My Faith Journey

“For we walk by faith,” but I like to see where I’m going!

As I’m embarking on a new path in my life, the phrase, “For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7), takes on fresh meaning. All the unknowns can be almost terrifying. I’m a walking jumble of nerves. What if this-es, and what if thats continuously crowd my mind, and I begin to doubt if God really cares to get involved in our situation. Does He see what we’re going through? Does He care? Will He deign to reach down and help us out, and give us the things that we need? Or will He let us wander? Will He allow us to suffer want? Will He listen to our prayers?

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JE-HO-VAH is everlasting strength” (Isaiah 26:3-4).

I can either let myself fall into the worry trap, or I can give my cares to the Lord, who says,

“Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil [trouble] thereof” (Matthew 6:31-34).

Our heavenly Father knows our needs. He will add unto us the things that we require, as we act out our obedience to Him in our daily lives. Don’t worry! He’s a F-A-T-H-E-R to us, a Dad; very rarely does a child worry about whether his dad will provide three square meals a day for him, or whether he will have a bed to sleep in at night, or clothes to wear (at least that’s rare for most of us here in the USA). No, a child simply trusts that his needs will be taken care of by his parents. He doesn’t take the burden upon himself, because it’s not his to take; he just rests in the knowledge that all will be well.

With God as our Father, we can rest in the knowledge that all will be well, too. Walking by faith means that I trust in God’s plan for our family, even though my vision is limited to just today. I can’t see into the future; I don’t know how all of this will turn out. But God does. What if something bad happens? It could, right? God will take care of it. It won’t be without a purpose. Prayer. Prayer lifted up in the Name of Jesus Christ, asking God for wisdom and help, is that sure link to receiving what we need. Faith that through Jesus, God hears us, and will take care of all our needs.

**What about you, is there something that you’re dealing with right now, that has been a challenge to you, even given you a bit of a scare? How have you dealt with the situation? Have you found any verses from the Bible that have helped you? Has God come through for you in a special way, that you’d like to share with us? I look forward to reading your response!**


8 thoughts on ““For we walk by faith,” but I like to see where I’m going!

  1. I know the feeling! I’m definitely in one of those seasons of life as well, and it’s so challenging. I’ll look forward to reading whenever you have the chance to write! 🙂



  2. Dear Jessica,I have experienced very hard times after believing Jesus two times. First was when I was 23 yrs old,second was when my son was 5yrs old.Especially when I experienced it first time, I asked God again and again.’Do you really know that I’m suffering so much in pain now?’.After escaping this trial, I do’nt recall about it as much.But God told me the reason of that trial several years later through my husband.(fiance at that time.)
    He also explained the reason of second one later through the incident that happened to me.These trials were necessaries for my life.Jessica,please keep on being true to Him.I feel that you are so true person.I think to be true is more important than to be great.We can not tell all the things,all what we feel to others,but can God. Please take time for whom you have to serve and what you have to do.We readers can wait until you can come back!Thank you for sharing always.May your family be always under God’s wing of protection.
    God loves you,Jessica, from your friend in Japan.


  3. Jessica, thank you for taking the time to write this beautiful post in the midst of your busy schedule. I cherish your openness, which makes me feel that I was welcomed to be part of your life journey. I believe other ladies feel the same.

    Just now, I heard from my old friend in Japan that our classmate in high school passed away by stroke last weekend (he was 36 yrs old). Through his young death, I realized the precious value of “today” ,which God graciously gives us for special reason. There is no guarantee that I might live up to 70s or 80s,. Life and death belong solely to Him. And our future is in His kind hands.

    As Diana and Sanae told you, please concentrate on your work at home, Jessica. You are in our prayers and we are in your life journey! from Kinuko


  4. Dear Diana, Sanae, and Kinuko,
    Thank you for your warm words of support! It’s so good to have friends who encourage and uplift me!

    I greatly appreciate how each of you has shared about how you are going through, or have gone through, a time of transition in your life, and what you’ve learned from it.

    It’s helpful to know that others are experiencing challenges, too, like Diana shared. I’m glad you are patiently waiting for whenever I can write more, Diana! The fact that you (or anybody else) would want to read what I have to write is amazing to me in itself!

    The words, “To be true is more important than to be great,” brought tears to my eyes; it’s so true! Thank you for reminding me, Sanae.

    Kinuko, you are right when you say that, “Our future is in [God’s] kind hands.” I felt so sad to hear of your high school classmate who recently died. As you mentioned, “Life and death belong solely to [God].” He’s the only One Who knows the beginning and the end of all things, Who sees the whole picture, while we only see a little puzzle piece.

    Thank you so, so much for your support; it’s almost like each of you was giving me a warm bear-hug!
    Your friend,


  5. That scripture from 2 Corinthians has been on my heart for well over a week. It echoes through my head often and it’s the most beautiful reminder for me to trust. Trust. TRUST. I struggle so much with giving God my worries and then snatching them right back again, but I’m clinging to this verse right now!


    1. Thanks, Rachel, for your thoughts on this! It’s so helpful to hear from others who are experiencing similar feelings. Trusting in God is a challenge for most of us, I think. I sometimes find myself getting depressed, and feeling full of self pity, when faced with a hard situation. Then my husband comes along (sensitive man that he is) and tells me to stop feeling sorry for myself. After I cry a bit more over his hardheartedness, I get up, dry my eyes, and realize — he was right! What am I doing, wasting my time moping and worrying, when I should be trusting in God! Now, there are situations that certainly do warrant a loving and kind embrace, tender words of comfort, and an understanding ear. My husband knows the right moment to hold me tight. I can count on him to care deeply when something truly serious happens. And it’s wonderful to be able to pray together about our shared concerns. But my rather unsympathetic spouse has been a support to me again and again, by his unwillingness to let me get stuck in all the what ifs. He keeps telling me, “pray to God and trust in Him. It’s a waste of time worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet, and may not ever happen. Just take one day at a time.” And he’s so right!

      I greatly appreciate your kind and honest response to my question at the end of this post! I hope that whatever it is that you’re dealing with right now will turn out well, and that God would grant you a heart full of peace as you follow His will.

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  6. Jessica, your article is so insightful. I am also struggling with what ifs. The other day a though crossed my mind: God doesn’t reveal us the end results of our journey for various reasons. If we knew that what lies ahead of us was amazingly great, we would lose our focus on present: miss opportunities to witness, to share Christ with people, to do things. If we knew that our future will have horrendous parts, we might get engulfed in fear so much that we’ll bee paralyzed with fear. If someone told me 10 years ago how my life would have turned out, I would become baffled and confused. The best thing to do is to follow His will.
    Your friend,


    1. Dear Irina,
      Your reply is so full of wisdom! I don’t say that carelessly, but in sincerity. I think you are absolutely right about this; you have caused me to think about this in a way I never had before!


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