Hot Tamale Creativity

Hi! I love Hot Tamales. One day, my mom was reading a book. She said I could color, but I didn’t want to color. I was eating Hot Tamales when it struck me that I could build my modest mom’s face out of the candy. So I started building it. While I was building, I thought that I can be creative and construct stuff out of cardboard and cut paper and glue it together. Once I built a cardboard ship savings bank for my mom. Now that was fun!

Mary Kay and others 007

 This is how the Hot Tamales face looked like when it was done, except my mom’s hair is much longer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Holly Horse Lover, age 8

This was written by my oldest daughter, and introduces a helpful point regarding home education. Often, I will allow my children to do something quiet with their hands while I am reading a children’s novel to them, or some other educational material. I think it helps them to concentrate on listening, having their hands occupied with a silent activity. They have so much energy, it’s hard for them to just sit still, though there are times when they need to learn to exert the discipline and self-control to be still, for a time. While their hands are busy, their minds are also working, even though it might not seem like it.

Here are some of the things I let them play with while reading out loud to them:

  • Small cars
  • Coloring pages
  • Simple crafts such as making pot holders or cross-stitch
  • Puzzles
  • Organizing small items from craft drawers
  • Train set

I also have them do easy chores such as folding clothes or straightening up the living room as they listen to an interesting story.

I’ve found this method to be very helpful. I don’t have to be constantly reminding them to keep things quiet; it’s automatic for them as long as their bodies are able to be in movement. Just as long as it’s not jumping or running around!








7 thoughts on “Hot Tamale Creativity

  1. Dear Holly Horse Lover,
    That was a very clever way to have fun with your Hot Tamales 🙂 It’s been a very long time since I’ve had those candies. Are they the spicy ones?
    You are doing a wonderful job on your short story writing! Keep up the good work.
    Mrs. Reed

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    1. Dear Mrs. Reed,
      I am Holly Horse Lover, the hot tamales are a little spicy. I am so happy that you commented. I have been waiting for a comment.
      I am EIGHT years old I will be NINE on JULY 13.THANK YOU MRS. REED!:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dear Holly Horse Lover,
        I was at the gas station today, and guess what I saw? Hot Tamales! 🙂 I immediately thought of you and your picture.
        I have a July birthday, too, the 5th. I am much older than you though. I’m going to be 48! Yikes!
        My daughter is 12, and she is a bit closer to your age 🙂 She loves horses too!
        Have a good day. Mrs. Reed

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      2. DEAR MRS. REED
        I love horses, any type of horse. My favorite horse is the MUSTANG. Last night we slept in a tent made out of blankets. I love ART and ROCK
        COLLECTING. My mom has five kids and one on the way!:)


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  2. Dear Holly Horse Lover,

    Hello, my name is Kinuko (Japanese) and I am a friend of your Mom. I’ve heard a lot about you and understood how good and kind you are! I’ve heard from your Mom how you behaved well at the dentist. Great!

    Now I have a question, Holly Horse Lover: What kind of elder sister do you want to be for the one who is on the way? Do you want to do something special for this new family member?

    Please say Hi! to your brothers and sisters.



  3. Dear Holly Horse Lover,

    Oh, what a kind sister you are! I’m so impressed to hear that you want to help change the new baby’s diaper. Let us pray together for Mama and for the new baby!



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