The Blessing of Children

Why Can’t I Ever Drink My Coffee Hot?

January 2015 023

Over and over again, I’m frustrated by the same experience: hot coffee gone cold. Blah.

I make a fresh pot of (yes) cheap, Yuban coffee. I think it tastes pretty good, even if it isn’t stylish. Or, I’ll heat up a kettle of water and make myself an instant chai tea or cappucino. Delicious.

My plan is to slowly savor the rich flavor of my coffee, sipping on it while I do something relaxing. Wouldn’t that be nice?

But, no.

My drink gets cold before I ever get to the bottom of it.

Why? Because I have sudden baby diaper emergencies to deal with, or bloody noses which need to be wiped, or fist fights that have to be broken up. Did I mention toilets that won’t flush, mud tracked onto the carpet, and candy sticking to little hands?

Phew! I guess that steaming cup of delight will have to wait until later.

Though it can be annoying, I won’t let cold coffee destroy my day. Nope. There’s an important lesson here, which I am learning ever … so … sloooooowly: the important things in life can’t wait until later. It isn’t really possible to resist those pleading eyes and uplifted hands, anyway. Attending to my children’s needs, even things as mundane as potty training, shows my love for them in action. Coffee? It can wait.



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