the woman’s head, while she is underneath it, showing that she is UNDER authority. So plain. So easy to understand. That’s why only the headcovering works as a symbol of submission to authority, and no other (not the wedding ring, nor taking the husband’s name, nor modest feminine dress, etc.): the headcovering is the only symbol that literally covers the top of a woman’s head, placing her under it.

So, I think that headcovering is hardest for me when I realize that I am not acting congruently with what it represents. I am not acting as if I am UNDER authority, but instead acting independent of that authority, and maybe even rebelling against it. And, maybe that’s what makes headcovering hardest for many to accept. The meaning is easy to get–submitting to what it obviously means, isn’t.



8 thoughts on “Straightening

  1. Dear Jessica,
    Last week I talked to my classmate about head covering in Christianity–He is Muslim. I ended witnessing to him. Basically I said that my faith gives me strength and that Christianity is misrepresented by some people. I feel like I didn’t say much. I need a lot of prayers now, as I am at the end of my post-secondary education and witnessing about God to the classmates, especially the one talked to already. Thank you 🙂


    1. Of course I will pray for you, Irina! I’m glad you had the opportunity to witness to your classmate. I think some people have a stereotypical view of what Christians are like. Seeing a genuine Christian woman (you) share her beliefs openly must have made a strong impact on him. I hope so.


  2. Dear Jessica, could you give me permission to translate this article as well as the previous one (Why is headcovering so hard?)? I feel that many sisters would relate to what you are sharing and be encouraged by your honest messages.



    1. Of course you may, Kinuko! And I also feel that many sisters will probably be able to relate to what I’ve shared. It can be so hard to break out of the mold we’ve been “baked” into by our culture, which our own natural, sinful tendencies strengthen. But we are emboldened to follow through with what we know is RIGHT when we see that others are experiencing the same difficulties. That’s the main reason I share my own journey, however embarrassing!
      Thanks for your encouragement!


  3. I agree with you that people regard those who practice headcovering are meek and mild.And if we argued with others,they may judge.The most important blessing for me to do headcovering is that I do’nt forget that we are always under authority.But many times as you say, we have to face that the fact we do not obey.First step to obey is to admit what we are truly,and confess God as we are,I think.I feel you are so true person.Thank you for sharing us your journey always so frankly.

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  4. Dear Sanae,
    Your comments always make me think! I especially liked this portion:
    “But many times as you say, we have to face that the fact we do not obey.First step to obey is to admit what we are truly,and confess God as we are,I think.”
    I believe that you are right in your observations. It’s painful to realize that we are not living in obedience. But, as you’ve said before, what a big blessing it is to admit that sin, and return to God. Thank you so much!


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